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Trijuti Java (Indonesian) Rudraksha

The Trijuti Rudraksha is the rarest of the rare and one of the most powerful and divine Rudraksha mother nature has blessed us with. It features three naturally joined rudraksha beads which represent the Trinity or Trimurti, or the three principles of existence, namely, Lord Brahma, the creator; Lord Vishnu, the preserver; and Lord Shiva, the regenerator. The Trijuti rudraksha is often addressed as Gauri path or alternatively as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.

Trijuti Javanese Rudraksha or Brahma Vishnu Maheshwar Rudraksha is the source of emanation of everlasting joy, entitlement to resolutions of persistently troubling problems, resulting in profound inner contentment and satisfaction.
As it represents the three main Hindu gods; Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh together, wearing of this bead gives the wearer immense power for great and rare achievements in the world and expands his Universal consciousness.

The Indonesian Trijuti rudraksha is ideal for leaders, project managers and spiritual seekers. It also wards off negative forces and removes all the obstacles, therefore, paving the way for ultimate success. Few fortunate individuals have been chosen by the divine to wear Trijuti Javanese rudraksha. The wearer of this exceptional rudraksha acquires an absolute nature and complete control over all situations. It is optimal for effective leadership and total accomplishment in both the material and spiritual realms.

This Trinity blessed bead not only attracts their blessings, but also attracts the blessings of all the other gods and goddesses. The wearer is endowed with abundant vitality and achievement abilities. This enables him to overcome any adversity. As a result, it leads to both, material and spiritual success. The mystic power of this divine bead synchronizes the wearer with all Universal energies.

Ruling Deity:Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.
Ruling Planet:All planets
Java Bead Size:16-29 mm
Favorable Day:Monday
Beej Mantra:AUM
Other Mantras:Om Namah Shivay ||

Trijuti Java Rudraksha is available in a variety of sizes, including: small, regular, large and collector. The bigger the size of the rudraksha the faster the results. This is because the seeds are bigger and the surface area in contact with skin is larger, thus, energy is dispersed more quickly throughout the body.


Trijuti Java General Benefits

  • It bestows complete command over any situation in life.
  • By the grace of the Trinity, it elevates the wearer above tough times.
  • Wearing it allows you to accomplish seemingly impossible deeds.
  • It blesses with immense influence in society and status.
  • It provides limitless prosperity in all spheres of life.
  • It promotes spiritual progress toward enlightenment.
  • It enhances the creational powers of the wearer.
  • It makes the wearer powerful and invincible.
  • It enhances immense influential leadership.
  • It blocks negative influences.
  • It blesses with blissfulness.

Trijuti Indonesian Health Benefits

  • Overall good health, well-being and wealth.
  • Enhances the power of mind and it has anti-ageing properties.
  • It helps heal the spleen and strengthens the immune system.
  • It provides relief in heart related issues.
  • It helps manage all kinds of hormonal issues.
  • It heals all kinds of autoimmune diseases.

Trijuti Java Astrological Benefits

  • It removes the negative effects of an afflicted Venus in the natal chart.
  • It removes the negative effects of all nine planets at birth and during their progressed positions and transitional periods during all life.

Trijuti Rudraksha Price from Java, Indonesia

Although the price of any Rudraksha depends on its rarity, Rudra Centre offers real Trijuti Rudraksha from Java at an affordable price. Since it is an agricultural product the harvest of any season determines the price and this can vary from season to season. Rudra Centre sources all our Rudraksha directly from farmers in Java, our beads undergo a strict selection process where the size, health, weight and many other relevant parameters of the rudraksha are analysed, since we are the biggest suppliers of Java Rudraksha in the world, we are able to provide the best quality Rudraksha at the most reasonable Trijuti rudraksha price to our customers.

As per our research bigger sized beads work faster. Bigger sized beads are rarer, so they are higher priced than smaller sized beads. As per the size of the bead, the Javanese Trijuti rudraksha is classified into small, regular, large & collector. These factors will determine the final Trijuti rudraksha cost.

The original Trijuti Rudraksha price from Java ranges between INR 1,75,000 – INR 3,75,000 (USD 2.187 – USD 4.687) depending on their size. There may be some unique well-formed big sized Trijuti Javanese Rudraksha beads which come under the Super Collector variety which are priced as per their rarity.

The Trijuti rudraksha price in India from Rudra Centre is also tailored primarily based on the bracelet's type of thread or silver or gold enclosed metal, its size, and its design. We also offer completely custom designs that combine the Javanese Trijuti rudraksha with gemstones as per RRST methodology, and in rings and earrings with intricate styles, and kanthas with multiple beads.

