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Pure Silver Prayer Articles

What are Prayer Articles?

Prayer Articles are items that are used in everyday puja, religious ceremonies and all the holy rituals. There is a variety of pure silver prayer items including flowers offered to God, containers for storing Haldi, Kumkum, Sandal paste, Akshat, Oil Lamps in different designs, Puja Thali, Modak, Incense Stick holders and everything that is required for puja. These items are essential and help in easing daily worship. We have put together all the products in this category to provide a hassle-free shopping experience to our customers and simplify Silver Articles online shopping.

Types of Prayer Articles

Offering Bowls

As per Hindu puja rituals, Naivedyam or Bhog (food offering) is offered to the deity after a Puja. For this purpose, offering bowls made of pure silver are available in our collection. Their prices may differ as per the rate of the metal and the set of bowls that one buys.

Containers for Haldi, Kumkum

Items like Haldi, Kumkum, Sandal paste and Akshat (rice grains) are stored in beautifully made containers. We have elegant and exquisitely designed containers for keeping Haldi, Kumkum and using during puja. They can also be gifted to your friends or family on religious occasions or festivals.

Oil Lamps

An Oil Lamp, also known as Diya represents brightness and radiance. They are kept in the puja altar or in front of any deity idol. Choose from our wonderful range of oil lamps with designs like a peacock oil lamp, traditional oil lamp and more. The Diyas are handcrafted and made of pure silver to last long. We also have Panch Aarti Diya and Hanging Diya for use during religious festivals, grand Pujas, etc.


Kalash is useful for holding water and coconut with mango leaves in puja rituals. The Kalash is commonly used in wedding, puja, housewarming ceremony or Grihapravesh and other worship practices. It is an important part of puja and available in various designs in our collection.

Deity Throne

Idols of Gods and Goddesses look even more graceful when they are correctly placed on a beautiful deity throne. Our range of prayer articles has finely made deity thrones in pure silver to keep the deity idols on it. These mini thrones are even perfect for gifting to loved ones on special occasions.

Abhishek Pot with Tripod

Abhishek is a sacred ritual of bathing the deity idols with water, milk or honey. To make this ritual easier, we have a great Abhishek pot with a Tripod set of the highest quality. The set contains a tripod and a Kalash to fix on the top. Another variant has a plate at the base of the tripod to collect the dripping water.

Puja Thali

We have attractive Puja Thali for daily use and special occasions. The ornate designs look impeccable and have a nice silver sheen. Puja Thali is generally used for keeping all the puja items and offering Aarti to the deities. The prices of different Puja Thalis vary depending on their size, design and weight.


Bell is an important part of every puja ritual as the sound produced by a bell overpowers the negative energies. Find the most intricately crafted bells in numerous designs in our collection for using every day and gifting too.

Tulsi Leaf, Bel Patra, Jaswanti, Lotus, Betel Leaf set

Leaves and Flowers made in pure silver are useful for puja and offering to the deities. We have Tulsi Leaf, Bel Patra in a simple design and mantra inscription, Jaswanti flower in plain pattern as well as red & gold plating to add realistic touch and set of Lotus. There is also a Betel Leaf set with Betel Leaf, Betel Nut (Supari), Clove and Cardamom to place in a puja.

Almond and Cashew Nuts, Panch Phal

We have almonds, cashew nuts, Panch Phal set, Modak set, etc. for offering to God in puja rituals. The perfectly made items add to the auspiciousness of the puja.

Apart from this, we also carry Jaldhari Abhishek pots, Panchpatra Pali sets, Designer coconut, Rudraksha Chest, Incense stick holder, Holi Pichkari set, Tulsi plant, Glass and Abhishek tray in this range.

What material do we use for the Prayer Articles?

The prayer articles are made in pure silver and have unique designs. Every item is sourced authentically and made to last so one can use it in the long run.

Why buy Silver Pooja Articles online from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre presents a wide range of Silver Puja Articles for use in prayer, puja rituals and daily worship at home/ office. You can get everything right from offering bowls, Haldi Kumkum containers, Designer Diya, Vastu Diya, Oil lamps to Incense stands, Punchmukhi Diya and more. Also, you can seek advice from our experts if you have any queries while purchasing the products. This collection also has items for offering to deities like Jaswanti flower, Modak in pure silver, etc. We deliver these items to the doorstep so one can order the puja articles from the comfort of home and perform worship rituals with ease.

Silver Articles for Pooja Room Price

The Silver Pooja Articles are priced according to the different designs and sizes. The prices also change as per the fluctuations in the rate of pure Silver. You can buy silver articles online from our largest collection today.