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Serpentine Stone

The Serpentine stone is one of the natural gems known since ancient times for its healing properties and benefits once it comes in contact with the skin of the wearer. This semi-precious gemstone got its name from the ‘Serpens’, which is a Latin word that means serpent. As the colour of the green Serpentine stone beads resembles the green skin colour of the snake. Gemstone Serpentine or the Serpentine natural gemstone is available in different shades as listed below

  • Green
  • Brownish-Green
  • Yellow Serpentine stone
  • Yellowish-Green
  • Brown
  • Brownish-Green
  • Black Serpentine stone

We at Rudra Centre offer a wide range of Serpentine gemstones online at the best price. We offer a magnificent range of Original and authentic natural Green Serpentine which are energized and blessed by our in-house Vedic pundits.

Serpentine Gemstone Benefits

  • The natural green Serpentine stone helps to manifest your desires
  • The auspicious gemstone Serpentine helps to attract true love
  • It invites abundance, prosperity, and riches and helps the wearer to enjoy the luxuries of life
  • The green Serpentine stone beads help to calm the mind by relieving negative thoughts, fears of future, and also removes irrational approach to situations and circumstances
  • It helps to balance the emotions and offers help from mood swings
  • Heals from heartbreak, emotional pain, and the feeling of regret
  • Helps the wearer to have a positive approach and perspective towards life
  • The Serpentine healing stone also helps one to embrace change and makes one independent
  • The Serpentine gemstone also helps the wearer to let go and forgive the self for holding on for a long time
  • Helps the wearer to socialize and stay connected to Mother Earth

Health and Astrological Benefits of Serpentine Gemstone

  • The Serpentine healing stone helps to remove fears and brings about great transformation in the wearer
  • The divine Green Serpentine is so powerful that it helps to cleanses all the primary chakras
  • It helps in activating the Sahasrara/Crown Chakra thus boosting the psychic abilities
  • It safeguards the wearer from lower energy offering vibrations and forms a protective shield around the wearer
  • Helps in awakening the Kundalini thus helping the wearer grow and evolve in spiritual wisdom and powers
  • Helps one to grow spiritually
  • Makes one calm and offers a clear vision
  • Helps to offer relief from stomach pain/cramps, helps to release tensions and stress
  • Helps to heal ailments related to the heart, lungs and kidney
  • Stressful energies that make you lose your calm or the ones that make you tensed or nervous are cleared by the Serpentine
  • It makes the wearer less reactive and removes over-sensitivity to what others say about you or against you
  • Diseases like Diabetes and Hypoglycemia can be treated by the Serpentine Quartz
  • Serpentine possesses high cleansing properties which help to detoxify the blood
  • It helps to get rid of the parasite and strengthens the muscles which have become weak due to a condition caused and absorb excess calcium and magnesium in the body
  • It offers relief from inflammation and helps to soothe eczema
  • Offers relief from a worsened varicose vein condition

Related Planet and Chakra

The powerful Green Serpentine has the power to awaken the Kundalini energy and is associated with Crown/Sahasrara Chakra and is ruled by planet Mercury (Budh Graha)

Serpentine Pricing and Buying Guide

The Serpentine gemstone price differs depending upon the carats, colour, clarity and inclusions. You can buy Serpentine gemstone online from us at Rudra Centre. We offer raw Serpentine stone for sale at the best price.

How, when and who should wear Serpentine Stone

The Serpentine gemstones that we at Rudra Centre offer are energized and blessed by our in-house karmkandi pundits. The Serpentine crystal can be worn by any person. Our online chat support experts also guide you about the wearing options.

Where to buy a Serpentine stone from?

You can buy the Serpentine stone online from us at the best price. Rudra Centre is the trusted name globally and is the first ISO certified e-commerce company to have formed a website for Sacred Rudrakshas and Vedic Gemstones. We are the market leader and a pioneer who deal in a wide variety of spiritual and religious products and services. We on a consultation and holistic advice basis supply authentic, natural and genuine gemstones and gemstone ornaments across the globe. We have more than 20,000 happy clients and our family of clients is growing every day. Offering genuine and quality products and apt customer service has helped us maintain our status as a market leader.