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About Sandalwood Bracelet

Significance of Sandalwood Beads Bracelet

The Sandalwood Beads Bracelets are made of Beads made from wood of Sandalwood Trees. The Sandalwood Bracelets are made of White or Red Sandalwood Beads or are a combination of both. Sandalwood is called Chandan in Hindi and its fragrance is extremely pleasant and uplifts the spirit.

Sandalwood Bracelets exude this fragrance when worn. Sandalwood holds spiritual and religious significance for Hindus and is considered sacred. Sandalwood is offered to Deities, used in Homam and Sandalwood Paste and Powder is used for worship, especially of Lord Krishna/Lord Vishnu. The Shaligram Stone, a representation of Lord Vishnu is anointed with Sandalwood Paste and is also offered to the Shivalingam.

Sandalwood Malas have been used as Rosary to chant Mantras since ages. The Chandan Bracelets look pretty strung in various styles and have healing properties. The White Sandalwood Bangles have a calming effect on the wearer, serve as a good meditation tool, etc. The Red Sandalwood is believed to be blessed by Goddess Laxmi and attracts prosperity, provides strength, courage and much more.

Rudra Centre offers an array of original Sandalwood Bracelets, comprising both White and Red Sandalwood Beads.

Uses and Benefits of Sandalwood Bracelets

Sandalwood Bracelets from India are well known for their superior quality across the world. The White Chandan Bracelets are Red Sandalwood Bracelets, have their individual healing properties and benefits. They are strung in different styles. The Bracelets strung with both White and Red Sandalwood Beads, give the combined benefits of both the Beads. The Chandan Bracelets have innate healing power as they are made of natural Beads.

Some of the Benefits of Sandalwood Bracelets are:

  • The Sandalwood Bracelets can be worn while performing Puja rituals as Chandan Beads are used to appease various Deities and makes the Puja more powerful.
  • Wearing the Bracelets clears negative energies and replaces them with positive energies.
  • White Sandalwood Beads Bracelet calms the mind and brings peace.
  • The Red Sandalwood Bracelet enhances concentration.
  • The original Sandalwood Bracelets are well known for purifying the energies of the wearer.
  • The Red Chandan Bracelets are highly protective and shield the wearer from evil energies.
  • The peaceful White Sandalwood Bracelets help to balance Pitta level in the body. As per Ayurveda the functions of the metabolic system, digestive system, and joint pains depend majorly on the Pitta level in the body.
  • The Red Sandalwood Bangle, when worn bestows courage, strength, stamina and raises the vibration of the wearer.
  • To usher good luck wear the Sandalwood Bracelets.
  • White Chandan Bracelets are worn to aid in meditation practice.
  • Red Sandalwood Beads Bracelets ushers prosperity, abundance by the grace of Goddess Laxmi.
  • For healing skin itching and skin inflammation problems, wear the White Sandalwood Bracelets.
  • Wear the Red Sandalwood Bracelet while chanting Gayatri Mantra and Surya Dev Mantra.
  • Wearing the Sandalwood Bracelets augments spiritual growth.
  • The White Sandalwood Bracelets are said to activate love and compassion.
  • The Red Sandalwood Bracelets boosts Immunity, Blood Circulation in the body, heals Eye problems and helps to speed up the healing process of physical ailments.
  • The Sandalwood Bead Bracelets are good as spiritual gifts for near and dear ones.
  • It is recommended to buy Sandalwood Bracelets from a reputed, trustworthy shop or dealer of spiritual jewellery, to ensure that the Chandan Bracelet you buy, is made of genuine, natural beads of Red or White Sandalwood. Only real Sandalwood Bracelets give maximum benefits. As the Sandalwood Beads are easy to duplicate, it is advisable to be careful while buying them.

Types of Sandalwood Bracelets Designs, Gold and Silver Ebony Bracelets

Rudra Centre offers an array of Sandalwood Bracelets which are strung in different styles, in single strand and multiple strands. We use genuine, 100% natural Sandalwood Beads of White and Red colours, in different shapes. The Bracelets are hand-strung and designed with or without accessories, with Silver Caps and our collection also includes lovely White and Red Sandalwood Beads Combination Bracelets. The Chandan Bracelets can be worn with casual and traditional outfits. Each Bracelet is strung on adjustable strings, Silver chains and elastic bands. The Bracelets are very skilfully strung.

Some of the Sandalwood Bracelets available with us are:

White Sandalwood Bracelets - Available in different styles, the White Sandalwood Single strand with Silver Caps in different designs, pretty ethnic accessories look attractive. The Double turn, Triple turn Bracelets are beautiful with Silver colour traditional design accessories, spacers will steal your heart. The Multi Beads Bracelets are strung to fit snugly on the wrist and they are powerful.
Red Sandalwood Beads Bracelets - The Red Sandalwood Beads are smoothly shaped and available in normal single strand, double turn and multi beads options. The Bracelets with pure Silver Flower caps look fascinating with the contrasting colours of the Red Sandalwood and Silver colour. The accessories used in the Bracelets are selected carefully to beautify the Bracelets and also ensure that they are comfortable to wear.
White and Red Sandalwood Combination Bracelets - These are designed creatively and available as Multi Beads Bracelets. Deigned with suitable accessories, they are held securely with clasps and are easy to wear. The White and Red Sandalwood Beads Bracelets are endowed with the properties of both the Beads and are desirable.

Buy Sandalwood Bracelets Online at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre presents a wide range of lovely Sandalwood Bracelets made of 100% natural, superior quality Sandalwood Beads in White or Red colours. Our Chandan Bracelets are designed skilfully in Single strand and in Multiple Beads Bracelets, with Silver Caps and other decorative accessories which suit the Bracelets. The original Sandalwood Bracelets with combination of White and Red Beads are popular as they are powerful and are designed aesthetically. They are easy and comfortable to wear on a regular basis and are thoughtful gifts for loved ones. Pick your choice from the variety of real Sandalwood Bracelets from our collection and order online with us. Your order will be delivered in a few days, safely packed with the exact Sandalwood Beads Bracelet you have ordered. The price of the Sandalwood Bracelet with us is the best in the market.