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About Fabric Temple Hand Fans

What is a temple hand fan?

A temple fan is a traditional tool that was used since ancient times as a source to fan (as a gesture of care, respect and gratitude) the deity idols and sculptures. In ancient times, when there was no electricity people made use of fabric fans which were also used in temples. These fabric hand fans were small in size and as they were made of cloth and maintaining them was easy. These cloth fans were especially used to fan the deities after offering naivedyam (meal offering) and were also used before performing any kind of puja ritual. The ritual of fanning the deity idols by holding the fabric hand fans and waving them to and fro is believed to show your care, respect and gratitude towards the deities. It also denotes that you are acknowledging that they are special and loveful.

We at Rudra Centre offer a wide variety of cloth fans which can be purchased online at the best prices. We are one of the renowned companies who deal in spiritual products and services. We never compromise on the quality of the products and holistic healing solutions that we offer. If you want to purchase temple fans in vibrant colours and intricate designs, look no further, we offer high-quality fabric fans that are stitched to perfection and are available in pocket-friendly prices.

What is the material of a temple hand fan?

The material of the temple hand fan that we offer is made with a thick cloth as the centrepiece with attractive and elegant embroidered patchwork. This centrepiece is covered with high-quality satin cloth in pleated format. These fabric fans also come with an artistic holder which is steady and offers a great grip to hold the temple fans. These beautiful fans are crafted to perfection by the artisans of Madurai. The vibrant colours of the cloth and the thread used for stitching and making embroidery make these fabric hand fans a must-have for every puja altar. The magnificent embroidered designs and patchwork in the centre of these fabric hand fans enhance the beauty of these fans.

Temple hand fan benefits?

Listed below are a few of the benefits the hand fans offer

  • Offers air to flow throughout the area where the hand fan is swung to and fro
  • The breeze of air one witnesses after swaying the hand fan is believed to be beneficial
  • These fans are not heavy and easy to carry while travelling
  • Occupy less space, easy to maintain and have a long shelf life

Uses of temple hand fans?

Listed below are a few of the uses of the cloth fan

  • Can be used to fan the deities
  • Can be used to fan self during travel or when the climate gets extremely hot
  • Can be used to cover the face from sunlight during travelling
  • Helps to decrease the body heat
  • Can be used to enhance the aesthetic value of your puja altar
  • Can be hung on walls as an artistic piece of decoration

How to use a temple hand fan?

Shared below are the steps of how you can use the temple hand fan

  • Hold the fan approximately 20 centimetres away from your face
  • Sway the fabric hand fan by simply turning your hand
  • You can feel a gush of cool airbrushing your face
  • Ensure that you are breathing normally throughout and hold the fan about 15 centimetres from your face so you can feel the air on your top lip
  • Make sure that you relax your shoulders while swaying the hand fan

Where can I buy temple hand fans?

You can buy the temple hand fans online from Rudra Centre. We offer fabric fans that are handmade by highly experienced craftsmen from Madurai. These come in various attractive designs and vibrant colour schemes. Moreover, the striking finesse, quality of cloth and amazing designs make these fabric hand fans appear machine-made. The cloth fans are easy to maintain and offer a range of benefits.

Why should you buy a temple hand fan from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is a prestigious e-commerce company serving clients globally. We deal in a plethora of spiritual and religious/spiritual products and holistic spiritual healing solutions. We are one of the pioneers who deal in supplying authentic spiritual and religious products and services across the globe and have more than 20,000 happy clients. Offering genuine and quality products along with prompt customer service has maintained our position as a Market Leader. Another reason why you must buy from us? We offer these special fabric hand fans or temple fans at the best prices. Moreover, all the product ranges that we offer are energized and blessed by our in-house Karmkandi pundits before being dispatched to our clients. We make sure that the quality of our products is maintained and our clients are satisfied. We also offer chat support in order to clear the doubts of our clients. Our marketing and after-sales have earned accolades for efficiency and proactive follow-up.

Are these temple hand fans handmade?

Yes! The temple hand fans are handmade by the craftsmen of Madurai. The finesse with which these cloth hand fans are made is worth appreciating and beholds the attention of onlookers. These hand fans are of good quality and have a longer shelf life. As these fabric hand fans are made of cloth, they can be washed, ironed and reused.