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About Shiva Shawls

Shiva Shawls

What are Shiva Shawls?

Shiva Shawls are shawls with Lord Shiva images and other beautiful patterns dyed on them. They come in different colours and fabrics in varied designs for both men and women. Select a Shiva Shawl of your choice and adorn it during special Puja rituals to feel the event and look spiritually stunning. Buy Shiva Shawl online from our collection and get it at the best price.

Shiva Shawls Benefits

It attracts positive vibrations and divine energies of Lord Shiva The Cotton Shiva Shawls are great for wearing in any season All the shawls have bright colours which are suitable for traditional outfits

Why are Shiva Shawls considered auspicious?

Shiva or Mahadeva, the God of all deities is worshipped by many and known as the Supreme power. Praying to Lord Shiva removes various fears and even fear of sudden death. The Shiva Shawls are auspicious due to many reasons. Wearing Shiva Shawls on special occasions simply tunes one with the positive energies and the grace of the Lord.

Uses of Shiva Shawls

  • It can be paired with any traditional outfit
  • It is the right accessory to adorn on special occasions like Puja rituals and religious ceremonies
  • Jacquard Shawls from our collection have a soft and slightly thicker fabric which makes them right for use in cold weather
  • One can also wear the Shiva Shawls during temple visits
  • The “Om Namah Shivaay” stole is great to be worn during grand Puja or religious processions
  • The cotton shawls are good for everyday use
  • The Shiva Shawl can be worn while meditating

Is it safe to buy Shiva Shawls online?

Buying Shiva Shawls from a trusted seller/company like Rudra Centre is genuine and safe. Go through the reviews, our wide collection and our expertise in spiritual products and holistic healing solutions. We are not ordinarily selling shawls alone. Select a gorgeous shawl of your choice from our range of top quality spiritual products.

Where to buy Shiva Shawls?

Shiva Shawls of high quality can be bought from Rudra Centre. Speak to any of our client coordinators for any queries or assistance.

Why should you buy Shiva shawls from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre carries the biggest collection of spiritual products that are authentically sourced. You can shop for your favourite Shiva Shawl online at Rudra Centre from any part of the world. With our worldwide delivery get your spiritual essentials delivered at the doorstep. We also provide assistance over call and live chat. Our range of products has everything right from puja accessories, idols of Gods and Goddesses, Yantra, natural gemstone jewellery, Sacred Rudraksha beads, Vedic Gemstones that are lab certified.

Are these Shiva Shawls handmade?

The shawls are woven artistically and have unique patterns. Buy from our beautiful range of perfectly weaved Shiva Shawls at minimal prices.

What are the different types of Shiva Shawls available?

Shiva Shawls in Cotton

Find a great variety of Shiva Shawls in pure cotton for everyday use. The breathable fabric is perfect for wearing during daily Puja rituals. There are Om Namah Shivaya prayer shawls available in this range. This Panchakshara Mantra has the energy to pull positivity towards the wearer. Each design is different from the other and has a spiritual appeal. The Om Shawl in soft cotton can be found in our collection at nominal rates.

Shiva Stole

The stole is imprinted with “Om Namah Shivaay” and Lord Shiva image with sparkling decorative material. It can be worn during grand processions and Puja ceremonies. The best use of this Shiva Stole can be done by wearing it on Maha Shivratri, the great night of Lord Shiva.

Shiva Shawl in Silk

Shiva Shawls in art silk are made in various designs like Shivalingam, Lord Shiva image, etc. They have tassels at the edges which enhance the look of the shawls and make them the right choice for special occasions. You can also get Nandiling Shawl in our collection and it is available in different colours as well.

Shiva Shawl in Jacquard Fabric

The Jacquard Shawls come in a lot of different colours and have designs like the “Om” symbol, Lord Shiva image, Lord Shiva in meditation pose, Shiv Parivar, etc. This soft fabric does not cause irritation and is a wonderful present for Shiva devotees. The designs are subtle and elegant which makes them apt for men and women.

Shiva Shawl Price

Prices of Shiva Shawls vary as per the set of shawls one buys. The design, size and fabric of the shawl also determine its price.