You can envisage the elegance of our various designs of Trijuti rudraksha online by clicking HERE and you can buy Trijuti rudraksha HERE

Difference Between Trijuti Java & Trijuti Nepal

While the internal structure of both Trijuti from Java and Nepal is identical, the outer structure differs, Trijuti Nepal is bigger with deeper grooves or Mukhi lines and is more thorny with several projections whereas Trijuti Java are smaller, with thread like Mukhi lines which are not deep and have smoother surface.

Both beads emit same frequency and work on the same principles, in other words, both are Trijuti rudraksha original beads. The only difference is in the intensity of the frequency emitted because Nepali Trijuti is larger in size when compared to Trijuti Java. Therefore Trijuti Nepal works faster than Trijuti Java. Note that experience of the effects of Rudraksha is also a subjective experience however feedback from clients over 20 years have shown that Nepali beads work faster than Javanese beads. Long term effects of both beads are similar as the Chakra gets balanced due to resonance. The Trijuti Nepalese beads usually take 2-3 days to achieve resonance with the body whereas Trijuti Javanese beads take up to 10 – 12 days, during this time the thoughts process becomes clear and streamlined, however measurable results are experienced over months of usage.

Also, the price of Nepalese Trijuti is higher than Javanese Trijuti because the firstly the demand for Nepalese beads is higher than Javanese beads, also Javanese beads yields is much higher than Nepalese beads that means more Java beads are produced in an year than Nepalese beads hence the price of Trijuti Java Indonesia is lower than Trijuti Nepal Rudraksha.

While Nepalese beads are striking eye-catching in appearance due to its larger size, prominent thorns and shadowy deep grooves, making them generally more appealing for encasing in stunning silver or gold bracelets, Java beads are generally more suitable for intricated combinations with gemstones of smaller size and for threading malas and other accessories such as mats or meditation hats. Likewise, while Nepal beads are round shaped, Java beads are collected in a variety of geometric shapes.

Finally, it is an individual’s preference of whether he wants to wear Trijuti from Nepal or from Java Indonesia. Some like the power, intensity and deep grooves of Nepalese beads whereas some prefer Javanese beads as they can be converted into beautiful jewellery such as rings and earrings due to their smaller size, and are more comfortable to wear on the body due to their soft touch, and can be covered easily.

Who Should wear Trijuti Rudraksha from Java, Indonesia?

The Trijuti Javanese rudraksha is a very powerful tool for the achievement and culmination of leadership and achieving total material and spiritual success. It is recommended for intellectual people to realize societal situations going on as well as for development of cosmic consciousness. The Trijuti Java rudraksha is ideal for project managers, venture capitalists, public policy administrators, politicians, government officials, and spiritual leaders and healers.

How to wear Trijuti Rudraksha from Java, Indonesia?

It can be worn as a pendant or a bracelet as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST). To obtain 100 percent results from a Trijuti Java Rudraksha, it must be worn in accordance with RRST; for guidance, CLICK HERE to consult our experts.

One can also wear multiple beads of Trijuti in form of Kantha Mala or Bracelet. The stringing of Trijuti beads in Kantha Mala or Bracelet is very important so that the circuit of energy flow is maintained. Rudra Centre strings multiple beads of Trijuti as per our patented Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) which taps into 100% potential of Trijuti beads.

Which day to start wearing the Trijuti Rudraksha from Java, Indonesia?

Before shipping it to you, Rudra Centre will energise your Trijuti Java Rudraksha so that it can be worn immediately, nevertheless; Mondays are also ideal for wearing or beginning to wear a Trijuti Java Rudraksha.

How long does it take for Trijuti Java Indonesian Rudraksha to start working?

If worn according to RRST, the Trijuti Java Rudraksha will resonate with your body within three to four days. You will notice that your emotional and mental processes become more streamlined, and you will feel considerably more at ease. Depending on the individual, you will see quantifiable results after a few weeks or months of use as your Hrit Padma chakra become balanced.

How to energize the Trijuti Rudraksha Java Indonesian Rudraksha?

Rudra Centre performs the Pran Prathistha energizing procedure of your Trijuti Javanese rudraksha before shipping it to you, so you already receive it energized.

If you do not wear your Trijuti rudraksha bead for more than 2 weeks it will go into “sleep mode”. After this point you can wear it again and it will take 2 weeks to activate and another 10 - 12 days to get into resonance with your body.

According to RRST, if you wear a Trijuti Java Rudraksha 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you do not need to re-energise it, therefore you may wear it when sleeping. A re-energizing method would be required only after lengthy durations of not wearing the bead after getting it from us. In this scenario, you may do regular energization or Pran Prathistha of rudraksha on your own, or you can visit a nearby temple and have a priest perform the energization for you.

