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Planetary Desktop Yantra

What are Navgraha/ Planetary Desktop Yantras?

Planetary Desktop Yantras are Yantras of different planets for negating their malefic effects and bringing positive vibes in life. These Yantras are designed to match any type of décor while their essential function is protection, healing, and wish fulfillment. They carry the planetary energies and help in attracting the beneficial effects of the unfavourably positioned planet. The wooden desktop Yantras are durable and energized by our experienced priests from Rudra Centre.

What do we provide in Navagraha/ Planetary Desktop Yantras?

This collection of Planetary Desktop Yantras has all the nine Yantras with mystical energies of the respective planet. Their details and benefits are given below:

Shree Surya Yantra

The Sun God is radiant and authoritative which makes the Shree Surya Yantra extremely powerful. It removes the malefic of the Sun and bestows the sadhaks/worshippers with strong leadership qualities, power, good health, peace of mind, popularity, and tremendous success.

Shree Ketu Yantra

This Yantra is worshipped to please planet Ketu and seek protection from its negative effects. Shree Ketu Yantra is useful for driving away evil forces and staying safe from enemies. It gives relief from diseases and tough situations too.

Shree Shukra Yantra

Shukra or planet Venus is associated with beauty and Shukra Yantra helps in bringing the blessings of the planet. It is a great tool to worship and strengthen Shukra if it is weak. Praying regularly in front of this Yantra enhances the beauty, helps acquire property and attracts love.

Shree Shani Yantra

Worshipping Shree Shani Yantra nullifies the negative impact of Shani Dev and gives success in business. It helps get rid of problems like unfair justice, insolvency, health issues, and other things that obstruct the path to success.

Shree Chandra Yantra

Shree Chandra Yantra is known for removing negative thoughts from a depressed mind as it brings motherly love in life. Females having issues related to the menstrual cycle can also be benefitted by worshipping this divine Yantra. It helps gain the confidence to build friendships, interact with people of the opposite gender and is effective for controlling respiratory disorders.

Shree Mangal Yantra

Mangal Dosha can severely affect an individual’s life which is why it is suggested to worship Shree Mangal Yantra on Tuesday. It helps in finding a suitable life partner and it has to be used by the ones who are facing delay in marriage due to Mangal Dosha (defect). This Yantra is also used by women who have had a miscarriage or abortion in the past and others who have a problem while repaying the debts.

Shree Buddh Yantra

Shree Buddh Yantra is particularly very helpful for pregnant women and students. It protects pregnant ladies from abortion and miscarriage and blesses the students with good intellect, sharp memory, and excellent speech.

Shree Rahu Yantra

Shree Rahu Yantra is worshipped for appeasing planet Rahu i.e. North Node of the Moon. It gives protection from the malefic of Rahu, unknown enemies, and treachery. Reciting the Rahu Mantra while praying to the Yantra increases the intensity of prayers.

Shree Guru Yantra

Regular worship of Shree Guru Yantra fills the worshipper’s life with opulence, power, and success in all undertakings. It enables the flow of wealth and has great advantages for businessmen and professionals.

What materials are used for Navgraha/ Planetary Desktop Yantras?

Desktop Yantra of every planet is framed in a thick wooden frame in a round shape with crystal glass to cover both sides. It is supported by a flat base at the bottom to place the Yantra on tables, desks, etc. The tough glass gives a magnified view of the Yantra inside and keeps it protected. The Yantra and planetary deity images are imprinted with high-quality material to last long.

Why buy Energized Navgraha/ Planetary Desktop Yantras?

Energizing a Yantra makes it more powerful and potent to give the most effective outcome. We, at Rudra Centre, have energized Planetary Desktop Yantras that are helpful in pacifying the malefic effects of planets. Likewise, they also attract the favourable effects of ill-positioned planets on the birth chart. The sacred mantra chanting refines the quality of Yantra and allows the worshipper to tap its full potential.

Placement Day or Vidhi

The placement day and the Vidhi or process of installation are different for all the Yantras. Various planets rule each day of the week so the Yantras can be installed on that particular day, for instance, the Surya Yantra should be placed on a Sunday. It is always recommended to seek expert advice before placing a Yantra in the dwelling. The Planetary Desktop Yantras are made to keep on the study table, work desk, office cabin, reception desk, living room, etc.

Why buy Planetary Desktop Yantra online from us?

We have the widest variety of spiritual products including Yantra, Yantra Lockets, Desktop Yantras and so much more. Our range of beautifully made Planetary Desktop Yantras has accurate Yantra diagrams for brilliant results. All the Yantras are exclusively available at Rudra Centre after a thorough quality check and the process of energizing. We have been an established supplier of natural gemstones, Rudraksha beads, and 100% authentic spiritual items for 2 decades. The top-quality products that we offer for minimal prices are impeccable and rare to find. Planetary Desktop Yantra's price remains constant due to the simple design and build. Order a Planetary Desktop Yantra from us and get the positive benefits out of it.

Mantra for Navgraha/ Planetary Dosh Nivaran Yantras

Shree Surya Yantra- Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah
Shree Ketu Yantra- Om Hreem Ketave Namah
Shree Shukra Yantra- Om Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah
Shree Shani Yantra- Om Shan Shanecharaya Namah
Shree Chandra Yantra- Om Aim Kleem Somay Namah
Shree Mangal Yantra- Om Hoom Shreem Mangalaya Namah
Shree Buddh Yantra- Om Braam Breem Broum Sah Bhudhaya Namah
Shree Rahu Yantra- Om Raam Rahave Namah
Shree Guru Yantra- Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Gurave Namaha