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Significance of Planetary or Navagraha Locket Yantra

The Navgraha or 9 Planets are important because as per Vedic Astrology each person's Birth chart or Kundli is influenced by the placement of the Planets. When a Planet is placed in a weak position in the Kundli then it brings ill effects to the native. The Planetary or Navgraha Locket Yantras are Lockets which have the Yantra of a particular Planet and is worn to get relief from the malefic effects of the Planet. For example, if a native has weak placement of Planet Shani or Saturn, then wearing the Shani Yantra Locket protects from the ill effects of Planet Shani. The Planetary Yantra Lockets are also available as Navgraha Shanti Yantra, which is worn to pacify all the 9 Planets and the Kalsarp Yantra Locket, which is worn to get respite from the traumatic Kalsarp Dosha and other Planetary Yantra Lockets. The Navgrah Lockets are also worn to make the weak Planets more powerful.

A Yantra is a cosmic instrument or tool which is used to manifest desires. It is also known as Mandala and is a sacred Geometry of triangles, lines, circles, digits/numbers, symbols, Mantras, etc. Each Yantra is tuned to a Hindu Deity or Planet. The Yantra draws cosmic energies and emits it to the surrounding to bring positive effects on the user or wearer of the Yantra locket. The Navgrah Yantra Lockets have Yantras of numeric combinations which work to draw the vibrations of favour of the Planet to the wearer.

The Navgrah Yantra Lockets are made out of various materials like Copper, pure Silver, Copper with Gold finish and Wooden Lockets, which are Yantras framed in thick round Wooden frame on a crystal glass which allows a magnified view of the Yantra. These Planetary Yantra Lockets are embossed with the Yantra of the Planet or Graha on one side and the image of the Planet Deity on the reverse side.

Benefits of Navgraha Locket Yantra

The Navgraha Locket Yantra should be worn after consulting a qualified Vedic Astrologer, so that you wear the correct one which will give the best outcome. Generally, these Lockets are recommended to wear on a daily basis, continuously, for the Yantra to provide the highest benefits. Each Planet of the Navgraha have their individual qualities and effects. As per the placement of the 9 Planets in the Horoscope or Kundli, the Navgraha effects the life of the native. Some of the benefits of wearing the Navgraha Locket Yantra are:

  • Navgrah Yantra Lockets are worn to get relief from the ill effects of malefic Planets. It appeases the Planet for which the Yantra Locket is worn.
  • Navgrah Locket is potent in getting the blessings of each of the Navagrahas.
  • Wearing the Navgrah Locket Yantra helps to manifest the desires of the wearer.
  • Wearing the Planetary Yantra Lockets form a protective shield and guards from lower energies, enemies, harm, etc.
  • Planetary Yantra Pendant brings prosperity, wealth, good fortune and abundance.
  • These Navgrah Yantra Lockets eliminate diseases and ailments and restore good health.
  • Wearing the correct Planetary Yantra Locket can change the life of the wearer to better.
  • Worshipping the Navgrah Locket Yantras aligns with the positive attributes of the Planet.
  • The Navgrah Yantra Locket aids to progress on the spiritual path.

Various types of Planetary or Navgraha Locket Yantra

Rudra centre has a collection of various Planetary or Navgraha Locket Yantras made in different material, like, Copper with and without Gold plating, Pure Silver, Wood, etc. Each Yantra Locket has the Yantra embossed neatly and clearly on one side of the Locket and the Planet Deity image on the reverse side of the Yantra Locket. The Wooden Navgrah Yantras Lockets are framed in thick heavy wooden frame on a crystal glass that allows magnified view and like the other Yantra Lockets has the Yantra diagram on one side and Planet Deity image printed on the other side. The Planetary Yantra Lockets are available in different sizes.

Guru Yantra Locket - Available in all variants as mentioned above, the Yantras are of Planet Guru/Brihaspati or Jupiter. The Guru Yantra Lockets are worn if Planet Guru is placed in weak position in the Birth chart as it protects from the ill effects and helps to enhance the power of Jupiter Planet. The Planet Guru bestows power, prosperity, wealth, name, fame, knowledge, high rank or placement in job and society, success in business ventures, authority and abundance.

