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About Tabeez ( Hollow )


Tabeez or Taveez is an amulet or talisman and means charm. It is worn by many people due to its protective properties. Many people tie it to their arms or prefer to wear it around their neck. The most common tabeez is embossed with the image of Lord Hanuman who instills courage and bravery and also wards off evil forces or negativity in general. Tabeez with the sacred symbol of OM is also available. Some cylindrical tabeez (hollow) also have holy materials like Bhasma or puja flowers in it. Silver tabeez is the most prevalent amulet. It can be worn by men, women and children.

Importance of Tabeez

Tabeez are used by different people for different purposes. Some wear it for love and marriage, while others wear it for good luck, fortune and success. Every taveez is written or made as per an individual's desires. It is a powerful totem that removes the planetary malefic from a person's birth chart thus giving peace, prosperity, success, abundance and good health. It also enhances a person's divine power when used. It should be worn only after it has been energized with the appropriate mantras. Wearing a tabeez on the arm or neck ensures protection and the presence of divinity in and around oneself.

Types of Tabeez

The different shapes and forms of tabeez available are:

  • Striped Tabeez Locket - Cylindrical
  • Silver Tabeez
  • Silver Tabeez (Hollow)
  • Tabeez Locket - Rectangular