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Rudra Centre conducts all types of Pujas and Pujas for love & marriage are also performed in order to fulfill the wishes of the clients. Marriages are matches made in heaven but sometimes there can be doshas that act as hindrances while getting married or finding the right partner. These Pujas are done to seek the blessings of the deities and pacify the effects of malefic planets that cause problems in marriage.


People often look for Puja for marriage in a week but the horoscope and positioning of the planets also play an important role in Indian astrology. Every Puja has a definite purpose and the rituals are performed accordingly to get the best results. Following is the list of Pujas for marriage and their benefits:

Puja for Happy Family - Married Life: This Puja also known as Uma Maheshwari Puja is conducted for a blissful and cordial married life.

Ark Vivah-Kumbh Vivah: Ark Vivah Puja is for the groom and Kumbh Vivah Puja is for girls who have Mangal, Shani, Rahu, or Ketu dosh in their horoscope. It is performed to enhance the compatibility between the bride and groom and remove the respective dosha.

Mangal Gauri Puja - Puja for Marriage: This particular Pooja for early marriage or Lagn Yog is for those who are planning to get married. It may help people to find a suitable partner for marriage.

Kamadeva Puja and Yajna: Kamdev Puja and Yajna is conducted for seeking the desired partner and enhancing attraction power. Since Kamadeva is known for ruling the emotion of love, worshipping Him adds a charm to the personality and brings harmony in love relationships.

Kamdev Rambha Urvashi and Rati Puja Mantra Japa and Yagna: These Gods are worshipped for attracting true love and resolving conflicts in love relationships. Thus, this Puja is beneficial for finding a suitable lover.

Mangla Gauri Puja and Yajna: Mangla Gauri Puja and Yajna are performed by both married and unmarried devotees. Unmarried devotees do this puja in order to find the right life partner while married women perform the puja for their husband’s and children’s well-being.


We perform Pujas as per Vedic rituals in the Puja Mandir installed in our self-owned premises. You will receive a Puja Tokri containing red thread (moli), Haldi (turmeric), kumkum, a small coconut, and other spiritual items related to that particular Puja. A short video of the Sankalpa and mantra chanting would be sent to you along with the photographs of the Puja ritual. Our Karmakandi priests are well-versed and properly conduct Pujas to ensure that you get the best benefits. Rudra Centre is a world-renowned brand with over 22,000 testimonials that speak about the positive experiences.

There are various Pujas for love and marriage including Karva Chauth Puja, Mangla Gauri Puja, and Yajna, Kamdev Rati Puja and Yajna, Kamadeva Puja and Yajna, Apsara Urvashi Puja, Puja for a happy family- married life, Kamdev Rambha Urvashi and Rati Puja Mantra Japa and Yajna, Puja for success in love and relationships, Akarshan Puja and Yajna, Mangal Gauri Puja-Puja for marriage, Ark Vivah-Kumbh Vivah and Puja for harmonious relationships.

You can consult our experts before booking any puja services to know the benefits and other details. You can consult our experts before booking any puja services to know the benefits and other details. You will be provided with the contact no. of the priest to call during the Sankalpa/Puja so you may log into Skype and take Sankalpa online with the Pundits and see your Puja being conducted. Our Skype id is rudracentrepujaservices. You may email us at with your Skype id.