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About Shaligram Shree Yantra

What are Shaligram Shree Yantras

Shree Yantras are mystical tools which help to manifest desires quickly, brings positive energies. good luck, wealth, prosperity and abundance. The 3D Shree Yantras or Shree Meru Yantras which are crafted from the sacred Shaligram stone are considered very powerful as, Shaligram stone is a representation of Lord Vishnu. Therefore the powers of the Shree Yantra is augmented by the Shaligram stone and the user is blessed with the double benefits of the Shree Yantra as well as the Shaligram stone.

The Shree Yantra is the most powerful Yantra which draws energies from the Cosmos, converts it into positive energies and radiates it in the space it is kept. It is believed that all Gods and Goddesses reside in the Shree Yantra, which makes it a potent Yantra. It eliminates negative energies replaces it with positive energies. Meditating on the tip or Bindu point of the Shree Meru Yantra and chanting Mantras regularly, pitches the energies of the devotee to align with energies of Goddess Lalitha or Tripura Sundari. In the case of Shaligram Shree Yantra, it also aligns with the energies of Lord Vishnu.

The Shaligram stone is found in the banks and beds of Kali Gandaki River, Nepal in its natural form. Primarily, Shaligram is Black in colour with vivid spiral markings which are like the Sudarshan Chakra (Discus) of Lord Vishnu. The sacred Shaligram is widely worshipped, especially by the Vaishnav sect. The lustrous Shaligram stone blesses the house and devotees with creation of wealth, good health, protection, worldly pleasures, spiritual growth and righteous living. The stone does not require consecration or Pranprathishta and it is said that even if a Shaligram stone cracks or breaks, it can still be worshipped.

So the Shaligram Yantra is apt for every home due to the numerous benefits it bestows. It can be worshipped by anyone of any cast or religion. The Shaligam Shree Yantra creates magic in life.

How are Shaligram Shree Yantra Made

The Shaligram Shree Yantra is hand carved from single natural Shaligram stone. The crafting is done with care so that the Cosmic geometry of the Shree Yantra is carved to perfection. The Yantra is carved on The Yantra geometry of the Shaligram Shree Yantra is meticulously crafted to rise from the step formation of the Bhupura, to the symmetrical Chakras or circles that rise up to 16 or 8 petal Lotus formation, which gradually ascend to intersecting Triangles that look like steps, to lead up to the peak, the focal point where the soul converges with Godess Lalitha or Tripura Sundari. The Shree Meru Yantra rises like the Sumeru Mountain which is the Divine abode of Goddess Tripura Sundari.

Uses and Benefits of Shaligram Shree Yantra

The Shaligram Shree Yantra is an excellent mystical instrument which can be kept at home or office in the Puja Alter, near the entrance, in study room or living room, reception of office or business place. The Shree Yantra energises the place it is kept in with positivity and high vibration. The best direction to keep the Shaligram Shree Yantra is the East, facing the West as the Yantra gets energised by the rising Sun and the positive energies of the East direction and provides positive energies of transformation to the space it is kept in.

As the Shree Yantra is made of Shaligram stone, the powers become enhanced. It is a harbinger of auspicious energies.

Rudra Centre offers an array of Shaligram Shree Yantras, carved from natural single Shaligram stone, available in various sizes. They are made to perfection to give optimum outcome to the user.

There are innumerable benefits of the Shaligram Shree Yantra, some of which are:-

  • Installing the Shaligram Shree Yantra at home or office removes Vastu Doshas and balances the energies of the space.
  • It has tremendous powers of drawing energies of prosperity, wealth and material contentment.
  • The attributes of the Shaligram stone, which is Lord Vishnu, bestows righteous living, creation of wealth, spiritual growth, pleasures, protection and good health.
  • The Shaligram Shree Yantra eliminates negative energies and ensures protection.
  • Installing a Shaligram Shree Yantra brings success in all aspects of life by removing obstacles, brings name, fame and all round well being.
  • It brings peace, harmony in relationships and a blissful life.
  • Meditating on the Shaligram Shree Yantra is meritorious as it improves focus, concentration and aligns you with the energies of the Deity of the Yantra, Goddess Lalitha.
  • Lord Vishnu's blessings are bestowed as it is made of Shaligram Stone.
  • The presence of the Shaligram Shree Meru Yantra at home or workspace enhances self confidence, ushers joy and happiness.
  • The Shaligram Shree Yantra helps to fulfil desires when worshipped with pure intention, within no time.

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