The detailed procedure of Rudraksha Puja Vidhi is described HERE

Rules to Wear Trijuti Java Indonesian Rudraksha

The energy of the Rudraksha is in its seeds, so ensure that the Rudraksha you are wearing has no cracks. While external surface fractures are permissible (but should be avoided), there should be no fissures that reach the seeds, which must be fully intact.

Ensure that the rudraksha beads you are wearing are healthy and are not infested with insects or molds.

Anyone regardless of their gender, caste, religion or age can wear Rudraksha, women can wear rudraksha during their menstrual cycle as well.

Ensure your Trijuti Rudraksha is energized before wearing it. As mentioned, if you purchase Trijuti Java Rudraksha from Rudra Centre it will be energized before shipping so you can wear it immediately.

According to RRST, Rudraksha should be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even while sleeping; therefore, if you wear it continuously, you do not need to reenergize it.

If you have not worn the Rudraksha in a long time you can follow the steps mentioned above, reenergize, and wear it.

There are no dietary restrictions associated with wearing Rudraksha, such as abstinence from alcohol and meat. Naturally, after a lengthy period of wearing Rudraksha, our body adapts to a more sattvic diet in accordance with Rudraksha's vibrations. The full potential of seven mukhi rudraksha beads can be realized at that time or earlier if a sattvic diet is adhered to, although this is not required.

On Mondays, you can place Trijuti Java rudraksha bead or mala on an altar near to a Shivalingam and chant its beej mantra “AUM” while offering some incense fumes. Although not compulsory to perform, this practice is adviced as it enhances your alignment with the powerful Trijuti Javanese rudraksha's energy field.

It is advised to remove Rudraksha while visiting a cemetery or during the death of a family member or while performing Shraadh rituals (Last Rites).

Do not share your Rudraksha beads with others and if you wish to donate it to someone else make sure to not wear it for at least 2 weeks before giving it.

You may wear Rudraksha while engaging in physical intimacy with your partner, but if it makes you feel uncomfortable, you may remove it during this period.

You can wear Rudraksha in toilet or washroom, but it is advisable to be cautious about soaps and shower gels adhering to the beads. If this occurs then rinse them with water as soon as possible. However, it is recommended to briefly remove the Rudraksha combination so that soap or other chemicals do not become trapped in the Rudraksha's grooves.

It is critical to keep your Trijuti java rudraksha from drying out due to weather conditions such as cold or dry climates, as this can cause surface level cracks. To prevent this it is advisable to apply any natural unscented oil like Sandal Oil, Olive Oil or Cow Ghee from time to time.

Rudraksha darkens overtime with usage as it absorbs oils, heat, sweat and dirt from the environment. It will turn from sandy brown to dark brown. If proper care is taken it will last for generations to come.

How to identify original Trijuti Java Indonesian Rudraksha? 

Some fraudulent tests have gained popularity and must be avoided because their results are unreliable and they cannot be used to determine the authenticity of Rudraksha.

The Fake tests are the Water Test, Milk test or Copper Coin Rotation Test. All these tests are unscientific and produce untrustworthy results.

One way to determine the originality of Rudraksha beads is to take an X-ray. In an X-ray, the compartment and seeds inside the Rudraksha are observable, and their number should ideally correspond to the number of Mukhi lines on the bead. Sometimes all seeds are not visible as they get compressed during formation and compartments are very close to each other, though.

Experts at Rudra Centre can examine the bead and determine if they are original or not. You can send us images and videos of your Rudraksha at the email: for our experts to determine authenticity.

In recent years, numerous laboratories that offer rudraksha bead certification have emerged; however, these are highly unreliable because they lack the necessary expertise and frequently make errors when identifying rudraksha beads. Numerous dealers use these laboratories to issue counterfeit certificates. These laboratories are incapable of distinguishing manipulated beads in which additional lines are engraved on the original rudraksha bead to increase its mukhi and increase its price. Additionally, they do not disregard beads with incomplete mukhi lines that do not produce results. These laboratories are not affiliated with any central organization or government, so they lack credibility.

In order to protect customers, Rudra Centre has set up its own laboratory and started giving out authentic certificates that look at all aspects of Rudraksha. We check to see if the beads are in good shape, if the mukhi lines are all there, and if the rudraksha beads have been wrought in any way.

At Rudra Centre, we issue certificates for all beads procured from us. If you want an X-ray certificate for the Rudraksha bead, then an additional INR 500 (USD 6.25) is charged per Rudraksha bead.

How to Clean & Maintain Trijuti Rudraksha from Java, Indonesia?

Rudraksha beads can last a lifetime and be passed down through generations if cared for properly.

In cold and dry climates, rudraksha beads may develop surface-level cracks, 
in which case any natural unscented oil may be applied, such as olive oil, sandal oil, or cow ghee.

