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Thanjavur Paintings: Buying Tanjore Paintings Online, Cost, Designs, Gods & Goddess Paintings

South India has a rich history of art and has given birth to diverse art forms. One such very famous art form of South India is the Tanjore paintings. These paintings are the most renowned forms of classical South Indian paintings that originated from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. The 1600 AD was the era that gave birth to Tanjore paintings it was during this time when the Vijayanagara Rayas partially controlled the Nayakas of Thanjavur. The Vijayanagara Rayas encouraged art forms like literature, music, classical dance, and paintings to flourish. The paintings of this era showcased an archetypal iconography of Hindu Gods, Goddess, saints, episodes of Hindu Puranas, Sthala puranas and other Holy Scriptures.

Uniqueness of Tanjore Painting Art:

The awe striking Tanjore paintings have shimmering gold foils which are overlaid on extensive and delicate gesso. A distinctive attribute of the Tanjore paintings is that they feature dense yet simple compositions which include use of vivid colours and have an inlay of semi-precious gemstones and glass beads.

How are Tanjore Paintings made?

A lot of patience, hard work and concentration is needed while making Tanjore Paintings. First of all you have to do the board preparation after which you have to trace the pattern on it. Once the pattern is traced you have prepare the Muck. The Muck is the paste that is used to create the embossed effect in Tanjore paintings - the gold foil is later pasted over these raised areas. Once you are done making and applying the muck. You have to make a cone and put muck inside it and then start drawing the lines around the stones with a cone. Once this is done you have to create lines around the stones with a paint brush. Once the entire process is done you can stick gold foil on all the embossed areas, press it, take the impression & cut out the foil with a few mm allowance. Now on the reverse part apply gum, paste the gold foil and with a thin fine cloth press lightly. Make sure that while doing this process the gold foil does not move out of position or tear. Make sure that when you press the impressions are visible and there are no gaps or air pockets. Once the designs are made with muck and once you cover the muck with foil, ensure that you cut off all the excess foils around the design. Scrape out the foil on the stones with a sharp needle or pin. Paint over the design.

What makes Tanjore paintings so auspicious?

The Tanjore paintings depict the Hindu devotional icons in the most realistic and attractive form. It is believed that installing or hanging the Tanjore paintings in the house or in the office spreads positivity in the dwelling and office. These paintings are also looked upon as valuable antiques. The Tanjore paintings are often considered as royal gifting art. The Tanjore paintings of Lord Krishna and the Tanjore paintings of Lord Ganesha are in great demand and are among the best seller all over the world. Because of the richness, depth, realistic and unique form of painting genre the demand has increased over the years. Taking into consideration the popularity of the Tanjore paintings, many people search for these paintings online and hence the Tanjore paintings online shopping has boomed over the past few years. Also many online stores offer antique Tanjore paintings for sale. In this digital world Rudra Centre presents an exquisite collection of carefully curated Tanjore painting. We source these paintings from painters based in Tanjore who have been making them since generations. Rudra Centre offers these antique authentic Tanjore paintings for sale in order to preserve this art form and cater to the needs of a global clientele. We are the 1st ISO certified spiritual organisation in the world and are a one stop shop for all your spiritual products.