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5 mukhi Rudraksha Malas in Silver

Elegantly woven in 925 Hallmark silver, the 5 mukhi Rudraksha malas are one of the best rosaries that can be used to do mantra chanting or can be worn as a neck piece every day. Every Rudraksha bead that is used to make these malas are hand-picked. All the Rudrakshas further go through a lot of tests before qualifying to be selected as a healthy bead to be woven in a Mala. Once all the Rudraksha beads are sorted they are woven together in silver wires to make a beautiful mala. Each bead of this mala has silver capping which is elegantly designed in flower shape which enhances the overall beauty of these malas.

The 5 mukhi Rudrakshas is one of the most powerful and divine natural seed found in abundance in Mother Nature’s lap. Rudraksha beads are generally sourced from two locations namely Nepal and Java (Indonesia). The Nepal beads are bigger in size and offer results faster as compared to the Java Rudraksha beads but both the varieties offer the same results. This divine bead is ruled by a divine form of Lord Shiva namely Lord Rudra Kalagni. The five mukhi Rudraksha mala holds the divine powers of the above mentioned deity and is associated to planet Jupiter.

Silver Rudraksha Mala Designs

As mentioned above the Rudraksha malas are meticulously woven in 925 Hallmark silver. The silver Rudraksha malas are available in various designs and capping options. The silver utilized in making these five mukhi or Punchamukhi Rudraksha malas is moulded in various designs to uplift the aesthetics. Moreover, the designs of the caps each mala has is different. Some Rudrakshas are covered in plain conical shaped silver caps, while the silver caps covering each Rudrakha bead in other mala is beautifully designed with self-design silver caps. On the other hand some of the silver Rudraksha malas are simply woven in silver wires and do not have a capping. Few punchmukhi malas that are available under this section have silver chakris covering every single bead of Rudraksha from both the ends.

Rudrakshas malas have always been an article of reverence and are associated with Lord Shiva. Whether one needs to chant mantras, meditate, ward of negative forces or wish to enhance the learning, knowledge, awareness and concentration abilities can purchase this natural punchmukhi Rudraksha mala in 925 Hallmark silver. These mystical punchmukhi Rudraksha malasin silver attunes to all the seven chakras and brings harmony, good health and peace.

Rudraksha Silver Mala Prices and Buying guide

The price of the 5 mukhi Rudraksha depends upon the size and the origin of the Rudraksha bead. There are many dealers of Rudraksha beads in the market. Make sure you buy original five mukhi Rudraksha by simply checking on the small details like the faces or the mukhis of the Rudraksha, whether the Rudraksha has tiny holes, or has cracks. 5 Mukhi Nepal Rudraksha Prices are higher than that compared to the Rudraksha bead from Java. The 5 mukhi Nepali Rudraksha beads have deep well defined mukhis and are bigger in size than the 5 mukhi Rudraksha from Java, The 5 mukhi Rudraksha Nepal are bulkier, round and have deep uniform mukhis (lines). The Nepal beads show instant effects.

Since ancient times the five mukhi Rudraksha malas have been adorned by great sages, kings and influencers of the society. The 5 mukhi Rudraksha is one of the most commonly purchased and worn Rudraksha beads among the other Rudraksha beads. This pious Rudraksha beads offer therapeutic benefits and attracts positivity and blesses the wearer with great wisdom and intelligence. Moreover, Rudraksha beads are a medium to connect one to the Supreme. They help one to grow spiritually, see clearly and makes one aware to live in the now.

Buy Silver Rudraksha Mala Online

Purchasing the Silver Rudraksha mala is very easy now- a- days. You can simply browse through the variety of options available online and select the Silver Rudraksha mala that best suits your purpose. It is advisable to buy the Rudraksha malas in silver from a supplier who is genuine, offers genuine products along with certification and also has the knowledge about the product. In the pandemic, buying online is the best option one can choose rather than personally venturing outside and being exposed to a number of people.

Shopping online is one of the most convenient methods designed to save the time, help you browse every product and save your search for next purchase.

We, at Rudra Centre are the pioneer dealers offering a range of healthy Rudraksha beads and much more. We offer Nepal Rudraksha beads and Rudraksha beads from Java. All the punchmukhi mala in silver that we offer are made from 925 hallmark silver and are finely crafted by the artisans who have years of experience in this field. All our products are of excellent quality, are natural and genuine.