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About Tabeez ( Hollow )

What is Taweez/Tabiz locket

Tabeez or Taweez also known as Kavacham, Thayathu, prayer box or pill box is an amulet or talisman or a charm. It is worn by many people due to its protective properties. Many people tie it to their arms or prefer to wear it around their neck as a tabiz locket. It is usually recommended by an astrologer, tantric practitioner or a priest or a holistic spiritual expert mentor. Silver tabeez is the most prevalent amulet. It can be worn by men, women and children. The most common tabeez is embossed with the image of Lord Hanuman who instills courage and bravery and also wards off evil forces or negativity in general. Tabeez can also come with the sacred symbol of Om. A tawiz available in stores or taweez online are usually pendant-like small hollow containers in form of lockets. When filled with holy materials like Bhasma, puja flowers, paper with mantras/stotram/ Kavacham written or Yantras drawn in it or sacred seeds like Chirmi, Durva grass or holy objects, they can be used as a talisman.

Importance and benefits of Tabeez

Tabeez are used by different people for different purposes. Some wear it for love and marriage, while others wear it for good luck, fortune and success. Every taweez is written or made as per an individual's desires. It is a powerful totem that removes the planetary malefic from a person's birth chart thus giving peace, prosperity, success, abundance and good health. It also enhances a person's divine power when used. It should be worn only after it has been energized with the appropriate mantras. Wearing a tabiz pendant on the arm or neck ensures protection and the presence of divinity in and around oneself.

A Silver Tawiz comes with additional healing benefits. They contain positively charged silver ions which naturally bind to the negatively charged oxygen receptors present in microbes to fight infections. They also prevent symptoms of cold or flu, help bring emotional balance and protect from harmful radiations emitting from digital objects like mobile phones or laptops.

Why we wear Taweez/Tabiz

A Taweez is worn to be in constant touch with the blessings of protection and luck. A Taweez when worn on the body creates an aura around the wearer and affects him/her on a deeper level. It emits powerful and positive vibrations that vibrate with an individual on emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. Taweez is generally worn for protection and for overcoming effects of negative influences of black magic, evil eye, spell, malefic of planet. It can also be worn for specific purposes like overcoming an addiction or attracting luck in love, career, asset or finance or removing any obstacles in life during any astrological phase. It also helps overcome fear and instill a sense of security in the wearer.

Items that are filled in Taweez

Yantra: It is a diagrammatic representation of numeric combination carrying power of a planet, Deity or mantra. It can be drawn on a paper and placed in Tawiz locket to resonate positive energies of ruling Deity of the Yantra.

Mantra: Certain mantras can help fulfil certain purposes like recovery from prolonged illness, removing obstacles in marriage, protection during pregnancy or success in career. Such mantras can be written on a paper and rolled within the Tabeez pendant.

Stotra/Kavacham: A Kavacham and stotras are powerful sacred hymns that help nullify negative vibes and create an armour of protection around a person. Rudra Centre has a collection of powerful Kavacham with powerful stotras printed on pure silver sheet and enclosed in Tabeez.

Bhasma: It is ash of wood or grass, associated with a specific planet which is energized in the Homa fire with planetary mantras to stimulate favourable energies of the related planet. It is enclosed in taweez for the pacifying malefic effect of a planet.

Seeds or beads: Sacred items like Chirmi beads, Sanjeevni grass, Shivlingi seeds, black turmeric or Kamakhya Sindoor can be filled in a taweez as per the requirement of the wearer.

How to wear a Taweez/Tabiz

A tabiz locket needs to be filled with a prayer or holy material from any puja or ritual and then sealed. It should be held by a sacred thread which can be a black, red or orange colour. A black thread helps keep evil eyes away and also guards against any negative influences or spirits. A red thread is associated with longevity and protection. An orange thread (mix of red and yellow thread) is associated with power, protection from all evil and fame. Yellow thread is worn for harmony and success in marital life. A taweez is often worn around the neck or armlet and sometimes around the waist.

Types of tabiz locket for sale

You can buy silver tabiz online at the best price from us. The silver tabiz price varies as the size and weight of the Tabiz. The different forms of silver tabiz are:

  • Striped Tabeez Locket - Cylindrical
  • Plain Tabeez Locket - Cylindrical
  • Striped Tabeez Locket - Rectangular

Why buy taweez online from us

Rudra Centre offers a huge collection of finest quality spiritual and healing products to quench your spiritual thirst. We have good quality hollow silver tabiz online. Made in pure silver, they come with openable caps to place sacred objects or paper with mantras or Yantras within and close it securely. The tabiz locket with fine finish and lightweight is comfortable to wear every day as a talisman.