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About Storage Boxes Pouches

Multipurpose Storage Boxes, Chests & Pouches

What is a Storage Box, Pouch?

Spiritual jewellery, Yantras, Yantra idols, etc. are to be stored safely which is why Storage Pouches and Boxes are required. These pouches, boxes and chests are handy and extremely useful for storing gemstones, gemstone jewellery, precious items and other spiritual products. They can be easily carried in a bag or kept in a cupboard.

What are Storage Pouches, Boxes made of?

Storage Pouches are made of cotton fabric as well as satin fabric. They are soft and reusable which makes them the right choice for storing gemstone jewellery or Rudraksha accessories. The Boxes and Chests for storage are made of high-quality wood and metal for long-lasting use.

Storage Box Uses/ What to put in Storage Boxes?

  • Puja accessories are stored in the Pouches and Boxes
  • Gemstone jewellery and other valuable belongings can be stored
  • Rudraksha jewellery can also be kept in the storage boxes
  • High value or delicate items can be safely stored
  • Decorative Shagun Boxes can be used for gifting the money (Shagun) as per rituals
  • The storages boxes are sturdy and can be used as per your requirement for storing other products too
  • Boxes that have multiple compartments inside are good for use as Organizing boxes

Storage Box Types

Storage Pouches

We have simple yet so useful pouches made in cotton and satin fabric. The pouches have an “Om” symbol imprinted on them which signifies spirituality and divine connection with God. They have a drawstring to pull and close the pouch which keeps the items inside secure and safe. The storage pouches are available in different colours.

Storage Boxes

Our collection has a huge variety of boxes for jewellery and precious items. Made in metal, the boxes are strong, durable and have different designs that are elegantly made. The boxes are multipurpose and available in various sizes, shapes, colours, etc.

Storage Chests

Chests are useful for storing valuable items; we carry a great set of Storage Chests made in top quality wood. The boxes have various detailed designs and brass handwork for a rich look. They have a secure lock and are appropriate for gifting to dear ones.

Is it safe to buy Storage Pouches, Boxes online?

Storage Pouches and Boxes can be bought online from a reputable brand. It is advised to check the user ratings, reviews and credibility of the seller. One can easily buy Storage pouches, chests, etc. from Rudra Centre and receive top quality products.

Where to buy good quality Storage Pouches?

Get genuine and original Wooden chests, pouches and Storage boxes online from Rudra Centre. We have a wide array of Storage Boxes for sale made by experienced artisans. Their prices reflect superior quality and the Storage Boxes are made to last. Always ensure if the seller is certified and contact the organization to be sure of their genuineness.

Why do we recommend you to buy Storage Boxes, Pouches from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre presents the most elaborate range of Storage Pouches, Boxes and Chests of supreme quality. Their brilliant designs display the exquisite craftsmanship involved in making them. The sturdy build of the boxes and chests makes them durable. We have a great variety of boxes, chests and pouches in terms of colours, designs, sizes and shapes of the containers. Every design in our collection is unique and made by experts. The products in this category undergo a strict quality assurance test before they are available for sale. Place an order for the Storage Box or Chest of your choice and receive the products at your doorstep with our fast and safe delivery.

Can these Storage Pouches and Boxes be presented as a gift?

Wooden Chests and decorative storage boxes are a wonderful gifting option for religious ceremonies, special events and festivals. They are also good for giving return gifts to ladies during weddings and Haldi-Kumkum ceremonies.

What are the key features of these Storage Pouches, Boxes and Chests?

  • Wooden Chests in our collection have unique and graceful designs
  • The Wooden Chests have a vintage style and can be added as an antique item to the home décor
  • The traditionally designed Storage boxes are great for gifting to friends and family
  • Delicate, pretty and small storage boxes with lids are appropriate for storing imitation jewellery
  • The Pure Silver Chest is specially designed for storing the sacred energized Rudraksha beads
  • These Storage Chests and Boxes are also the best Ornament storage box for gold jewellery