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About Shiva Rings

Rudra Centre presents a collection of attractive Shiva rings for all our esteemed customers. Lord Shiva is considered to be the creator and the destroyer of the Universe. He is formless and infinite and has many names like Mahadev, Rudra, Shankar etc. He is the fountainhead of perfection, yoga, meditation, bliss and spirituality. Lord Shiva is infinite, quick to anger and easy to please. The Supreme Lord Shiva blesses all by fulfilling their desires. Gods and Demi-Gods resort to His help when there is no other solution. He guides us to face our real self, the truth, by transforming and shedding what is not for our highest good.

Lord Shiva rings available with us are deftly designed and crafted to perfection. Available in Lord Shiva Gold rings and Lord Shiva Silver rings in various designs, the Mahadev rings give our customers the freedom to choose from whichever Shiv ring they like. The Lord Shiva Gold rings are made of pure Gold with designs like the Trishul etched on it with White Gold enhancing the beauty further and other enchanting designs of Shiv ring. Similarly the Lord Shiva Silver rings are made of pure Silver carved into designs like the simple yet powerful Om Namah Shivaya ring which has the power packed popular mantra etched on it or the lovely Shivling ring with Om fusion and other such designs.

Our collection of Lord Shiva rings also have designs of symbols which depict Divine Lord Shiva, like the Nandi ring with Shiv Mantra, is one of the Lord Shiva Silver rings, crafted meticulously with Nandi(the Bull), crowing the ring. Nandi is the Lord's vehicle and the gate keeper of Mount Kailash. The band of this Lord Siva ring has Om Namah Shivaya inscribed on it. Lord Shiva finger rings can be an excellent gift idea for your loved ones.

Lord Shiva finger rings when worn with clear intention blesses the wearer with Lord Shiva's blessings. Lord Shiva finger rings fit snugly on your finger and are in touch with the skin of the wearer which is beneficial. These Mahadev rings can be worn daily and can be worn with any outfit, both traditional and western. Our collection of Lord Shiva Gold rings and Lord Shiva Silver rings are popular and are appreciated by one and all when worn. Our Shiva ring collection is apt for our male customers, though it is unisex. Lord Shiva rings is a much desirable addition to your collection of jewellery.