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Tiger Eye Stone

The Tiger’s Eye stone is one of the most valued gemstones since ancient times. This chatoyant stone is very well-known as a talisman that safeguards the wearer from evil and negative energies. The Tiger’s Eye Quartz is known as the ‘All-knowing Eye’ and is believed to offer the wearer the keen eye to observe and keep a note of it. Talking about its history, the Egyptians glued or fitted the Tiger’s Eye stone in the eyes of the deity idols symbolizing ‘The all-seeing divine vision’. The original Tiger’s Eye stone is a stone that offers a range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. The Roman war soldiers carried the Tiger’s Eye along with them with a belief that it would offer courage and keep them strong in the war field. This stone is a gift to mankind by Mother Nature.

You can buy the Tiger’s Eye stone online at the best prices from Rudra Centre. We offer polished tiger eye stones in various shapes, carats and sizes. We are one of the renowned dealers across the globe who are known to offer authentic, genuine and superior quality gemstones. The Tiger’s Eye stone that we offer is 100% natural and genuine.

Tiger Eye Gemstone Benefits

The Tiger’s Eye qualities are quite exceptional and mystic which is why it is one of the most renowned gems since ancient times. Given below are a few of the many incredible healing energies and benefits the original Tiger’s Eye stone offers when it is worn by an individual and when

  • Safeguards from evil eye and negative energies
  • Enhances wisdom and promotes the values of dignity and esteem in oneself.
  • Enhances the qualities of being tolerant and increases patience,
  • Elevates the wearer spiritually
  • Boosts the qualities of self- integration
  • Offers courage
  • It helps to unblock and cleanse the Manipur Chakra (Solar Plexus)
  • Helps the wearer to connect with Mother Earth

Health and Astrological Benefits of Tiger Eye Gemstone

The Tiger’s Eye stone apart from offering emotional and spiritual benefits also offers a wide variety of Health and Astrological bliss to the wearer. Listed below are a few of the many benefits the wearer of the Tiger’s Eye experiences

  • Brings out inner happiness and helps the wearer to lead a harmonious life
  • When the Tiger’s Eye is worn by the wearer and when this gemstone touches the wearer's skin it improves the health of the wearer.
  • Astrologically it is said that people whose birthdays fall on the 2nd and 7th enjoy maximum boons by wearing this divine stone’
  • It protects from the evil eye and boosts self-confidence
  • It helps to unblock and cleanse the Root Chakra which is associated with our stability and also cleanses the Solar Plexus Chakra and boosts inner strength
  • Attracts prosperity and offers overall good health
  • It improves stamina and helps one to focus and removes confusion
  • It rejuvenates the senses
  • Helps the wearer to have a clear mind by destroying all the doubts and negative thoughts the wearer thinks about
  • It also safeguards the wearer from evil schemes and from the people who wish ill for the wearer
  • The Tiger’s Eye stone brings good luck to the wearer
  • Helps one to stay grounded
  • The mystical Tiger’s Eye also helps in the detoxification of the body
  • Offers relief from chronic pain
  • It helps to heal the ailments related to indigestion and strengthens the spine
  • The Astrologers recommend that the Tiger’s Eye must be worn by children who have problems in concentrating and who become impatient quickly and who face difficulties in sleeping and have sleepless nights
  • Tiger’s Eye is also suggested for people who are stressed and who are overthinkers
  • The Tiger’s Eye stone attracts prosperity by offering financial gains and monetary bliss
  • It is said the Tiger’s Eye is a healing stone and can this divine stone can be worn by anyone irrespective of the zodiac sign, gender, age or religion but it is said to be favourable for people whose zodiac are Taurus, Leo and Gemini
  • The Tiger’s Eye blesses the wearer by promoting vigour and vitality
  • Helps to inculcate the values of determination and honesty
  • This stone helps the people who are shy to become confident and removes timidity and any disorders related to personality, what is a tiger eye stone worth

Related Planet and Chakra

The Tiger’s Eye is associated with the Manipur Chakra and is related to the planet Sun.

Tiger Eye Pricing and Buying Guide

The original Tiger’s Eye stone price depends upon the carats, clarity, size and shape of the stone. The Tiger’s Eye stone cost is much lower than the Tiger’s Eye stone value as it is a semi-precious variety of Quartz. The Tiger’s Eye gemstone price per carat varies depending upon the supplier.

If you want to buy Tiger’s Eye and want to know how much is Tiger’s Eye worth and Tiger’s Eye price per carat/gram you can visit our website and browse through our divine range of Tiger’s Eye gemstones. We at Rudra Centre offer Tiger’s Eye at the best prices online.

How, when and who should wear Tiger Eye Stone

The Tiger’s Eye gemstone that we at Rudra Centre offer is energized and blessed by our in-house Karmkandi pundits. The Tiger’s Eye gemstone can be worn by any person. Our online chat support experts also guide you about the wearing options.