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Premium Essential Oils

What are Premium Essential Oils?

Oils extracted from plants are called Essential oils and that have a calming effect. At Rudra Centre, we have a wonderful collection of Premium Essential Oils. Basically, these oils are the concentrated extracts of various parts of a particular plant. They have numerous medicinal properties and a fresh aroma that uplifts the mood.

What are Premium Essential Oils made of?

Essential Oils are made using leaves of the plants and other parts except for the wood. The extracts of these plants are used as essential oils. Organically, the essential oils are made through the process of distillation while others use the cold-pressing technique. The final product is created by mixing the fragrant extract from the plants with a suitable carrier oil like Argan oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, etc. This is because the extracts are strong and they need to be distilled with another oil. It is advised to buy naturally made essential oils to get the best results.

What are the uses of Premium Essential Oils?

  • A few drops of the essential oil in the diffuser elevate the ambience
  • Essential oils are used for skincare along with other products
  • It can be added in water for the bath to bring a sense of calmness
  • Adding some drops of essential oil in massage oil is also recommended
  • Some even apply specific essential oils for reducing blemishes on the skin
  • It can be used with hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, serum

What is the difference between Air Freshener Mist & Premium Essential Oils?

Air Freshener Mists are made of harmful chemicals and Essentials Oils are organic. Their formulation is the biggest difference between them both which is the reason it is suggested to use Premium Essential Oils in air diffusers instead of Air Freshener Mists. The scented fresheners may show great results but they are not beneficial for health in the long run.

s Premium Essential Oil good for health?

Yes, Premium Essential Oils are good for mental and physical health. The aromatic essence of different essential oils stimulates the brain and relieves stress. When applied to the body, face or hair, its medicinal properties heal the affected areas and show quick changes. They are used for aromatherapy and some even use the essential oils as an antiseptic. These oils are not only good for mental health but also used for many other purposes like getting relief from headaches, wounds, colds, flu, etc. At times, you can even take a drop or two of your favourite essential oil on a handkerchief and inhale the fragrance. It will soothe the mind and help you feel calm.

Is it safe to buy Premium Essential Oils online?

It is absolutely safe to purchase Premium Essential Oils from a premium company like Rudra Centre. The authenticity of the seller should be checked through the user ratings and reviews or by contacting its representatives. Rudra Centre is a market leader today in Spiritual products and Healing Solutions.

Where to buy good quality Premium Essential Oils?

Top-quality Premium Essential Oils for effective results can be found at Rudra Centre. It is always advised to connect with the organization to receive genuine essential oils made of all raw ingredients with natural methods.

Why do we recommend you to buy Premium Essential Oils from Rudra Centre?

We believe in providing only the best Essential Oils to our clients across the globe. Made of all organic ingredients, our essential oils give a soothing effect and relief from stress. Our Premium Essential Oils collection has Indian Lavender Oil, African Frankincense Oil, Indian Jasmine Oil, Indian Vetiver Root Oil, Indian Kewra Oil, Indian Rose Damask Oil, Indian Sandalwood Oil and a Gift Set of Essential Oils. They are multipurpose oils and made for external use. You can get all types of fragrances and essential oils at reasonable prices at Rudra Centre.

Can these Premium Essential Oils be presented as a gift?

A set of Premium Essential Oils is the perfect gift for dear ones, friends, family members, colleagues, etc. It can also be presented as a return gift on certain occasions.

What are the key features of these Premium Essential Oils?

  • Lavender Essential Oil has a calming effect which is helpful during meditation
  • African Frankincense Oil is good for skin and used with massage oil
  • Indian Jasmine Oil is useful for Sacral (Swadhisthana) Chakra healing. Its fragrance removes the emotional blockages and frees the person from guilt
  • Indian Vetiver Root Oil has a refreshing aroma that helps the insomniacs to regulate the sleep cycle and best for controlling aggression
  • Indian Kewra Oil can be utilized for treating nerve-related issues. It is also used as a perfume because of its floral scent
  • Indian Rose Damask Oil has a strong rose-like fragrance that heals heart disorders, skin problems and aids blood circulation.
  • Indian Sandalwood Oil can be applied on the wrist or at the back of the neck as a scent. It is also used as an antiseptic and a remedy for acne, bumps on the skin due to heat, etc.