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Protection Desktop Yantra

What is a Protection Desktop Yantra?

We have a wide category of aesthetically designed and energized Protection Desktop Yantras that are made with precision especially for keeping in the office or study room. Its traditional yet so simple pattern is suitable for all types of décor. It is basically a Yantra framed in a rustic wooden frame with strong crystal glass over it. Protection Desktop Yantra builds a protective shield around the location where it is installed and secures the worshipper from dangers. The available Protection Desktop Yantras in our collection are below:

Shree Hanuman Yantra

Lord Hanuman resides in the Hanuman Yantra and brings positivity to the dwelling. This Yantra is an effective tool for staying safe from evil forces.

Shree Maha Sudarshana Yantra

Maha Sudarshan signifies the 'discus' which is Lord Vishnu’s weapon for fighting and ending the negative energies. Keeping Shree Maha Sudarshana Yantra in the dwelling brings good fortune and protects the worshipper from physical ailments.

Shree Vaahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra

The mystical geometry on Vahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra makes it a protective talisman for vehicles and the vehicle owner. Vaahan Durghatna Nashak yantra also ensures a harmless journey for travellers and prevents mishaps. This Yantra particularly is made for installing in a vehicle.

Shree Santan Gopal Yantra

The Shree Santan Gopal Yantra is made for childless couples who wish to have a child and also for pregnant women for preventing miscarriage. It blesses the worshipper with a healthy progeny. Reciting the mantra related to the Yantra shows rapid results.

Shree Ram Raksha Yantra

Shree Ram Raksha Yantra is worshipped for eliminating obstacles and seeking protection from evil spirits or forces. Shree Ram Raksha Yantra also brings peace, success and worldly comforts in life.

Shree Vishnu Yantra

Shree Vishnu Yantra bestows the sadhaks/worshippers with the divine blessings of Lord Vishnu, success in all undertakings and safety. It enhances health, relationships and attracts wealth.

Benefits of Protection Desktop Yantra

  • It enables the flow of positive energies
  • It gives protection from the evil eye
  • It removes hindrances and brings success
  • It attracts prosperity and fame
  • It brings wealth and good health
  • It keeps negativity and diseases away from the sadhaks/worshippers
  • It safeguards the worshipper from accidents and sudden mishaps
  • It improves relationships and makes the environment harmonious
  • The Vahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra protects the vehicle from dangerous accidents
  • Shree Santan Gopal Yantra is for protection from any mishaps during pregnancy

What material did we use for Protection Desktop Yantras?

Protection Desktop Yantras are made of thick heavy wooden frames. The Yantra is framed well in a wooden frame of high quality with a tough crystal glass cover on both sides. It gives a magnified view of the Yantra fixed inside. The Yantra and image of the ruling deity are imprinted on the front and backside respectively. Its sturdy base allows it to stand perfectly on a table, desk, or any other flat surface.

Placement of Protection Desktop Yantra

The Protection Desktop Yantras are particularly made for placing on the work desk, study table, etc. It can also be placed in the reception area of an office, office cabin, living room, or puja altar. The Yantra radiates positive vibrations that bring peace, protection, and joy to the dwelling. The Yantra can also be installed on the dashboard of a car.

Why buy Energized Protection Desktop Yantra?

Energized Yantras generate better results than non-energized Yantras which is the reason it is advisable to buy energized Protection Desktop Yantra from Rudra Centre. The Yantras undergo an extensively sacred process of mantra chanting which is done by our Rudra Centre Pundits. This infuses the positive powers in the Yantra and invokes the presence of the ruling God or Goddess in it. It is always important to make sure that the seller is authentic and has properly energized Yantras.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

We have a great range of spiritual products that are absolutely genuine and sourced from trusted suppliers. With our Protection Desktop Yantra collection, we have made top-quality Yantras available for keeping in your workspace and inviting blessings of protection. The Yantras are inscribed with perfection to provide the sadhaks/worshippers with the best effects. You can also consult our experts on live chat or call if you have any queries or queries or clarifications or face any difficulties while buying the products. Buy Protection Desktop Yantra online from us and ensure protection from negative energies.

Protection Desktop Yantra Price

The Desktop Yantras are almost similar in design, size, and make so their prices are uniform. All the Protection Desktop Yantras are priced fairly considering their top quality and durability.

Protection Desktop Yantra Mantra

There are different Mantras associated with each Yantra and they are to be recited on a daily basis to seek blessings of the respective deity. Following are the Mantras of every Protection Desktop Yantra:

Shree Hanuman Yantra- Om Hum Hanumate Rudratamkaya Hoom Phat
Shree Maha Sudarshana Yantra/ Shree Vishnu Yantra - Om Namo Narayanaya !
Shree Vaahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra- Om Namo Bhagavate Anjaneyaya Mahabalaya Swaha
Shree Santan Gopal Yantra- Om Namo BhaGavate VasuDevaya !
Shree Ramraksha Yantra- Om Sri Ram Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama