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About Shodash Upachara

What is Shodasa Upachara?

Shodasa Upachara refers to the process of performing puja, the word ‘Upachara’ in South India refers to the way of serving to the deity. There are various ways of revering to the Gods and Goddesses. The Shodasa Upachara refers to the set of divine articles which are used during worshipping Lord Vishnu. The Shodashopachara set include articles such as Umbrella, mirror, fan, Surruti and a flag. All these divine articles are used during Vaishnav worship. All the items present in the Shodashopachara set signify respect and honour that we offer to the Lord. The articles present in the Shodashopachara set play a significant role in the pooja ceremony of Lord Vishnu. During the Vishnu pooja these Holy items are placed before the Lord as an offering.

We at Rudra Centre bring to you an exclusive range of Shodashopachara set which comprises of artefacts such as the Mirror, Fan, Flag, Umbrella and Surruti. All these puja articles are made of Brass and are especially handcrafted by the skilled and expert artisans of the South. Each item present in this set is crafted with finesse and is available online at the best price. All the articles that we offer are energised and blessed by our in-house team of learned pundits.

Uses and benefits of Shodasa Upachara

The divine articles which are used while worshipping a deity in South India form part of the Shodasa Upachara. All the articles which are used in the worship are a way of expressing aaradhana to the deity. There are many ways of using the Shodasa Upachara. Let us learn about the various uses of Shodasa Upachara which are as follows.

  • The five articles of Shodasa Upachara can be used as an offering to the respective deity.
  • These articles can be installed in the puja altar of the house and worshipped daily.
  • The shodashopachara set comprising of five articles can be donated to a temple.
  • The shodashopachara set can also be presented as a gift to the devotees who are performing the puja vidhi.

Now that we know the uses of shodashopachara set let us look at the benefits it offers.

Benefits of the Shodashopachara:

  • Helps to gain blessing of the Lord
  • Attracts positivity in life
  • Helps to fulfil wishes
  • Helps to ward off negative energies and destroys evil force
  • Blesses with peace and happiness

If you are looking for brass articles which are made in pure brass online, then browse through our wide range of the Shodashopachara set which comprises of five unique articles and order the Shodashopachara set you like.

Importance and Significance of Shodasa Upachara

While offering prayers to the deity, the most significant thing is to be mentally and physically engrossed and involved in the prayer service. Serving the Lord in various ways too plays an important role and is a sign of showing pure devotion and dedication towards the Lord. Shodasa Upchara is the detailed process of worshipping the Lord irrespective of the place. Whether you offer prayers to Lord Vishnu at Home or in the temple, procedures are important in order to attract the deity frequencies and to attracts positivity while appeasing the Lord. There are in all 16 exclusive steps which need to be performed as per the chronological order to appease the Lord. And while performing these steps, offering five Holy articles to the Lord show our respect towards the deity and symbolises way of Honouring them.

Offering the five articles to the Lord forms a part of the ritualistic ceremony and is known as the symbol of devotion and humble service we offer to the Lord. If you want to buy Shodasa Upchara set of five articles online, you must browse through our divine range of Shodasa Upchara set which are intricately carved by the artisans of South India. The material used in making these articles is of Supreme Quality. The Shodasa Upachara set price that we offer is the best in the market. Being the pioneers dealing in religious and spiritual goods and services, we make sure that all the puja articles we offer safely reach our clientele.

How and why is Shodasa Upachara Used?

Shodasa Upachara is a ritualistic practice of offering a range of Brass articles to the deity while performing the puja services. Shodasa Upachara is a symbol of showing honour and respect to the Lord. The practice of offering Shodasa Upachara set has been practiced since ancient times. This form of Aaradhana (worship) is said to appease the Lord and bless the worshipper abundantly. The types of Shodasa Upachara articles differ from deity to deity. This ritual is basically performed as a sign of honouring the Lord and to reinforce the belief that the Lord is our Creator and He should be worshipped and offered prayers with pure devotion. It is an act of showing that we bow down before the Greatness of the Lord and we surrender to Him completely.

We at Rudra Centre offer Shodasa Upachara set in pure brass which comprises of five divine articles. These articles play a significant role in the ritualistic worship of the devotee. The Shodasa upachara set price that we offer is the best in the market. Moreover, all the articles present in the Shodasa Upachara set are energised and blessed in order to invoke divinity and add to the auspiciousness.

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Understanding the significance of puja articles, we make sure that all the Shodasa Upchara set including all the 5 varieties of Shodasa Upchara articles like Fan, Mirror, Umbrella, Flag and Surruti are blessed by our in-house karamkandi pundits from Varanasi and Banaras. In South Indian custom, the ritual of offering 5 articles to the deity is known as a great way to honour and serve the deity. We deliver these Shodasa Upchara sets at your doorstep. We ensure that these Shodasa Upchara set that we deal into are of supreme quality. Also, the shodasa upachara set price that we offer is the best in the market.