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Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture and constructing houses to live a happy and problem-free life. This traditional knowledge has been passed down through the generations in India and there is so much to learn. Out of all the Vastu Shastra books available in the world, we have the best collection for you at Rudra Centre.


101 Vastu Tips

Dr. Radhakrishna Srimali and Suresh Srimali have briefly given 101 Vastu tips to remove the Vastu defects. Vastu Dosha can lead to disharmony in-home and various issues related to health as well.

Practical VastuShastra

Vastu Shastra is the science behind the land or plot and the good or bad fortune associated with it. Acharya Satyanand’s “Practical VastuShastra” helps in gaining knowledge of what kind of land should be bought and the direction to build your house.

Mystic Science of Vastu

Mystic Science of Vastu becomes a great source of authentic information related to VastuShastra as it explains Sacred Architecture through a contemporary approach. N. H. Sahasrabudhe & R. D. Mahatme have put light on the multiple layers of Vastu Shastra on the metaphysical basis.

Remedial Vastu Shastra

This book is a wonderful representation of the ancient and latest study about Vastu Shastra. Remedial Vastushastra by Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi is a great help in learning ways to remove Vastu Dosha. One of the best books on Vastu Shastra.

Sampuran Vastushastra

Building your house according to Vastu Shastra has a lot of amazing results and brings harmony to life. Sampuran Vastushastra by Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi has all the information that you will need before buying or constructing a house.

Secrets of Vastushastra

The science of Vastushastra is explained in the Secrets of Vastushastra by N. H. Sahasrabudhe and R. D. Mahatme. You can get Vastu Dosha remedies and a lot of doubts will be cleared as you go through this book.

Cosmic Science of Vaastu

Dr. N. H. Sahasrabudhe & Gautami Sahasrabudhe have explained traditional Vastu Shastra and modern architecture in this book. Cosmic Science of Vaastu is an attempt to bridge the gap between these two concepts.

Hindu Architecture in India and Abroad

The Hindu Architecture in India and Abroad gives details with pictures of the houses constructed in India and abroad. It allows you to learn the history of construction and architecture from the olden texts. It is truly an ancient Vastu Shastra book.

Teach Yourself Vaastu

This Vastu book helps in understanding the basic principles of Vastu, the application of Vastu Shastra, the birth of Vastu Purusha, and a lot more. Authored by Pt. Gopal Sharma, “Teach Yourself Vaastu” broadly explains Vastu Shastra in detail.

Ancient Vastu Shastra Nine Planets in Human Houses

Ancient Vastu Shastra Nine Planets in Human Houses is the book that you need to gain knowledge of the negative effects of Vastu Dosha and their remedies.

Environmental Vaastu

Environmental Vaastu by Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi expounds on the relation between trees and Vastu Shastra, water and house, and the concept of Vaastu in the environment.


The language of the books is simple English making it easy to understand and obtain the required information regarding Vastu Shastra, Vastu Dosha, and their remedies. The Vastu Shastra Kitab (book) has info presented in layman’s terms which enables everyone to learn about the topic.


The books are available in Paperback format and it becomes easy to carry such light-weight books. The cost also lessens due to the softcover and is great to gift the books and impart knowledge to your dear ones.

Where to buy it?

The books about Vastu Shastra should have factual and true information so it has to be bought from a verified source. To avoid any discrepancies, the back cover of the book can be checked to get an idea about the content inside.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre provides the original books to give you the best of spiritual knowledge. We have a wide variety of spiritual books that will help you enhance your life and overall well-being. You can be assured of the genuine quality books when you buy from Rudra Centre.

Vastu Book Price

You can get the best Vastu Shastra books online at minimal prices from Rudra Centre. We have reasonably priced spiritual books that give invaluable knowledge.