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The Red Ruby or Manik (Indian name) is one of the four precious gemstones, which is most desirable and history proves the demand of Ruby stone among the Royalty and the rich. In India, it is regarded as 'Ratnaraj' meaning King of Stones. The name Ruby is said to be derived from the Latin word 'Rubeus', means “red”. The most superior quality of Ruby is mined in Burma (Myanmar) and is considered prized possession across the globe. Natural Burmese Ruby worth or price exceeds that of Diamond sometimes. New Burma Ruby price per carat is quite high in the gemstone market.

The Astrological benefits of the gemstone is also a reason for the high cost of real Burmese Ruby cost in the market. It is worn in Gold or Copper for the best outcome. Ruby Burma of the finest quality is mined in the Mogok region in Burma with the rich deep red colour of the gemstone which is why natural Burmese Ruby worth is high. Ruby is also mined in Srilanka, Madagascar, southern regions of India, Kabul (Afghanistan), Tanganyika and China.

Ruby Burma in Astrology

Burmese Ruby/Ruby Burma has an important meaning in Vedic Astrology as its associated Planet is Sun, bestowing good health, strength, the courage to face challenging situations, leadership qualities, lifting the mood, establishing financial stability and it protects the wearer from evil eye or negative energies. The planet Sun gives us name, fame, prosperity. The planet Sun's position in a native's Natal Chart (Kundli) is a representation of the personality of the person.

Ruby Burma is suitable for which Dosh?

When an individual's Birth Chart (Kundli / Natal Chart), has a weak placement of Sun then Astrologers advise the native to wear Burmese Ruby. Original unheated Burmese Ruby is the recommendation to wear for Astrological purposes for the best result. Enhance the power of the associated planet, Sun, if it is already in a good position in your Birth Chart or Kundli. It is also believed that to get relief from the malefic effect of the Pitra Dosha, the Ruby Burma gemstone can be worn.

Generally, Burmese Ruby is said to be suitable for the Rashi (Zodiac sign) of Leo (Singh), Aries (Mesh), Sagittarius (Dhanu). However, it is always advised to wear the Ruby Burma stone only after consulting a qualified Astrologer and buy the original unheated Burmese Ruby gemstone from a reputed, reliable and certified gemstone dealer/shop for the best Burma Ruby stone benefits. Wearing heated and treated Ruby Burma will not be impactful in its benefits. Be aware of false stones too. The Burmese Ruby should be energized before wearing to give its desired effect.

We at Rudra Centre have an extensive range of Burma Ruby for sale, with untreated, unheated Ruby Burma of different sizes which can be made into Rings, Pendants or Bracelets by our in house jewellers, once the gemstone is selected. We also have a collection of lovely Ruby Bead Malas and Bracelets for our customers to choose from. Buy Burmese Ruby online from us at the best Burma Ruby stone price in the gemstone market. Our efficient delivery service will ensure that your order online is delivered to you within 2-3 days of you ordering the gemstone Ruby Burma, safely and hygienically packed.

Chakra association of Ruby Burma

Burmese Ruby is associated with the Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra. It clears, balances and activates this seat of creativity and Prana.

Benefits of Ruby Burma (Burmese Ruby)

The healing properties of Ruby Burma act on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Leaders, Politicians, Government officials, Diplomats, Engineers, Artists, Actors, Mineralogists, Jewellers, people connected with a creative profession benefit from wearing Ruby Burma.

  • It boosts energy, vitality, strength to the wearer. If feeling drained, exhausted and low on energy, Burmese Ruby can help to recharge you.
  • It enhances leadership qualities, confidence in self and the courage to face challenges in life.
  • Burmese Ruby, when worn by men, stands for manhood and when worn by women it blesses with passion and power.
  • Physically Ruby Burma good stone for healing bone and blood-related problems. Health issues related to the stomach and pancreas are also relieved by wearing it.
  • It helps in grounding the stressful energies and allows us to transform spiritually, giving new awareness of self.

Which finger to wear Ruby Burma on as per Rashi

At Rudra Centre, all the gemstones are pre-energized as per Vedic rituals and can be worn immediately, on the suggested specific right/left-hand finger.