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What is mandir (temple) toran?

The toran which is put over the top frame of a puja altar is known as a toran for mandir. These torans can also be hung on the main entrance of your house or your office. Torans form one of the most integral parts of the Hindu tradition, the use of toran for mandir and toran for pooja room has been practised since ancient times. In the olden days, fresh flowers and leaves were woven together to form torans. These mandir torans were hung at the main entrance of the temple and at the door frame of the temple gabhara.

We at Rudra Centre offer an exclusive range of torans which can be used for hanging at the main entrance of the house, pooja altar, Pooja room, the main entrance of the office and at the main entrance of the temple. Our range of torans are made from high-quality materials and are available in various colour patterns and designs. The patchwork woven on these torans comprises holy symbols which hold great significance in Hinduism. If you are looking for temple torans you can simply browse through the collection of toran for mandir which are displayed on our website and buy the one that best suits your taste.

What is the material of mandir (temple) toran?

The pooja room Toran or the toran for mandir that we at Rudra Centre offer are made of good quality cloth and are woven with finesse. These magnificent mandir torans are available in various colours, patterns and styles. You can just browse through the amazing online displayed toran for mandir and accordingly make the purchases.

Mandir (temple) toran benefits?

The toran for mandir are divine articles that have been in use since ancient times. In the olden day's people made use of torans which were made from natural products but today most people prefer buying torans which are made of cloth, wool, plastic materials and the like. The torans that we offer are made of attractive designs and offer a range of benefits. Listed below are a few of the benefits the mandir torans offer.

  • A symbol of auspiciousness and positivity
  • Enhances the aesthetic value of the place

Uses of mandir (temple) toran/ How to use mandir (temple) toran?

  • Can be used to hang on the door frame of the mandir/ temple
  • The temple toran can be hanged on the main entrance of your home
  • The mandir toran can also be hanged on the main entrance of the office
  • Can also be presented as a gift to your loved ones

Where can I buy mandir (temple) toran?

You can buy the toran for mandir online from Rudra Centre. We offer pooja room toran and toran for temples in different colours, patchwork and attractive designs. These torans are handmade by highly experienced craftsmen of South India. The striking finesse, quality of cloth and amazing designs make these mandir torans appear machine-made. The cloth of the mandir torans are of high quality and can be easily washed, dried and are easy to maintain. The pooja mandir torans apart from enhancing the décor of the house/ office/puja altar and pooja mandir also offer a range of benefits. All the toran for pooja room that you purchase from Rudra Centre are blessed by our in-house pundits

Why should you buy a mandir (temple) toran from Rudra Centre?

We at Rudra Centre are one of the renowned e-commerce companies to have established trust and earned accolades from our clients globally for our products and services. You can buy toran for mandir and toran for pooja mandir from Rudra Centre because we make sure that all the temple torans or pooja room torans are blessed by our in-house karamkandi pundits from Varanasi and Banaras. These torans are made keeping in mind the rich tradition, cultures and their significance in Hinduism and other cultures.

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Are these mandir (temple) toran handmade?

Yes! These mandir torans are handmade by the craftsmen of South India. These artists are highly experienced and have mastered the art of toran making. We at Rudra Centre ensure that our client receives the best quality toran for the temple and toran for the pooja room. Understanding the significance of a toran and the benefits it offers, the patch artwork stitched on all these torans are meaningful and are associated with the history of Hinduism.