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What is Yantra Ring

A Yantra ring features a carving of symmetrical geometrical diagrams representing certain Deities of mantras which is the source of Supreme energy. They resonate with energies of the cosmos for fulfilment of specific needs or desires like protection, finding suitable match for marriage, astrological remedy, fulfilment of a desire, success, fortune, attainment of knowledge or attraction of wealth. They attract and discharge positive energies thus helping the worshipper stay in touch with divine energies. If any person is unable to chant a mantra, then he/she can wear a yantra ring since it is a diagrammatic representation of a mantra and carry the energies. The Yantras emit vibrations which help the wearer attain mental peace, harmony and spiritual growth. Yantra etched on silver, gold, brass or copper are cheaper than gemstones and could be effective as gemstones.

How does a Yantra ring work

A Yantra works on vibrations created in large amplitude through the resonance of mantra naturally embedded in it. These vibrations help connect with the energies of the divine and magnify the force of energy to manifest it into reality. The vibrations generated creates an aura of positive energies around the surrounding. Thus, wearing a Yantra ring helps benefit the wearer on a deeper level. It helps magnify the power of prayer or thoughts to help make the urge to fulfil the desire stronger and more influential. The Yantra not only helps the worshipper get in touch with divine energies and fulfil the fundamental purpose but also help him/her grow in other aspects of life including health, career, relationship and personal and spiritual growth.

How to wear an Energised Yantra Ring

Before wearing the ring for the first time, perform puja of the Yantra ring on an auspicious day. The ring is ideally worn on the left hand of the ring finger. Rudra Centre does not talk about any prohibition regarding wearing of Yantra. It can be worn by anyone regardless of gender, age, eating habits, marital status, health condition, faith or creed. However, one can avoid wearing it while getting physically intimate or attending any funeral or while getting physically intimate as the energies of such a place can dull the energies of the Yantra.

Why buy energized Yantra Ring

A Yantra when energised with prana, a life force energy through a Vedic ritual performed by a priest helps the Yantra to radiate in benefits to the optimum. Unlike an energised Yantra which might take years or even decades to show effects, an energised Yantra is turned on or activated quickly and functions from the time it is purchased. At Rudra Centre, all Yantras are duly energised by qualified priests, Who are well-versed and qualified in Yantric section of Vedas, especially instructions mentioned in Yajur Veda. The exact purification and energization procedures given in scriptures for energisation of Yantras are followed by the priests.

Make the most of the Yantra ring

When a Yantra is energised it starts working immediately from the time of purchase. However, the time taken for an energised Yantra to show effects can vary for each individual. If the Karmic account is ripe, it shows effects quickly and for those with karmic baggage can see results over a period of time. To help Yantra function to its best, the worshipper needs to wear it every day. A normal worship of Yantra and mantra chanting helps Yantra to absorb energies and show positive effects on a continuous basis. You can perform Yantra puja once in every week or month as your faith or follow these simple steps.

  • Take bath and with positive frame of mind sit in front of the puja altar
  • Light an incense stick or dhoop stick
  • Lay some fresh flower and fruit on the altar
  • Take a plate and wash the Yantra ring with water and wipe it with a clean cloth
  • Place the Yantra ring on the puja altar and with complete devotion chant the mantra associated with the Yantra for 21 or 108 times. You can also listen to the mantra audio
  • Gaze at the tip of the Yantra for some time and then close your eyes and allow your consciousness to be drawn inwards
  • You can pray to the Deity of Yantra to help grant your wishes and offer gratitude for divine blessings

Types of Yantra ring we offer

We have Yantra rings made in gold, silver/ brass and designed in ethnic style. The Yantra ring price is as per the metal used and might differ as per the fluctuation in prices of the metal.

Silver Yantra ring: We have pure silver Yantra rings with Yantra image etched on top and Deity image on the reverse side. The adjustable Yantra rings with curved structure are comfortable to wear.

Meru Yantra ring: Meru Yantras are Yantras in three-dimensional design. We have Sri Yantra rings in silver and gold and pyramid brass yantra rings.

Gold Yantra ring: Sri Yantra, the most revered Yantra are available with us in both Meru (three dimensional) and embossed form, made in gold. These rings can be adjusted as per finger size of the wearer.

Why Buy Yantra Ring From Us

Rudra Centre, a trusted brand since the year 1997 offers a wide range of Yantras. Our collection of Yantra rings made in gold, silver or brass to provide benefits of Yantra and the metals. All our Yantra rings are designed in accordance with construction of Yantra mentioned in authentic ancient texts. They are blessed and energised to provide optimum benefits. These rings come with adjustable features to fit any finger size and can be worn every day to provide complete benefits of the Yantra. Place your order for a yantra ring online and get it delivered at your doorstep to bring positive changes in your life.