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  • We are a credited ISO 9001:2008 certified organization in the world.
  • Yantras have accurate, complete and clear diagrams and geometry, based on research of ancient texts.
  • Complete and perfect etching is done on pure metals or gemstones.
  • We inform the correct position & installation process of Yantra to get 100% results.
  • We use pure 22 carat gold plating or antique finish on thick copper or panchdhatu sheet or silver for metal yantras.
  • Yantras are exclusively energized and activated with beej mantra in accordance with the Yantric rites by qualified Brahmins.
  • We have a large variety of Yantras including 3 dimensional Yantras, Desktop Yantras, Chowki Yantras, Pendant Yantras, Yantras on gemstones/silk/metals, Pocket Yantras and more that suit modern tastes.
  • The exclusive range of Maha Yantras combine divine energies of different Yantras for getting powerful and quick results.
  • Yantras come in customised silk or jute packaging and Yantra booklet.
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  • We offer excellent customer service with team of around 90 people in the Head Office including Client Coordination team, Skilled artisans, Store Department and Dispatch team. All queries and concerns of the clients are promptly addressed.

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About Protection Pocket Yantra

Protection Yantras

Protection Yantras or Raksha Yantras are one of the most potent and effective instrument in ensuring the well-being and safety of an individual from man-made or fate ridden events. Yantras are carefully crafted devices having a sacred geometry that represents a deity. The energies and power of the deity are invoked into the yantra with the help of mantras and prayers, thus giving it life.

The general purpose of a yantra is to give protection against all varieties of negative forces and to attract prosperity and success, love, happiness, relationship, peace, power, welfare of children, fulfillment of desires, health and general well-being.

Yantra for protection

Protection or Raksha Yantras are powerful instruments that provide security to an individual from accidents, evil eyes, black magic, negativity, witchcraft and protection of your household the evil designs of enemies. The beeja and moola mantras in Raksha Yantras are potent as they invoke commanding deities including Durga, Shree Maha Kali, Lord Shiva, Shree Hanuman etc.

Ideally Protection Yantras are kept in East portion of dwelling facing west. These Yantras can also be kept at the puja altar or at the entrance of home/office. Vaahan Durghatana Nashak Yantra can be hung inside a car or kept inside a bike as they provide protection from accidents. Pocket sized protection yantra are also preferred as they can be carried in your pocket or wallet.

Types of Protection Yantras
The different varieties of Protection Yantras are listed below:

Shree Durga Yantra Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra
Shree Maha Sudarshan Yantra Shree Ambaji Beesa Yantra
Shree Baglamukhi Yantra Shree Durga Beesa Yantra
Shree Hanuman Yantra Shree Shiv Yantra
Shree Mahamrityunjaya Yantra Shree Mahakali Yantra
Vaahan Durghatana Nashak Yantra Pratyangira Devi Yantra
Siddha Sabari yantra Bhoomi Dosh Nashak Yantra
Bajrangbali Yantra Shree Ramraksha Yantras
Shree Santan Gopal Yantra Ashtadashvarnatmak Shree Krishna Yantra
Mahasiddha Shree Dattatreya Yantra Shree Vishnu Pujan Yantra