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Significance and Uses of Tirupati Lockets

Rudra Centre's collection of Balaji Gemstone Locket online are made of natural Gemstones. Hand Carved finely, the miniature idols portray Lord Tirupati Balaji or Lord Venkateswara as His idol is seen in the temple at Tirumala and the design of the Locket is, Lord Balaji's face. The Tirupati Lockets are carved in natural Gomed or Hessonite and Blue Sapphire Gemstones. These well-carved idols of Lord Balaji are available in different sizes and can be made into Lockets in pure Silver or Gold. The exquisite Blue Sapphire Tirupati is available readymade in pure Silver.

The Lord Tirupati Balaji Gemstone Lockets are powerful as it benefits the devotee/worshipper with the Divine blessings of Lord Balaji and the innate healing properties of the Gomed and Blue Sapphire Gemstone.

Lord Balaji or Venkateshwara is a form of Lord Vishnu. The Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple in Tirupati houses the mesmerising Lord Balaji Idol and is immensely popular. Devotees throng the shrine from India and other countries to do darshan, pray to Him for wish fulfilment. The legend of Lord Tirupati Balaji is interesting, as He is said to be still re-paying a loan He had taken from Kubera and will be till the end of Kali Yuga. The iconography of Lord Balaji is very different from other forms of Lord Vishnu. Lord Tirupati Balaji is reputed to receive a huge amount of donations from His devotees every year, for fulfilling their wishes. Lord Tirupati Balaji is believed to be the saviour of the Kali Yuga.

Tirupati Balaji in Gomed can be worshipped as Idol, other than making it into Locket.

Wear the Tirupati in Gomed Lockets for cleansing and balancing the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra, as Gomed Gemstone works on the Crown Chakra. Helps to clear confusion and help in decision making.

For those experiencing financial problems, wearing the Gomed Tirupati Lockets brings solutions and gives relief, with blessings of Lord Balaji and Gomed properties.

The Tirupati Balaji Gemstone Lockets in Gomed are very good at enhancing speech. Those who have hesitancy in speech etc. can wear these helpful Lockets.

The lustrous Tirupati Lockets are good gifting solutions for friends and family members.

Benefits of Tirupati Lockets

The Tirupati Lockets are made of unheated, natural Gomed or Hessonite and Blue Sapphire Gemstones, which bring the best outcome. The Tirupati Balaji image is handcrafted into mini idols, replicating the Lord Venkateswara Deity Idol in the famous temple at Tirupati. The healing power of Gomed and Blue Sapphire are augmented by Lord Balaji, which make the idols potent.

As Lord Balaji is a form of Lord Vishnu, the devotee receives the blessings of prosperity, wealth, worldly comforts, good health, success in ventures and abundance. Lord Tirupati Balaji Idol is extremely powerful as it is said that Lord Vishnu, Himself transformed into the stone Idol. He is well known as the Lord who fulfils the wishes of devotees, removes miseries and negativity, brings peace, harmonious relationships in family, happiness, joy, blissful married life, spiritual progress and abundance. Lord Tirupati Balaji is said to grant material contentment and by the law of Dharma, rewards devotees who do good work.

Some benefits of Tirupati Lockets:-

  • Tirupati in Gomed helps to overcome negative thoughts, depression, obsessive attitude and brings positivity.
  • Gomed Gemstone helps to cleanse and balance the Crown / Sahasrara Chakra, which helps the wearer to be open to aligning with the Divine energies, brings self-knowledge, clarity helps to receive messages from the Spiritual realm.
  • Wearing the Tirupati Locket removes miseries and financial strife and brings prosperity, success and abundance.
  • Tirupati in Gomed Gemstone helps to heal marital discords and establishes peace and bliss.
  • Lord Tirupati Balaji fulfils the desires of devotees when Tirupati Lockets are worn or worshipped as idols.
  • The meticulously carved Blue Sapphire Tirupati in Silver Pendant brings protection, good fortune.
  • Blue Sapphire Gemstone is ruled by Planet Saturn or Shani Dev. Wearing Blue Sapphire Tirupati in Silver Pendant helps to get relief from ill effects of malefic Saturn if reflected in Birth chart/Kundli.
  • Gomed Gemstone is ruled by Planet Mangal or Mars and the Gomed Tirupati Lockets protects from the negative effects of malefic Mars.
  • Tirupati in Gomed helps with clear speech and enhances the quality of speech to make it impactful.
  • The Tirupati Balaji Gemstone Lockets bring all-around happiness, by the Divine grace of Lord Balaji.
  • The Blue Sapphire Tirupati in Silver Lockets can be worn to activate, cleanse and balance the Anahata or Third Eye Chakra.
  • The Tirupati in Gomed Lockets aids in healing diseases like digestion, intestinal problems, allergies, skin problems and mental imbalance.

  • Buy Tirupati Balaji Gemstone Lockets from a reputed and trusted shop or dealer of Gemstone spiritual Lockets to avail genuine, natural, unheated Gemstone Lockets for optimum benefits. Heated Gemstones lose on their natural healing properties and do not provide the desired benefits.

    Why Buy Tirupati Lockets from Rudra Centre

    Rudra Centre offers only 100% natural, unheated and genuine Tirupati Balaji Gemstone Lockets which gives desired benefits and value for money. The Gomed and Blue Sapphire Tirupati Lockets are hand-carved with precision and look Divine. They are mini Idols of Lord Tirupati Balaji which can be made into Lockets or worshipped as Idols. We cater to the requirements and expectations of our esteemed customers spread across the world.

    Our service of expert in-house jewellers can make the Tirupati Lockets for you in Gold or Silver, saving you trips to your jeweller etc. The Gemstones for the Lord Tirupati Balaji mini idols have been selected based on research and experience as the Gomed and Blue Sapphire Gemstone complement the attributes of Lord Tirupati Balaji. Gemstone God Lockets emanate the positive Divine energies as Gemstones possess natural high vibration. Our Spiritual jewellery is deeply thought and well researched to provide maximum benefits to the wearer.

    The superior quality Balaji Gemstone Locket prices with us are affordable. When you order Balaji Gemstone Lockets online with us, you receive your order within a few days, safely packed.

    Buy Online Tirupati Lockets at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

    Rudra Centre offers an array of Tirupati Lockets made of genuine, natural Gomed (Hessonite)and Blue Sapphire Gemstones, carved into flawless mini idols. The Gemstones are endowed with numerous merits and Lord Tirupati Balaji is revered and powerful for being the Deity who fulfils wishes which makes the Tirupati Lockets desirable for everyone. The Idols of Lord Tirupati Balaji can be made into Lockets by setting in Silver or Gold and designed to touch the body. You can choose your preference of Tirupati Locket and book online with us. Buy online Tirupati Lockets at Best Prices from us.