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Occult Science Books

We have an exclusive range of Occult Science Books to educate the ones who wish to seek in-depth knowledge of the topic. There are many wonderful books in this collection and each one has profound information.


Occult Power of Gems

Written by Manik Chand Jain, Occult Power of Gems is a great book to understand the power of gems, Numerology, and theories of prescription.

Secrets of Occult Sciences

This book by Dr. L.R. Chawdhri explains different aspects of Occult Sciences and it becomes an amazing guide for astrologers, readers, and palmists. It covers interesting topics like physiognomy of women and men, dreams, and more.

Introduction to Tantra Sastra

A fabulous book for beginners in the field of Tantra Shastra. Introduction to Tantra Sastra by Sir John Woodroffe gives info about Shiva and Shakti, Sadhana (meditation), initiation, Lokas, and the Chakras.

Interpretation of Dreams

Interpretation of Dreams by Dr. S. K. Duggal, Qaisser Hussain, and Amjad Ali is an interesting book that explains the aspects of human dreams for scientific reasons.

Practicals of Mantras Tantras

Divided into two parts, the Practicals of Mantras Tantras by L. R. Chowdhri gives details of Mantras and Tantras.

Tantra - The Secret Power of Sex

This book beautifully illuminates the ancient sexual practices and the secret power of sex. Arvind & Shanta Kale has written Tantra – The Power of Sex in a modern manner to share this Tantra and how contentment and pleasure can be achieved through this Tantra.

Pratyabhijnahrdayam - The Secret of Self-Recognition

Jaideva Singh allows learning the secret of self-recognition through this book Pratyabhijnahrdayam - The Secret of Self-Recognition.


Para-Trisika-Vivarana- The Secret of Mysticism gives information about Paratrisika, a short Tantra. It is considered to be of high esteem in the Kashmir Saivism or Trika and becomes worth reading for the ones who are interested in philosophy and spirituality.

Occultism Books Set

This set of books consists of two books namely Interpretation of Dreams and Secrets of Occult Science. While one explains the secrets of dreams scientifically, the latter helps in understanding a lot of things about Occult Science. It is a great combination to learn two new topics in this field.

Inner Tantric Yoga

Authored by David Frawley, Inner Tantric Yoga clarifies the working with the Universal Shakti (power), secrets of Mantras, Deities, and meditation.

Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab - Red book of Astrology focuses on the knowledge of occult science which is based on palmistry/phrenology.

The Serpent Power

This book helps understand the Shakta metaphysics and cosmology, Patanjali Yoga, and Tantric practice.

Apart from the above-mentioned books, this collection also has Meditations from the Tantras, Hindu Tantra Yoga, Sarada - Tilaka Tantram, Tools for Tantra, Kundalini Tantra, Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra: The Ascent, Sri Matrkacakra Vivekah, The Magic of Horse-Shoe.


The language of the books in English so everyone can understand the given information easily. A lot of people around the world wish to learn Occult Science and these books in English are useful for learning the various topics in detail.


Some books are available in paperback format while some in a hardbound binding. These strongly bound books are durable and will stay intact for a long time so you can seek help regarding Occult Science. The paperback format helps save on the cost and get the knowledge of your favorite topic.

Where to buy it?

You can buy Occult Science books from a known source to get the original copy. To avoid getting a duplicate one, it is advisable to take a look at the back cover of the book and read the synopsis.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is an authentic seller of spiritual products and gemstones. We only sell the original spiritual books intending to offer you true knowledge. The Occult Science books are a great help when it comes to learning about things like serpent power, Tantra, Mantra, inner Tantric Yoga, and a lot more in the same category.


The prices of these Occult Science (Rahasyamayi) books are quite reasonable and we do not charge anything above the original price of the book.