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Spirituality and devotion to God and religious culture is a part of day to day lives of many. This can be in the form of a small prayer or a grand pooja. The magnitudes differ but the devotion remains the same. While one focuses on idols, artefacts and other accessories, maintaining them is also important. Rudra Centre specialises in spiritual accessories and provides you with great choices that fulfil these necessities as well.

The Rudraksha maintenance kit from the Rudra Centre contains a copper plate for placing mala, sandal paste that is to be applied on the beads and a sandal and olive oil mix. This kit also comes with a large brush that is to be used for cleaning the beads, once they are soaked overnight and a small toothbrush for applying Sandal and Olive oil on beads.

In addition to that, Gangajal and dhoop sticks complete this great utility kit for Rudraksha maintenance. Gangajal, theholy water of the Ganges in Himalayas, is unique and with its crystal purity and sacred herbs with multi minerals. It keeps essential qualities of nature including ease of digestion, sweetness, coolness and high tonic properties intact. It is an integral part of poojas for cleaning deities and is used for cleaning Rurdraksha beads as well. The mineral properties of the Gangajal make it a good medicament. Dhoop sticks on the other hand, are a 100% natural extract from sandal gold, ghee, lobaan, googal, herbals, fresh flowers and hawan samagri, which ensures a beautiful fragrance. An essential part of our daily poojas, the dhoop stick incense cleanses the air you feel spirituality around it. The Gangajal and dhoop sticks are also available independently at the Rudra Centre.

Also an important part of maintenance / energising items from the Rudra Centre is the sandalwood paste. Using it for offering on Rudraksha beads makes it a mark of auspiciousness. The use and importance sandalwood paste for pooja is also very well known. Great utility products for various spirituals use is what the Rudra Centre delivers to you.