Guru Yantra with Kamlantika Devi - Gold Plated - Made in Gold Plated Copper with Acrylic cover on both sides this Yantra is a combination of Guru Yantra and Kamlantika Devi. Goddess Kamlantika Devi aids in elevation of soul spiritually and materially, blessings with abundant energies of love, worldly wealth, support and helps to see beauty and Divinity in every person and everything.

Shani Yantra Locket - For getting relief from Planet Shani malefic effects, this Yantra has the Planet Shani/Saturn Yantra on one side and Deity image of Planet Shani on the other side. Planet Shani is the Karma karaka, and bestows the fruits of our Karma of previous lifetimes, He is also a teacher. Wearing the Shani Yantra Locket protects from miseries, severe financial problems or bankruptcy, gives respite from diseases and ailments, reduces stressful situations, litigation, etc. The Shani Yantra Locket blesses with success and prosperity and worn to appease Shani Dev and get relief from malefic Shani/Saturn.

Shani Yantra with Maa Kali Devi - Gold Plated - This superbly powerful Yantra Locket is with the power of Shani Dev and Goddess Kali, who is the Divine Mother who is immensely protective and loving to Her children. Wearing the Shani Yantra with Maa Kali Devi Locket appeases Shani Dev and Maa Kali. The Yantra Locket brings huge success, prosperity, eliminates financial and other miseries and propels the wearer in spiritual and material world.

Surya Locket Yantra - Available in Copper, Pure Silver, Wooden, this potent Yantra is excellent for getting relief from the malefic effect of ill placed Planet Sun or Surya in the Birth chart. The Siddh Surya Yantra Locket empowers with stamina, strength, good health, authority, power, name, fame, prosperity, etc.

Mangal Yantra Locket - This Yantra Locket has the Yantra of Planet Mangal or Mars, the warrior Planet. The Siddh Mangal Yantra Locket is worn to appease Planet Mars and get protection from the malefic effect of the Planet. It helps by providing success in business, good luck, happiness, protection, courage and prosperity.

Mangal Yantra with Baglamukhi Devi - Gold Plated - A superbly potent Yantra with Occult powers of Maa Baglamukhi. The Yantra Locket has the image of Goddess Baglamukhi on the reverse side of the Locket and is highly protective, no enemy or lower/negative energies can harm the wearer. It works favourably for winning law suits/court cases and competitions easily, helps to settle conflicts and quarrels in the wearer's favour.

Buddha Yantra Locket - Planet Buddha/Buddha or Mercury Yantra Locket is worn for getting respite from malefic Planet Buddha effects. Chanting Buddha Mantra adds to the power of the Siddh Buddha Yantra, which benefits in clearing communication, to enhance communication skills. The Buddha Yantra Locket is highly recommended for pregnant women to prevent abortion, safe pregnancy and child birth. It is excellent in healing stammering.

Buddha with Tripura Sundar Devi Yantra Locket - Gold Plated - This Yantra Locket has the image on one side, of Goddess Tripura Sundar, one of the supremely powerful Dusmahavidya Devi, who is eternally beautiful and blesses the wearer with all round happiness, prosperity, joy, peace, abundance and beauty. The Budha Yantra is embossed on the other side and this Locket is worn for appeasing Planet Budha and to garner the potent benefits granted by Tripura Sundari Devi.

Chandra Yantra Locket - This Locket is worn to strengthen the power of Planet Chandra or Moon and worn to get relief from ill effects of malefic Moon. Wearing the Siddh Chandra Yantra Locket balances the mind and emotions, enhances intuition, creativity, brings harmonious relationships, friendships, good health, flexibility and more.

Chandra with Matangi Devi Yantra Locket - This Gold-Plated Locket has the Chandra Yantra on one side and Goddess Matangi, the 9th Dus Mahavidya Devi, image neatly embossed on the other side. Matangi Devi is a form of Goddess Saraswati and bestows sweetness of spoken words, enhances speaking skill, singing abilities and musical prowess, brings love and bliss in married life, etc. The Chandra with Matangi Devi Yantra Locket gives the double benefit of the Planet Chandra/Moon and of the Divine Goddess.

Shukra Yantra Locket - Wear this Locket for debilitated position of Planet Shukra or Venus in Birth chart or Kundli and to get relief from malefic effects of weakly placed Shukra. The blessings of the Siddh Shukra Yantra Locket are many like, it ushers prosperity, wealth, land, name, fame, love, beauty, etc.

