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About Planetary Pocket Yantra

What is Yantra

Yantra is a holy object which represents creative energy designed to serve a specific purpose. It resonates with the associated divine principle of the Deity or/and the planet to elevate individuals energies and fulfill his/her desire, bring positive vibrations in his/her surroundings and dispel negative energies. Yantra can be in the form of a geometric number or combination of numbers.

Significance of Planetary Yantra

A numeric planetary yantra is a combination of numbers believed to carry mystic properties of the related planet. A numeric planetary yantra which is also called Anka yantra or magical square features odd and even numbers in the non-repetitive format displayed in a 3 x 3 square. The numbers when added in any sequence; be in horizontal, diagonal, or vertical give the same sum. Believed to be prescribed in the authentic ancient text of Gargasamhita, the numeric planetary yantra helps pacify the malefic effects of Vedic astrological planets. All the planetary yantra come from the Surya Yantra, with Surya (Sun) being the manifestation of solar energy. All creation is believed to emanate from the five elements thus the number five is the base number of manifestations. Hence Surya yantra's total is 15 after considering the base number of manifestation - 5 and multiple of 3 as squares are in 3 x 3 pattern. Accordingly, as per sequence from Surya to Ketu, Chandra total comes to 18, Mangal to 21, Buddh to 24, Guru to 27, Shukra to 30, Shani to 33, Rahu to 36, and Ketu to 39, and the total of all Navagraha is 9 x 5 is 45.

The planetary yantras are ideal for those who have one or more planets either in a malefic or debilitated position. It is also helpful for those going through Antardasha and Mahadasha of a planet, or those afflicted by dosha of the planet. The planetary yantra helps attract the positive energies of the planet and pacify its negative effects.

An energized yantra usually starts showing effect almost after 45 days, while some show effects in just a few days or immediately. So, it depends on the karmic balance. However, over the long term regardless of the karmic balance, there is a gradual good change and after that, the blessings steadfastly increase. Chanting the planetary mantra and meditating upon the yantra regularly helps open the heart of the sadhak/ worshipper to receive the boundless grace of the planetary Deity.

How to Use Planetary Pocket Yantra

The planetary yantra can be used by anyone regardless of gender, creed, ethnicity, and nationality. It is not an object restricted to religion but is a discipline of magical numbers which carry the power to attract the benefic energies of certain planets and deities from the cosmos to benefit the person using it. A yantra can be installed in a puja altar or kept in a cash box or study or work desk. It is best placed in the East direction facing east. A planetary pocket yantra is designed to be carried in a pocket or purse. It acts as a talisman to provide protection. It can also be wrapped in a cloth of associated planet colour like blue for Shani, red for Mangal, green for Buddh, or yellow/orange for Surya while carrying it. It is best to chant the planetary mantra frequently to energize the yantra to increase its power.

To energize and worship the Yantra, take bath and sit for yantra puja and mantra chanting. Place the yantra along with your deity image or idol on the puja altar. Light an oil/ghee lamp and offer flowers. With a pure mind gaze at the yantra with complete focus, and chant the planetary yantra for 21 times or 108 times as per your capacity. After the mantra chant, sit in silence and meditate while drawing your mind inwards in silence.

Mantras For Planetary Pocket Yantra

Guru Yantra: Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namaha
Mangal Yantra: Om AngaaRakaya Namah
Surya Yantra: Om Grrni Suryay Namah
Shani Yantra: Om Shan Shanecharaya Namah
Buddh Yantra: Om Braam Breem Broum Sah Bhudhaya Namah
Shukra Yantra: Om Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah
Rahu Yantra: Om Raam Rahve Namah
Ketu Yantra: Om Hreem Ketave Namah
Chandra Yantra: Om Aim Kleem Somay Namah

Purpose of Planetary Yantra

Guru Yantra: Blesses with abundance, prosperity, wisdom, communication skills, and wealth.
Mangal Yantra: Brings success in marriage, endeavors, and luck in assets.
Surya Yantra: Blesses with power, good health, authority, fame, name, mental peace, and victory.
Shani Yantra: Helps overcome obstacles, injustice, illness, difficulties in life and brings success in endeavors.
Buddh Yantra: Helps improve intellect, memory and protects from weakness and addictions.
Shukra Yantra: Blesses with luxury, marital love, respect, and power of attraction.
Rahu Yantra: It prevents illness, deceit from hidden enemies and removes obstacles, and helps overcome addictions.
Ketu Yantra: Provides relief from skin diseases and negativity and blesses with victory over rivals, success, and spiritual progress.
Chandra Yantra: Attracts love, and brings emotional balance, harmony, and respect to relationships.

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