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What is Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Himalayan Salt Lamps are made of chunks of Himalayan salt rock, from the foothills of the Himalaya Mountain range, majorly from the Punjab region in Pakistan. The light pink hue of the Himalayan rock salt is due to the presence of mineral impurities. The Pink Himalayan rock salt became popular as a healthier option, to replace common salt, in many homes and now the Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps have become a part of many homes because of its attribute to serve as an energizer of space and other healing attributes.

The Himalayan Rock salt chunks are crafted into Lamps to either hold Tea-lights which can be placed in the hollow of the Lamp or the version which can be fitted with an electric Bulb. Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps, look lovely as home decor. Real Himalayan Salt Lamps are made into different shapes, like, Heart Shape, Rose Shape, Drop Shape, Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp, Salt Lamps with Cluster of Himalayan Salt Chunks and other attractive shapes. When lit they give a soothing soft Pink glow and it is said to cleanse the air of pollution, absorb negative energies, heal allergies, act as a mood booster, and give other benefits.

How the Himalayan Salt Lamp Works

When the Himalayan glow Salt Lamp is lit either with Tea-light or by the electric Bulb, it gets heated and emits negative ions, which provide several health benefits. Through the process of Hygroscopy, it absorbs dust particles, impurities which clears the air in the immediate environment, allowing ease in breathing, etc. A well-known quality of the Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is its capability to neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation from Cell Phones, and other electronic gadgets,

Placement of Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp: It is advised by many to place the Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp in each room of your house. However, it is ideal to be placed in a bedroom, near the entrance, or in a living area. In the workspace real Himalayan Salt Lamp proves very effective too. It is commonly seen in Beauty Salons, Spas, etc.

Important Points about Himalayan Salt Lamp

1) It must be borne in mind that the Himalayan Rock salt is soft by nature, therefore natural Himalayan Salt Lamps may show cracks and fissure, but that does not spoil the benefits of the Lamp.

2) Whether it is the Tea-Light candle version or the electric Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, it needs to be kept on at all times, 24x7, as the Hygroscopic nature or rather the nature of Salt, results in accumulation of water and the Lamp may seem to melt.

3) Due to its high demand, fake versions of the Himalayan Salt Lamp are up for sale and its similarity to the authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp makes it indistinguishable. It is always recommended to buy a certified Himalayan Salt Lamp from a reputable shop or dealer.

Rudra Centre has a huge collection of real(authentic) Himalayan Salt Lamps. Our collection has the best Himalayan Salt Lamp designs, which will appeal to your taste, in both the categories of electric and Tea-Light versions. Our natural Himalayan Salt Lamps are available at the best price. You can choose and book online from these authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps and it will be packed safely and delivered to your doorstep.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Real Himalayan Salt Lamp, is very popularly installed and lit at home and workplace not for its decorative value and for its many healing properties and benefits:

1) The Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp is said to effectively purify the air, removing airborne germs, helping in clean breathing. This makes it very suitable for office spaces where there are many people in a closed space, breathing the same air for a reasonable part of the day.
2) These Lamps Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation, which otherwise has negative effects on us in the long term.
3) It is said to help de-stress, eliminate fatigue and weariness.
4) Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp is believed to be a mood booster. Propelled by the emitting of negative ions which increases the Serotonin level in the brain that makes you feel energetic and happy.
5) It is said to aid in sleeping peacefully, deeply, improving the sleep cycle.
6) The negative ions from the Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp are capable of enhancing the blood flow that helps to focus better as blood and oxygen flow to the brain is also increased.
7) The authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp clears negative energies from the space and energizes the space with positive energy. 8) It is believed to aid in reducing Asthma and Allergies.
9) Considering the current situation World over, where people are forced to stay indoors, the natural Himalayan Salt Lamp can help to feel fresher as it is said to make you feel the same freshness when you are in natural surroundings outdoors.