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About Sphatik Shivaling

Sphatik gemstone is a commonly used, transparent gemstone found abundantly in Mother Earth. Sphatik in English is known as Crystal, Quartz, Crystal Quartz or Rock Crystal or Clear Quartz. The Sphatik/Quartz gemstone posses tremendous healing powers and is known as a Universal crystal which is available abundantly. Sphatik is the purest and most auspicious gemstone on the planet. The Sphatik gemstone has many properties which are useful ,like, it clears negative energies from the space, helps connection with Divine world, gives clarity of thought, it soothes down the mind binging peace and many such beneficial use. So when a this fabulous gemstone Sphatik is crafted into an original Sphatik Shivling, it benefits with many miraculous benefits, which makes Sphatik ka Shivling popular.

The Shivling is an abstract representation of the infinite Lord Shiva, who is the creator and destructor of the Universe. Devotees of Lord Shiva venerate Him by worshipping the Shivling through performing of Abhishekham. Shivling is made of various materials but the Shivlings made from Sphatik gemstone are considered extremely powerful with high frequency vibration. The Sphatik Shivlings looks like transparent Shivling. Original Sphatik Shivling is very popular among devotees of Lord Shiva and is installed in home, office or workspace. Original Sphatik Shivling does not require the ritual of "Pran Pratishtha" before worshipping. It is believed that the purity of pure Sphatik Shivling never gets marred or spoilt (ashuddha).

The combined power of Supreme Lord Shiva and the Sphatik gemstone together give rich rewards when original Sphatik Shivling or pure Sphatik Shivling is worshipped regularly. Worshipping the original Sphatik Shivling brings peace, harmony, balance, clarity, success, bliss, prosperity, relationship healing and happiness to the householders where it is worshipped. The pure Sphatik Shivling is excellent to meditate on as it helps to connect with one's higher self and the Spiritual re