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About Ruby India Stone

Meaning of Indian Ruby Stone? What is Indian Red Ruby?

The Indian Ruby is one of the precious Gemstones and has been in demand since ancient times. Its importance in Vedic Astrology has further made it a valuable stone. It is also known as 'Manik' in Hindi and regarded as "Ratnaraj' or King of Stones. The gem is mined in the Southern part of India, with Karur region producing the best quality Indian Ruby. When worn for Astrological reasons, Indian Ruby gives excellent outcome.

Indian Ruby stone is composed of Aluminium, Oxygen, Chromium and Iron. The gemstone ranges from Pink to Magenta to Blood Red, with Pigeon Blood Ruby price being much higher than other colour shades, as it is considered the best colour of Ruby. It measures 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

How Much Ruby Cost in India

The price of Ruby stone in India depends on certain factors, namely, colour, clarity, cut and the origin of the gemstone. The intensity of Red is a prime deciding factor in the Indian Ruby price per carat. Natural Ruby have inclusions visible to the naked eye, however, the cost of natural Ruby without visible inclusion is very high. The value of Indian Ruby stone is moderate as compared to Burmese Ruby.

Indian Ruby and Vedic Astrology

It has an important significance in Vedic Astrology as it is associated with Planet Sun, which bestows good health, strength, the courage to face challenging situations, leadership qualities, uplifting mood, establishing financial stability. Also, it protects the wearer from evil eye or negative energies. The Planet Sun gives us name, fame, prosperity. The planet Sun's position in a native's Natal Chart (Kundli) is a representation of the personality of the person.

Indian Ruby is suitable for which Dosh?

When an individual's Birth Chart (Kundli / Natal Chart), has a weak placement of Planet Sun then Astrologers advice the native to wear Indian Ruby. Original unheated natural Indian Ruby is the recommendation to wear for Astrological remedy for the best results. Enhance the power of Planet Sun, by wearing Indian Ruby, if it is already in a good position in your Birth Chart or Kundli. To get relief from the malefic effect of the Pitra Dosha, the Indian Ruby stone can be worn.

Indian Ruby is said to be suitable for the Rashi or Zodiac sign of Leo (Singh), Aries (Mesh), Sagittarius (Dhanu).

It acts on the Manipura Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra and clears, balances and activates this seat of creativity and Prana.

Indian Ruby stone is often heated and treated to enhance its colour to get a higher price which does not give the optimum result in Astrological remedy. Buy the original unheated Indian Ruby gemstone from a reputed gemstone dealer/shop for maximum Indian Ruby stone benefits. The Indian Ruby gemstone should be energized before wearing to give its desired effect.

Where to Buy Ruby in India

Rudra Centre has an extensive collection of lustrous, untreated, unheated, flawless, guaranteed, Vedic Astrology approved, superior quality, Natural Ruby gemstone of different sizes which can be made into Rings, Pendants or Bracelets by our in house jewellers. We also have a collection of lovely Ruby Bead Malas and Bracelets for our customers to choose from. You may consider buying Indian Ruby online from us at the best price in the gemstone market. It is pre-energised by us with Vedic Rituals and ready to wear. Our efficient delivery service will ensure that your order is delivered to you, safely and hygienically packed.

Benefits of Indian Ruby

  • Wearing Indian Ruby protects from ill effects of malefic Planet Sun in Birth-chart.
  • It is for good health, vitality and energy.
  • Name, fame, prosperity, stability, power positions are gifts of this gem.
  • Indian Ruby is associated with the Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra, balancing and activating it.
  • The gem enhances self-esteem, confidence, leadership quality and power.
  • It heals health problems related to Eyes, Blood, Bones and boosts immunity.
  • It is said to be good for healing lack of communication and discord in marriages.
  • It can be an excellent stone for Politicians, for those aspiring to be in administrative services or Government jobs, Actors, Artists etc.
  • When worn by men stands for manhood and when worn by women it blesses with passion.


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