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About Spices and Dry Fruits Mala

Significance of Spices and Dry Fruits Malas

Hindu religious rituals include offering Spice and Dry Fruits Malas to various Deities to appease them and garner Their blessings. India has been famous for producing Spices since ancient times and was known as 'The Land of Spices’, which brought many foreign voyagers like Vasco Da Gama to India. Spices form an integral part of the Indian food ingredients. Turmeric, Cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, etc., all those are gifts which India has given to the rest of the World.

Hindu Deities are always offered food, fruit, flower, leaves which They like during Puja ceremonies or daily worship. Each Deity has a set of their favourite items from these categories. Dry Fruits are considered healthy and signify richness and make a suitable offering to Deities like Goddess Laxmi and others.

Spice garlands include natural Clove garlands, Cardamom garlands, mixed spice garlands which includes Cinnamon and other spices. Dry Fruits Mala or garland include Kaju-Kishmish garland and other dry fruits. Vetiver or Khus Malas are also common. The Spices and Dry Fruits Malas are hand made by artisans of South India.

Spice garlands and Malas are made of the best quality, whole Spices, broken pods or defective pieces of Cardamom or Clove are not used. They are carefully selected and strung into beautiful Malas with accessories.

Why and How are Spices, Herbs and Dry Fruit Garlands Used

The various Spice Garlands/Malas, Herbs and Dry Fruits Mala are widely used in the Southern states of India. They are also commonly made there. However, they are also used in other states, though sparingly.

Uses of Spices, Herbs and Dry Fruit Garlands:

  • The Spices and Dry Fruit garlands are used as a devotional offering to Deities to appease Them and garner Their blessings.
  • Some Spice Garlands are offered to specific Deities, like, Clove Garlands or Malas are offered to Goddess Durga and Lord Hanuman.
  • Dry Fruit Garlands like Kaju-Kishmish (Cashew and Raisins) Garlands are offered to honour the Deity idols in Temples and show gratitude.
  • Spice Garlands can be offered to God/Goddess photo frames or idols at home too.
  • Spice Garlands are also used in the Southern states of India in auspicious or special occasions to honour a noted personality, political figure, achievers and such others.
  • Vetiver (Khus) Garlands are also used in weddings during exchange of Garlands between Bride and Groom.

Benefits of Spices and Dry Fruits Malas

The unique concept of Spices and Dry Fruits Malas or Garlands is used to offer to Deity idols mostly in the Temples or to Deity idols and Photo Frames at home. The Spice Malas are beautifully strung meticulously by artisans of South India, who have been doing this work traditionally. The Malas are perfectly strung and also decorated with accessories like Golden/Satin Ribbons, coloured decorative Balls and flowers etc. Just as we offer Fruit, Bhog, Flowers to a certain Deity, the Garlands are also offered in place of Flower Garlands as a mark of adoration.

Some benefits of these Garlands are:

  • The Spice Garlands are aromatic and when offered to Deity idols/Photo Frames, the rich aroma of Clove or Cardamom Garlands fill the atmosphere and benefits by enhancing the spiritual quotient.
  • The Spice Garlands are long lasting and when offered to deity idols at home it stays for a long time and does not need to be changed.
  • Laung or Clove Malas or Garlands are offered to Goddess Durga and Lord Hanuman to be blessed with Their protection and receive Their blessings of courage, power, strength, prosperity, victory over enemies, will to face challenges, happiness and other benevolent blessings. The Clove Mala is also offered to Lord Hanuman for fulfilling one's desire and His blessings heal serious diseases. Similarly, Cardamom garlands are also offered as adoration for the Deities.
  • The lovely Dry Fruits Garlands look admirable when offered to Deity idols to show gratitude and please Them. This gesture which brings the blessings of the Deity. Often devotees promise to offer Dry Fruits Mala to a certain Deity if a desire is fulfilled and keep the promise by offering the same. Lord Tirupati Balaji is one of the Deities Who is often offered Dry Fruits Garlands The offering of the rich Dry Fruits Mala showers rich blessings.
  • Vetiver (Khus) Garlands are offered to Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha. Both the Deities are immensely powerful. When pleased Lord Ganesha removes all hindrances in the path of success and bestow His benevolent blessings. Lord Vishnu the protector and preserver of the Universe confers prosperity, joy, happiness, good health and many other powerful blessings.
  • Vetiver Garlands are sometimes used during exchange of Garlands between Bride and Groom at Weddings (in South India). Since the Vetiver Mala is durable, it can be kept as a remembrance by the Bride and Groom for posterity.

The Spices and Dry Fruits Garlands should be made of perfect pieces of Spices and Dry Fruits, without any defect, decay or damage. Buy the Spice Garlands and Dry Fruits Garlands from a reputed and trusted shop or dealers of these Garlands.

Buy Spices and Dry Fruits Garlands Online at Best Prices

Rudra Centre offers a collection of the best quality Spices and Dry Fruits Garlands made by skilful traditional artisans from South India, who specialize in this work. The Spice Malas like, Clove Laung Garland look attractive with accessories of Golden Ribbons and decorative balls. The Dry Fruits Malas are made with superior quality Kaju (Cashew nuts) and Kishmish (Raisins), strung dexterously to look attractive. Similarly, the Vetiver (Khus) Malas are neatly strung, with colourful Ribbons as decoration, in strategic places along the length of the Malas. The Cloves, Cardamoms, Cashews and Raisins used in our Spices and Dry Fruits Malas are without any defect as these Malas are for offering to the Divine Deities. Vetiver Malas are also given to honour achievers, celebrities, respected guess, Political leaders and other such personalities. This collection of Malas and Garlands are available for booking online at the most economical price in the market. Order your requirement with us and rest assured that our efficient team will deliver it to you, safely packed, within a few days.