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Energised Kavach

What is a Kavach?

Kavach is an amulet or armor. According to ancients texts, wearing a Kavach protects an individual from negative spirits and souls as well as bad planetary influences. Kavach is the mystical armor that protects a person from all types of dangers.

It is a pendant that is made of copper, brass, silver or gold at an auspicious time. An energised Kavach is etched with mystical numbers or mantras of the benefic planets of an individual. . Auspicious items like black turmeric, chirmi beads, sandal, bhasma are put inside it. Some kavachs are energised by placing a paper or bhojpatra with specific mantras written on them inside the kavach. It is also sanctified by pundits by performing a yajna.

The supreme energised kavach is essential for strengthening the effects of the planets and as astral remedy. A kavach also shields against negative forces and negativity, evil eye, black magic and planetary dosh.

Gold kavach or silver kavach can be tied around the neck with a red string. It should be worn at all times especially when leaving the home for long journeys.

Types of Kavach

The different types of Kavach are as follows:

  • Siddh Mahashakti Kavach
  • Siddh Mahalaxmi Kavach
  • DusMahavidhya Kavach
  • Durga Kavach
  • Hanuman Kavach
  • Silver Kavach
  • Chirmi Kavach
  • Gold Kavach
  • Siddh Mahalaxmi Locket