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About Tulsi Bracelets

Significance of Tulsi Beads Bracelet

The Tulsi Beads Bracelets are made of Beads crafted from the Tulsi Plant wood or seeds and are hand strung. Tulsi Bracelets are available strung in various styles, on string or Silver Capping and in combination with other natural Beads, like, Sandalwood or Rosewood beads, designer Tulsi Bracelets and more.

Tulsi or Holy Basil is considered sacred by Hindus and is regarded as a Goddess. Tulsi plants are worshipped in Hindu homes and are considered auspicious. Tulsi leaves are an important and integral part of worshipping Lord Vishnu, Krishna or any of the Avatars of Lord Vishnu. The sacred Shaligram stone, the representation of Lord Vishnu, is worshipped with Tulsi leaves, in fact at least one Tulsi leaf is always kept on top of the Shaligram Shila. Tulasi has healing properties, medicinal and spiritual values. Tulsi Plants are considered pure and aids in purifying the air/atmosphere of the place it is installed in. Therefore, wearing Tulasi Bracelets helps in purifying the energies and aura of the wearer.

Tulsi Beads Bracelets are available with White Tulsi Beads and Black Tulsi Beads.

Original Tulsi Bracelet can be worn while chanting the Mantras of Lord Krishna, Ram or Vishnu to receive their blessings and protection. Goddess Tulsi is considered an Avatar of Goddess Laxmi. So, the presence of Tulsi plants or leaves is a must where Lord Krishna, Rama or Vishnu is worshipped. Wearing the Tulsi Bracelet is desirable for devotees of Lord Vishnu/Krishna/Ram and everyone else who chooses to wear it.

Uses and Benefits of Tulsi Bracelets

The Tulsi Bracelets are considered sacred, they look pleasant and have many benefits. The Tulsi Beads Bracelets should ideally be worn on a daily basis for the best outcome. The healing properties of the real Tulsi Bracelets work on the wearer and bring a benevolent outcome. The Bracelet should not be torn and the beads should not be damaged/cracked. Wear only a good quality, natural original Tulsi Bracelet for maximum benefits. Rudra Centre offers a huge collection of best quality Tulasi Bracelets strung in various styles, which give maximum benefits.

Some of the Benefits of Tulsi Bracelets are:

  • Tulasi Bracelets bring peace and calmness, helps to sooth down worries and anxieties.
  • Wearing the Tulsi Beads Bracelets protects the wearer and keeps evil energies, Black Magic and the such other lower energies away.
  • Wearing the Tulsi Bracelets protects from accidents and untimely death by the grace of Lord Krishna/Vishnu.
  • They help to enhance concentration and should be worn by those who are unable to or find it difficult to concentrate. It can be very helpful for students too.
  • The Tulasi Bracelets are said to heal ailments of the throat.
  • Wearing original Tulsi Bracelets brings the abundant blessings of Lord Krishna/Vishnu/Ram.
  • The purifying nature of the Tulsi Beads Bracelets keeps the energy and aura of the wearer clean.
  • Wearing Tulsi Bracelets deepens your meditation experience. It increases awareness.
  • Wearing Tulasi Bracelets help to release fears of all kinds. If nightmares bother you, wearing the Bracelet puts an end to it.
  • The Tulsi Bracelets are excellent in augmenting spiritual growth.
  • Tulsi Beads Bracelets serve as great gifts for near and dear ones.

Types of Tulsi Bracelets Designs, Gold and Silver Tulsi Bracelets

Rudra Centre offers an extensive collection of Tulsi Bracelets in various designs and styles. They are strung with natural Tulsi Beads of superior quality and are comfortable for regular wear. Real Tulsi Bracelets in our collection also include Bracelets which are a combination of Tulsi Beads and other natural Beads to give double benefits of both the beads. They are strung on adjustable/elastic strings, with different Beads shapes, with Silver/Copper capping with or without Gold polish, Designer Tulsi Beads Bracelets and more.