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What Are Mandir(Temple)Curtains?

Most Hindu homes have a Puja altar with Deity idols and images, which they keep well decorated with beautiful decorative items and flowers. Mandir Curtains are small curtains for Mandir at home. These Temple Curtains are of various bright colours and lovely Temple Curtain designs which are mostly handmade. The small Curtains for Mandir at homes, go well with Puja Altar made of different materials, like Wood, Marble or other such material. Generally, they are designed with images of Gods, Goddesses, auspicious and sacred symbols. These Temple Curtains have loops on top for hanging easily in your temple. Homes that have a separate Puja Room use Pooja Room Curtains, which are bigger in size, printed, handmade etc.

What is the Material of Mandir (Temple) Curtains?

The Mandir(Temple)Curtains are mostly made in rich looking materials like Satin, Velvet etc. For small curtains for Mandirs at home, Satin material is commonly used as it is for a small size Mandir. Satin is Silky and has a shine which along with the bright colours of the material suits the Divine vibrations of the Mandir or Puja Alter. These curtains are skilfully handmade curtains with an embroidered patchwork of Deity images, such as Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi, Shivalinga and sacred symbols, like Lord Venkateshwara's symbol of Shanku Chakra Namam etc. The pleated frills in, contrasting colours, at the border make the curtains gorgeous and apt for the Mandir.

Bright colours are used for the Mandir Curtains, like, Dark Red/Green/Blue with pleated frills in a contrasting colour which look stunning. The Patchwork is done with care to replicate the images of Deities correctly and add an earthy touch to the curtains.

Uses of Mandir(Temple) Curtains? How to Use Mandir(Temple)Curtains?

The Mandir(Temple) Curtains are used to cover the Puja Alter or are used as a backdrop for the Altar which adds to the decor of your Mandir. In Temples or Mandirs of Hindus, especially of Sanatan Dharm, curtains are used and always drawn while performing the Snan(bathing) of Deity idols, when Naivedyam or Bhog is served and also during Shringar or changing of clothes and adornments of idols. This is done as a mark of respect to keep the exclusively sacred activities of the Deities away from the eyes of the devotees who gather to do darshan and Puja.

The curtains for Mandir at home, which are used to cover the Puja Altar or Mandir are drawn after serving Naivedyam or offering of food and at night too, which signifies that it is the resting time of the Deities. This is done by the family members with the intention of keeping the Bhojan time or mealtime private. At night just like we like to sleep in privacy, the same respect is given to the Deities of the home Mandir.

Every Colour has its own energy vibration. The Mandir Curtains of bright colours enhances the spiritual aura of the Mandir. When the small Curtain for Mandir is used as a backdrop, the colour of the cloth not only brightens up the decoration but the vibration of the colour also emits its vibration.

Temple Curtain Colour-Spiritual meaning

Red - Stands for power, courage, energy etc. It is the energy colour of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Durga. Green - Stands for peace, harmony, abundance, love etc. It is one of the energy colours of Lord Narayan/Hari, Mother Nature/Vasundhara.

Blue - Stands for calmness, tranquillity, devotion, Divine connection and guidance etc. It is said to be the energy colour of Lord Rudra(Shiva).

Where Can I Buy Mandir (Temple) Curtains?

Rudra Centre offers an array of attractive Mandir(Temple) Curtains, made of Satin, available in bright colours of Red, Green, Blue. The small curtains for Mandir at home are handmade, with perfectly crafted embroidered Patchwork of Gods, Goddesses and sacred symbols. The borders are adorned with pleated frills and the steel loops on top of the curtains allow easy hanging. The handcrafted embroidered Patchwork in each curtain is neatly made and stands out in their clever use of colours which are also relevant to the particular Deity. For example, the Temple Curtain with Goddess Meenakshi has the Deity's body colour as Green, which is the actual colour used in all photos of Goddess Meenakshi. These Mandir Curtains look wonderful both as a backdrop for your Mandir or Puja Altar and for the purpose of serving as a curtain to cover the Mandir. Choose and Buy Puja Mandir Curtains online with us and our efficient team will ensure you receive the order within a few days.

Are These Mandir (Temple) Curtains Handmade?

The Mandir(Temple) Curtain collection with us is handmade by skilled artisans of Madurai(South India). Madurai is known for having dexterous craftsmen who make various creative handicraft products. These small curtains for Mandir are proof of their skills. The embroidered Patchwork on the bright coloured Temple Curtains are made neatly, the Deity images like Lord Ganesha, Goddess Vana Durga, Lord Kartikeya, Shivalinga with a pair of Nandi Bulls and other Temple curtain designs, are in the centre of the curtain. Crafted to the finest details of expression, posture, to the relevant God colours which are used, are commendable. The pleated frills on the Border are in Orange, contrasting the colour of the curtain and making it look awesome. These Mandir Curtains surely display the creative skills and the spiritual knowledge of the artisans.

Mandir (Temple) Curtains Benefits?

The fabulous Mandir(Temple) Curtains are used in many homes all over India. Some benefits of the small curtains for Mandir at home are:-

  • The Mandir Curtain adds to the decoration of your Puja Alter or Mandir, making it look radiant.
  • The Deity image on the curtains brings His/Her Blessings to the family.
  • The Temple Curtains when used as a curtain and drawn after offering Bhog or at night gives respect and privacy to the Deities in your Mandir. The Curtains also look beautiful when drawn.
  • The energy of the colour of the curtains has a positive effect on the atmosphere of the house.
  • In small houses, especially in metropolitan cities, where sometimes a family stays in a single room, drawing the Mandir Curtain at night gives a sense of keeping your private activities away from the Mandir. Though God is omnipresent, the Temple curtain becomes an essential requirement for such homes.

Why Should You Buy Mandir (Temple) Curtains from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is the first organization across the globe that holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Sacred Rudraksha, Vedic Gemstones, Yantra and Hindu ritual paraphernalia based on years-old research and experience. The Mandir (Temple) Curtains we offer are of the best quality. We do a quality check of the Mandir Curtains for colour, finish etc. The colour choices available with us are selected to add brightness to your home Mandir and the Temple Curtains are handpicked by us. As all the Mandir Curtains we offer are handmade, it provides encouragement to the artisans when we include their products in our collection. When you buy Puja Mandir Curtains online with us, we deliver the colour and Deity design of your selection at your doorstep within a few days. The lovely Mandir(Temple) Curtains with us are available at the best price in the market.