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About Silver Shivalinga

About Silver Shivling

Shivling of Shiva Linga is worshipped as Lord Shiva since time immemorial. Worshipping Shivling at home is a common practice and installing Silver Shiva Lingam at home is popular. Worship of Silver Shivling or any other Shiva Lingam is done by conducting Abhishekam, the sacred bathing. Silver is used to making God’s idols as it is considered a pure metal. Silver Shivling benefits by bringing fortune to the worshipper along with other benefits of worshipping the Shivling.

The Shivling is structurally divided into two parts, the base or Yoni and the Linga. The Silver Shivlings that are generally available are either completely made of Silver or have a Silver Shivling stand mounted by a Gemstone Lingam. The hooded Snake, wrapped around the Lingam, an integral part of the Shivling is also made of Silver.

Silver Shivling benefits - Besides the many blessings received by worshipping the Shivling. The Silver Shivling in particular grants property, good fortune, elevated position professionally.

Price of Silver Shiva Lingam

Silver Shivling price depends on a few factors like, whether the Shivling is fully made of Silver or its only Shivling stand in Silver or the Yoni base along with the Snake. Secondly, the size of the Shivling or the Silver Shivling stand is a deciding factor for the price. However, the quality and purity of the Silver metal used in the making of Shivling Silver matters in making it worth its price.

Where to Buy Silver Shivling (Shiva Lingam)

Rudra Centre has an array of superior quality Silver Shivlings made of 100% pure Silver. Available are pure Silver Shivling stand, which is the Yoni base, without the Lingam, Yoni base with Lingams of various powerful authentic, natural Gemstone or metallic element mounts, like, Sphatik (Quartz), Parad (Mercury), etc. and the complete Silver Shivlings (Yoni base and Lingam). The Shiva Lingam Silver we offer is designed with meticulous traditional carvings, with a neat finish, which adds to the beauty of the Divine Shivling and is available in various sizes. Options of Silver Shivling Yoni base with Lord Shiva's Trishul(Trident) are also available, and are a powerful addition, as Lord Shiva's Trishul is famous for its power. You may browse and buy Silver Shivling online with us and your order will be delivered by our efficient team within a few days. The Silver Shiva Lingam price we provide is the most economical in the market for the quality we offer.

List of Silver Shivling Stands with Different Lingams or Lingas

1) Pure Silver Yoni base with Parad (Mercury) Lingam - Considered most sacred of all Lingams. Parad is believed to be Lord Shiva's sperm. The Parad Lingam is made from solidified Mercury, which goes through 8 stages of purification. The pure Silver Yoni base with Parad Lingam brings positive transformation in all aspects of life. When installed at home it provides protection, peace, prosperity, honor, glory, good health, and longevity.

2) Pure Silver Yoni base with Sphatik Lingam - Sphatik is a Quartz crystal, a gemstone, said to be the purest of all gemstones. Sphatik is known for possessing many healing properties. The Silver Yoni base with Sphatik Lingam is said to be very good for meditating. The attributes of Sphatik and that of the Shivlinga, combine to make this Lingam highly beneficial when worshipped.

3) Narmada Lingam on pure Silver Yoni Base- Narmada Lingam is made of the naturally formed stone found in the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh. It is said to denote Lord Shiva and therefore Narmada Lingam is considered the most powerful of all the Lingams. Worshipping the Narmada Shivling brings Divine Lord Shiva's blessings, is sought after by spiritual Sadhaks as it aids to cleanse the Chakras of the body and raise the Kundalini. It is highly auspicious to have a Narmada Shivling and gives relief in the time of the Shani Sade Sati phase.

4) Tiger Eye Lingam on Silver Yoni Base - The gemstone Tiger Eye is known as a stone for protection, integrity, and correct use of power. The Tiger Eye Lingam is therefore considered extremely meritorious to be worshipped.

5) Ruby Lingam on Silver Yoni Base - One of the most powerful gemstones, Ruby has many positive attributes which together with Shivling powers, makes it a desirable Shivling.

Placement of Silver Shivling at home- Place the Yoni base such that it faces North direction. Then the west face of the lingam is worshipped