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About Putra Jeeva Mala

Significance of Putra Jeeva Mala

Putra Jeeva Mala is a powerful tool which can be worn or used as a Japa Mala or Rosary to conceive a child. Married couples who are facing challenges in conceiving a child are blessed with a child on chanting Mantras of Planet Sun, Jupiter and Santan Gopal (childhood form of Lord Krishna) with the Putra Jeeva Mala. The Putra Jeeva Mala is also known as Putra Prapti Mala and its Botanical name is Putranjiva roxburghii. The term Putra means son and Jeeva means life.

The Putra Jeeva Tree is found growing wild and is also cultivated in India. The tree is evergreen, which means its leaves are Green through the year. The Flowers bloom in cluster and are Yellowish Green in colour. The fruit, leaves and seeds of Putra Jeeva tree have been used since ages in Ayurvedic medicines for fertility, especially for women but also has healing properties for men. The tree is well known for its medicinal properties which favour healing of female reproductive system and aids in conceiving child. The healing properties of the mystical Putra Jeeva Tree have been used since ages.

How are Putra Jeeva Malas Made

The seeds of the Fruit of Putra Jeeva Tree are strung together in thread to make the Putra Jeeva Mala. The Mala is of 108 seeds of Putra Jeeva Tree and a Sumeru Bead. It gives fruits between the months of March and May. The seeds have pointed ends. It is recommended to remove the Mala before taking bath and going to sleep and wear it again.

Usage and Benefits of Putra Jeeva Mala

The meritorious Putra Jeeva Mala is endowed with healing properties. The seeds which make the Putra Jeeva Mala has characteristic healing qualities which are believed to be excellent in healing and fortifying the female reproductive system. The Putra Jeeva Mala is meant to be used as a Japa Mala and can be worn. Alternately it can also be carried with you or may be kept under the pillow at night or somewhere near your bed.

Some uses and benefits of the Putra Jeeva Mala are:

  • The Putra Jeeva Mala is used as Japa Mala or Rosary to chant the Mantras of Santan Gopal, Sun, Planet Jupiter (Guru). This helps childless couples who are facing difficulty in conceiving, is said to be able to give birth to a healthy child. Therefore, the Putra Jeeva Mala helps to have offspring.
  • The Putra Jeeva Mala is believed to grant longevity to your child/children.
  • Aspirant mothers can wear the Mala and chant the Mantras on it for a healthy baby and safe child birth.
  • Wearing the Mala helps to imbibe the energies of the Putra Jeeva Seeds and along with chanting Mantras can help to heal infertility in both men and women.
  • Putra Jeeva Mala chanting blesses children with good health.
  • Women prone to miscarriage can wear the mystical Putra Jeeva Mala and chant the Mantras to prevent the misfortune of miscarriage.
  • The Mala when worn also helps to cure constipation, headaches and inflammation.
  • When pregnant women wear the Putra Jeeva Mala, it is said to protect the foetus.
  • The Mystical Putra Jeeva Mala wards off evil energies and protects the wearer.
  • Chanting the Santan Gopal Mantra on the Mala helps to connect with His energies and garner His blessings.
  • When worn by men, the Putra Jeeva Mala is said to help in increasing sperm count and heals certain sexual disorders.

To take advantage of the maximum benefits of the Putra Jeeva Mal, buy genuine, original Mala from a reputed and trusted shop or dealer of spiritual Malas.

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