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About Silver Yantra Bracelets

What are Yantra Bracelets?

A Yantra bracelet is an auspicious and divine tool that has a Yantra of a specific deity engraved on it. The Yantra bracelets which we at Rudra Centre offer are meticulously carved on a pure silver plate which forms the centerpiece of the bracelet. The straps of these Yantra bracelets too are made in pure silver and are designed in curb chain patterns. Yantra bracelets are powerful as they possess the divine energies of the mantra and the Supreme energies of the respective deity. These Yantra bracelets once worn form a protective shield around you and safeguard you from all negative energies and evil eyes.

You can easily buy the silver yantra bracelet online by visiting our website and browsing through the range of silver yantra bracelets that we offer. You can also check out the silver yantra bracelet prices that are displayed on the website and accordingly choose the deity ancient yantra bracelet that you wish to purchase. The silver yantra bracelet also called the ancient Yantra bracelets that we offer are of various Gods and Goddesses. The benefits each of these yantra bracelets offer are different from each other and bless the wearer abundantly.

Why to wear Yantra Bracelets

The Yantra Bracelets are like a protective shield that not only safeguard you from mishaps, accidents, or any negative energies but they also offer a range of benefits depending upon the specific deity Yantra bracelet you are wearing. If you are wearing a Mahalakshmi Goddess Yantra then you would attract riches, good fortune, and prosperity whereas if you purchase a Mahamrityunjaya bracelet you would be safeguarded from various health ailments, diseases and you will be blessed with longevity.

Yantras are divine geometric figures that thrive on the vibrations of the symbols and mantras of the deity or deities respectively. The sound wave that is generated by chanting a mantra, and meditation on the yantra helps to connect with the divine geometry which attracts cosmic support in manifesting one’s desires and helps to lead a peaceful, stress-free , and successful life. Yantras are gateways to connect with the Supreme energies and help one to elevate spiritually. The Yantra bracelets are one of the best ways to be connected with divine energies all day long.

The benefit of the ancient Silver yantra bracelet

The benefits of wearing the Silver Yantra bracelets vary as the ruling deity of each of the yantra bracelets differs and the boons and blessings every deity bestows differ. Let us look at a few of the benefits one can be blessed with by wearing some of these ancient Silver yantra bracelets.

  • The Goddess Gayatri Bisa Yantra gives good health, good fortune, happiness and dispels anxiety, phobias, and fears
  • The Shree Yantra bracelet gives overall prosperity and abundance
  • The Hanuman Yantra bracelet gives courage, confidence, and safeguards from malefic of planet Saturn
  • The Durga silver bracelet Yantra gives success, power and helps to conquer enemies
  • The Mahakali Goddess yantra bracelet gives protection from black magic and nullifies the malefic of planet Rahu and Saturn

Apart from the above-mentioned Yantra bracelets, we also offer Yantra bracelets in Silver (the planet moon energy) of other deities that you can choose from.

How to wear a Silver yantra bracelet

The procedure of wearing a silver Yantra bracelet varies depending upon the deity of that bracelet. For instance, the Kubera silver Yantra bracelet must be worn on the left wrist, the Mahamrityunjaya bracelet in silver must be worn on the right wrist with the Yantra facing the wearer. There is a reason for wearing the bracelet as per specific specifications as the energies of the bracelets are activated accordingly.

Is the yantra bracelet need to be energized

The Yantra bracelet that we offer is energized by our in-house pundits according to Vedic rituals. Our in-house pundits include pundits from Varanasi and Banaras and Karmakandi Pundits. They are highly experienced and hold years of in-depth knowledge and experience in performing Holy rituals according to the Vedic procedures. Energising a Yantra bracelet activates the energies that are stored in the silver yantra bracelets. Once these divine energies are activated, they start offering a range of benefits and bring about positive changes in the life of the wearer.

Why buy from us

With the wide variety of deity Yantras that we offer we also educate and guide all our clients about the wearing instructions. We at Rudra Centre are committed to offering authentic products that are of high quality and which offer effective results. We are one of the renowned names in the field of supplying authentic spiritual and religious goods and services online. We are also holistic healing that cover Horoscope remedies combined with Chakra Healing and Balancing through a patented therapy called RRST (Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy) founded by SakhaShree Neeta Singhal. With more than 22,000 happy clientele base which is increasing day by day, we ensure that the quality of the products, services , and solutions we offer are of par excellence and life-transforming. The Yantra bracelets that we offer are energized by our in-house pundits according to the Vedic rituals. We make sure that we guide, assist and help our clients whenever needed.