Shukra with Kalamantika Devi Yantra Locket - This Copper with Gold Plating Locket has the Shukra Yantra on one side and Goddess Kalamantika image on the reverse side frees from debts, helps to elevate the soul through worldly and spiritual paths, relieves from tension brings prosperity, nourishment, support, heals diseases and blesses with abundance. It helps the wearer to realize the Divine quality in everyone and everything.

Rahu Yantra Locket - With the Rahu Yantra embossed neatly on one side and the Deity image of Planet Rahu on the reverse side this Yantra Locket is worn to get relief from the ill effects of malefic Rahu, if it is in the Kundli or Birth chart. The numeric Rahu Yantra is in alignment with the positive frequencies of Planet Rahu and the Siddh Rahu Yantra Locket eliminates financial strife, protects from hidden enemies, sudden mishaps, diseases including fatal diseases and ailments, provides courage to face challenges, bestows prosperity and good fortune.

Rahu with Chinmastika Devi Yantra Locket - Gold Plated - This Locket is embossed with the numeric Rahu Yantra on one side and the image of Divine Chinmastika Devi on the reverse. The dual benefits of the Yantra and blessings of the powerful Goddess Chinmastika who protects from lower and harmful energies, improves perception aids in moving beyond limitations of the mind, transformation, meditation and finds solution to problems. This Locket when worn is very good in protecting from malefic effects of Planet Rahu.

Ketu Yantra Locket - Available in Copper and pure Silver, the Ketu Yantra Locket is worn to get respite from the malefic effect of ill placed Planet Ketu. The Siddh Ketu Yantra Locket is beneficial in eliminating diseases and strife, protecting from lower evil energies, brings all round success and is well known for helping in spiritual progress. The option of Ketu Yantra Locket in Copper with Gold Plating is also available.

Ketu Yantra with Dhumavati Devi Locket - Available in Gold polish on Copper, this Yantra Locket with Goddess Dhumavati image embossed on reverse side of the Locket and give all round success and spiritual upliftment.

Kaalsarp Yantra Locket - The numeric Kaal Sarp Yog Yantra is embossed on one side of the Locket with Lord Shiva's Divine image on the reverse side. The Kaalsarp Dosha in the Kundli or Birth chart of a person causes miseries in all aspects of life, struggles, failures, diseases, relationship discords and unhappiness. The Kaalsarp Yantra Locket is worn to get relief from the ill effects of the Kal Sarp Yog or Dosha.

Navgraha Shanti Yantra Locket - This potent Yantra Locket is worn to appease all the nine Planets or Navgraha and receive their blessings. The Copper Navgraha Yantra Pendants have the numeric Yantra images of each of the 9 Planets, with 5 Yantra images embossed neatly on one side and 4 Yantra images on the other. Wearing Navgraha Shanti Yantra Locket brings all round prosperity, good health, happiness and more.

When buying Navgrah Yantra Lockets, ensure that the Planet Yantra on the Locket is neatly embossed or drawn on the Locket, as a neatly and boldly drawn Yantra works to give optimum results.

Wearing an energized Planetary Yantra Locket helps to manifest desires swiftly and easily.

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Rudra Centre offers an extensive collection of Navgrah Yantra Lockets, made in various metals like Copper, Pure Silver, Wooden and Gold-plated Copper. Our Navgrah Lockets are Energized by following Vedic rituals and blessed, which helps the wearer to manifest desires swiftly. Each Planetary Yantra Locket has the numeric Yantra clearly and neatly embossed which gives optimum outcome. The Copper Yantras have an antique finish to make it look attractive. Our collection also includes Navgrah Yantra Lockets in combination with Dus Mahavidya Devis, like, Chandra Yantra with Bhuvaneshwari Devi, Shani Yantra with Maa Kali Devi, etc. The Yantras are light weight and easy to wear on a daily basis. We also offer Navgraha Shanti Yantra Lockets in Copper and pure Silver to appease all the 9 Planets. You can choose the Navgrah Yantra Locket of your choice, as per the advice of a qualified Vedic Astrologer and place your order online with us. Our efficient services deliver your order within a few days to you once your order is placed. Buy Planetary Locket Yantras with us at the best at the best prices in the market.