Rudraksha may develop molds and insects if they are kept in a humid place and unused for a long time, in this case follow the below steps:

  • Dip the Rudraksha beads in lukewarm water for 15 mins.
  • Clean any molds visible of the surface using a toothbrush.
  • Dry them under the shade of the Sun (indirect Sunlight) or you can also use a dryer or hairdryer.
  • After following the above steps, you can start wearing your rudraksha beads or combination again.

Follow the steps below to regularly clean your Rudraksha beads:

  • Wash Rudraksha beads under running water.
  • Scrub the surface of the rudraksha to remove any dust particles caught in the grooves, using a toothbrush.
  • Use the shade of the Sun (indirect sunlight) or a hairdryer to dry the beads.
  • Apply any natural and unscented oil like Olive oil, Almond oil or Sandal oil.
  • If you are planning to not wear beads for a long duration, it is advisable to keep them in the fridge.
  • Do not use any chemical cleaner or insecticide or pesticide to clean or treat your Rudraksha.
  • Do not put your rudraksha beads in boiling water or extremely hot water.

You can watch the video

Trijuti Java, Indonesian Rudraksha Health & Color

The Trijuti Java rudraksha color ranges from white to dark brown hue. This is a natural process that has no impact on the energy of the Rudraksha bead. It is ideal to choose a light sandy brown to brown Rudraksha bead, as this indicates that the bead is healthy and newly harvested. It is recommended to avoid wearing dark black or dark grey beads, as they may lack vitality. If you hear the seeds within the bead rattling, the bead is lifeless or dead; if you do not hear any rattling, the bead is healthy and alive.

You can examine the bead from all sides and look inside the natural hole to ensure no white mold or insects have infested it. Soap sometimes gets stuck around the white lines or mukhis, or inside the natural holes of the bead. To prevent these chemicals to further damage the bead, clean the bead from these as soon as possible. The energy of the Rudraksha beads resides in the seeds, so we must ensure that they are alive and healthy.

If worn according to RRST, Trijuti Java Rudraksha will only provide benefits. Consult our experts for guidance: CLICK HERE

Yes, you can eat Non Veg foods & Drink alcohol while wearing Rudraksha. There are no side or negative effects if you eat non veg or drink alcohol while wearing Rudraksha. Although a Sattvic vegetarian diet is recommended for optimal absorption of the Rudraksha largest effects, it is not compulsory.

There are no restrictions related to wearing rudraksha so you can wear them while being physically intimate with your partner, however, if you feel uncomfortable you can remove the rudraksha combination during this time.

Yes. Women can wear rudraksha beads during their menstrual cycle, there are no restrictions.

There are no restrictions related to wearing rudraksha so you can wear them while using the washroom or toilet, however it is important to be careful to prevent soap, shampoo or shower gel residues from adhering to the Rudraksha beads. Therefore, you can either briefly remove them while using the bathroom or thoroughly clean them under running water during bath or afterwards it to remove any soap particles that may have adhered.

It is recommended to wear Rudraksha 24/7 even while sleeping for best results as per RRST. At least for the first two weeks, you should wear the combination constantly until it synchronizes with your body's energies. Thereafter, you can if you wish remove it before bed and wear it again in the morning after taking bath.

Yes, as per authentic scriptures anyone regardless of their gender, caste, religion can wear Rudraksha beads. Make sure to wear the beads as instructed by RRST to maximize their effectiveness.

In Vedic Astrology, Trijuti Javanese Rudraksha is associated with the planet Venus, which is related to our relationships and how we interact with others, thus is indeed a fundamental factor for stress or success in our social life. A well balanced Venus bestows positive, harmonious relationships and material prosperity.

Anyone can wear any Rudraksha regardless of horoscope, gender or religion. If you wear Trijuti Indonesian Rudraksha according to RRST, it will be suitable for you. Consult our experts for guidance: CLICK HERE

It is an individual’s choice. Trijuti Nepalese beads work faster than Trijuti Javanese as they are bigger in size. Long term effects of both varieties are almost similar. Some prefer Nepalese beads are they are larger whereas some prefer Trijuti from Java as they are smaller, have a smoother outer surface, can be converted into beautiful jewellery, are more comfortable to wear and are easier to conceal and combine with other beads and gemstones their same size.

It is advisable to remove Rudraksha beads while visiting a cemetery or funeral or while performing Shraadh Rituals (Last Rites).

Hrit Padma chakra. In accordance with its resonance with the Sacred Heart chakra, as this chakra is also known, the Trijuti Javanese rudraksha improves a person's outlook on life regardless of his or her material or social circumstances, cheerfully rising above any situation from the past or the present. This rudraksha aligns the wearer's material and social aspirations with those he or she has in mind, thereby facilitating their realization and eventually their manifestation.

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