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About Shree Yantra Locket

Shree Yantra Locket

Shree Yantra is a form of the mystical diagram/the divine geometry that carries the energies and powers of all deities, which attracts good luck, riches, prosperity, abundance, success, and brings harmony to one's dwelling. It is considered to be highly sacred as per scriptures and its presiding deity is Lalita Devi also known as Maa Shodhashi. Praying to the Shree Yantra, and meditating brings peace to the sadhak/worshipper and he/she is bestowed with the accomplishment of all goals and spiritual progress. To encompass these benefits and holy energies in a miniature form, we have made Shree Yantra Locket that can be carried along with you.

We have a variety of designs in Shree Yantra Locket to cater to different styles and needs. These yantra lockets are minimalistic yet classy and pair well with any kind of outfit like traditional and informal attire. The lockets made of materials like Rosewood, Sphatik crystal, etc. have the collective effect of the yantra and the stone or wood. All the Shree Yantra lockets in our collection are listed below:

Shree Yantra Locket on Rosewood- High-quality rosewood locket with a laser print of Shree Yantra for durability is strung in a thread. It gives a calming effect and brings opulence to the wearer.

Shri Yantra Locket in Copper- The Shree Yantra is available in a copper locket form that has an antique finish to match traditional and rustic style. It features the yantra on one side and Goddess Laxmi image with elephants on the reverse side and comes in big and small sizes.

Shree Yantra Locket in Sphatik Crystal with Etched Yantra- This yantra Locket is a magnificent piece of art, and looks extremely stunning with the Shree Yantra etched on a Sphatik crystal.

Shree Yantra Locket in Silver- Simply designed with Shree Yantra in front and image of Goddess Laxmi with elephants at the back, this Sri Yantra locket is made in pure silver.

Shree Yantra Meru in Brass Locket- A stand-out piece due to the elevated Meru Shree Yantra, this locket made of brass is a beautiful piece for gifting and wearing with ethnic apparel or traditional attire.

Crystal Shree Yantra Locket in Sphatik Mala- This is an exclusively designed Mala with Sphatik beads and Crystal Shree Chakra Locket. It is a timeless jewel to wear and imbibe the healing benefits of Sphatik and the positive energy of the Shree Yantra. The Mala is available in plain beads and faceted beads too.

Other variants of the Sri Chakra Lockets at Rudra Centre are Meru Shree Yantra Pendant, Crystal Shree Yantra Locket in Silver Chain, Crystal Shree Yantra Locket in 22CT Gold, Shree Yantra Locket in 22CT Pure Gold, Shree Yantra Locket in 24CT Pure Gold, and Meru Shree Yantra Pendant in Pure Gold. The prices of Silver and Gold lockets may vary according to the metal rate at the time of purchase.

Why Shree Yantra Locket Buy Online from us?

Spiritual products like yantra lockets, natural gemstones (Ratnas), Rudraksha beads, and yantras should only be purchased from an authentic and advisory source. Rudra Centre presents a category of divine Shree Yantra Lockets for different desires and blessings. The products are checked thoroughly to ensure that our clients get only the best Shree Yantra Lockets. Find beautifully made Shree Yantra Lockets from our collection and wear them every day with style and also attract good fortune and wealth. Shop with ease and order your Shree Yantra Locket online to receive a safe and quick delivery with our worldwide shipping. You can also chat with our experts for any advice that you may require while buying the Yantra locket or other products.

Why buy Energized Shree Yantra Locket?

Buying energized Shree Yantra Lockets is more beneficial than buying the regular ones. The chanting of mantras and rituals makes the Shree Yantra powerful and increases its potential to give you the best effects and outcomes. Energizing is a process that adds to the divinity of the yantra, and the precisely inscribed yantra diagrams have the transformational energies that bring positive changes in the life of the wearer. With blessed and energized Yantra lockets, one experiences the benefits of the instrument to the fullest.

How to use Shree Yantra Locket?

It can be worn by men and women as they are designed to suit both genders. The designs are artistic and suitable for all types of outfits and look from casual, semi-casual to formal and festive too. Alternatively, it can also be kept in your bag or purse to carry the positive vibrations wherever you go. It can be used as a protective tool to stay safe from negative influences.

Shree Yantra Locket Pricing

Shree Yantra Locket is priced fairly based on the metal of locket or wood, the design inscribed on it, the detailed carvings, and more. Each Sri Chakra pendant online in our range is made of the best material and durable so their quality is true to the prices.

Mantra for Shree Yantra Locket

Shreem Hreem Shreem, Kamle Kamalalaye Praseed Praseed, Shreem Hreem Shreem, Om Shree Mahalakshmi Devyei Namah !!