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About Protection Hanging yantras

What is protection wall Yantra

Yantras are mystical diagrams in symmetrical patterns or a combination of numbers which are representations of mantras. They are governed by specific Deity, Planet and designed for specific purposes like wish fulfilment, attraction, growth in business and more. The geometric shapes in the Yantra resonate with particular frequencies that vibrate in the same wavelength with the invoked energy in the macrocosm and emit the positive frequencies in the surrounding of the Yantra when placed anywhere. Vedic texts describe various Yantras which provide specific benefits like success, knowledge, protection, wealth, victory, fortune and more. A Yantra can be printed on paper or cloth or etched on metal or carved in three-dimensional form on metal, gemstone or wood. It can be designed in the form of a ring or locket and worn as an amulet, kept in a purse or placed in home or hung on walls of home or office. A protection wall Yantra is Yantra designed to be mounted on a wall, which provides protection from negative energies like evil eye, spells, ill-intention of enemies, misfortune, spirits, black magic or mishaps. Hanuman Yantras, Durga Yantras, Gayatri Yantras, Pratyangira Yantra, Kali Yantras are some Yantras which provide protection.

Why use protection hanging Yantra

Yantra are a representation of mantra and creative energy which cleanse or positively charge the environment around it. A protection Yantra when placed in home or office acts as a Kavach or shield to safeguards the dweller from any misfortune, mishap and negative influences like evil eye, spell or ill intentions, spirits. It also helps attract the grace of the governing Deity or planet of the Yantra and promote positivity, growth, optimism. Placing a protection Yantra can also be helpful in pacifying the negative effects of Vastu to some extent.

Types of protection wall yantra available with us

Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra: This Yantra is endowed with blessings of Panchamukhi Hanuman, the most powerful form of Lord Hanuman. His five faces symbolise mastery over five directions, Hanuman face – governs the East, Garuda (Eagle) -governs the West, Varaha (Boar) – governs the North, Narsimha (Lion) – governs the South and Hayagriva (Horse) governs the top. This powerful Yantra is helpful in providing protection to the house from all directions. It wards off any evil eye and Vastu Dosha of the South facing door.

Vahan Durghatna Yantra: This Yantra provides protection from any mishaps or accidents especially those related to vehicles. It acts as a shield to protect a person from any injury, mishaps or unforeseen dangers which can occur while travelling in vehicles and ensures safety. This Yantra can be carried along while travelling or can be placed inside the vehicle.

Mantra for Wall Hanging Yantra

For Hanuman: Om Hanumate Namostute
For Vahan Durghatna Yantra: Om Namo Bhagavate Anjaneya Mahabalaya Swaha

Significance of protection Wall Hanging Yantra

A protection Yantra constitutes complex geometric shapes or magical combinations of numbers radiating subtle forms of governing Deity. It also signifies the unmanifested potential of all creation thus Yantra symbolically represents both Deity and the Universe. Being a symbolic representation of a mantra which acts as a tool to work on vibrations of the mantra to help connect to the divine and then radiate the energies in the surrounding. So, if a person cannot chant a protection mantra most times of the day, he/she can install a Yantra as it grants the blessing of protection of the governing Deity. Chanting the mantra of the protection Yantra helps the Yantra to radiate its protective energies on a continuous basis.

Where to place the Yantra

Yantras emit positive energies that energise the place it is placed in. A hanging yantra for protection can be placed near the entrance door of the home, office or place of business to prevent any negative energy from entering the premises. It can be used as a wall hanging in the reception area, office, study room, living area, puja room or kept in an office cabin or study or work desk. The placement of Yantra in the best direction helps make the optimum use of the Yantra. The east direction of the house is the best direction to place the Yantra, such that it faces the west direction. The east corner of the house gets energised by the rays of the rising Sun. When Yantra is placed in this corner, the vibration of the East resonates positive transforming energies to the house though the mystical energies of the Yantra.

Why Buy protection hanging yantra from us

Rudra Centre is a one-stop-destination online store which provides a wide range of spiritual and energy products. We have a special range of protection Yantras which are richly designed to add beauty to your décor while providing divine protection. These Yantras made in brass with red velvet cloth cover at back feature coloured print of Yantras. They come with dome glass tops to allow the Yantra to be visible from any angle and allow it to resonate its beneficial energies in the surrounding. You can buy the protection hanging yantra online from us and get it delivered at your doorstep. The protection hanging yantra price is very reasonable and due to its beautiful appeal can serve as a great gifting idea to your near and dear ones during festivals or religious ceremonies like housewarming.