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About Gemstone Trees

About Significance of Gemstone Trees

Gemstone Vastu trees are used as Vastu enhancers and rectifiers. It is considered that gemstone trees possess an energy which flows freely in abundance and can also attract positive energy to them. The beautiful gemstone trees consisting of healing and cleansing energies of gemstone make elegant and colorful home décor apt to be placed as a decorating item in your home or place of work. The gem tree can also be placed anywhere like near bed, on study or work desk, center table or on your altar for its symbolic significance.

Trees are symbols of growth, stability and long life. The significance of crystal gemstone trees is that we attract and achieve what we focus on, like a tree which grows and blossoms with time when nurtured correctly. A tree does not have any specified numbers of leaves or fruits on it, and thus in a similar way, no specified crystals are required for chakra crystal trees.

Vastu and Other Benefits of Gemstone Trees

Vastu and gemstone trees are interrelated, so they are also known as Vastu trees. A living or working space is influenced by five elements namely Sky, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These differing elements and their specific energies are present in different directions of a dwelling. It is the balance and imbalance among these elements that make a living or working space harmonious or create difficult situations for the dwellers. The energies of the different directions can be influenced by the color energies of the gemstones. For instance, the north direction corresponds with blue color energy and hence a gem tree made of Lapis Lazuli is best suited in this direction, which would promote creativity, willpower and attract new opportunities. Similarly, the North-East direction corresponds with yellow color energy. When a Yellow Jade gemstone tree is placed in this direction it promotes power, fame and good health. Therefore, crystal gemstone trees rectify Vastu faults in different directions thus making it an affordable and gorgeous Vastu rectifier for your home or workplace.

Gemstones of these trees absorb the rays of light and emit copious cosmic color rays which promote positive energy and dispel stagnant energy present in the surrounding. Vastu trees for home made of Amethyst for example resonates with purple color frequency and offers an increase in mental qualities and gives strong support for the mind giving rise to wisdom. A vastu tree containing Carnelian on the other hand resonates with vibrant red color frequency which can help increase motivation and concentration. A rose quartz vastu tree resonates with soothing pink color energy and thus helps improve relationship problems. Different types of gemstones are used to craft gemstone trees (also called chakra trees or chakra gemstone trees) which are used for specific purposes according to its healing properties and positive energies along their color energy.

Vastu trees for home and vastu trees for office or business are a very smart purchase, because they come with amazing healing properties. After you buy them, they can be placed beside a person who is sick. Vastu trees can also help attract wealth and love into your home, business or workplace. Depending on the vibrations of the gemstone, every gemstone tree comes with their individual qualities with different targets to achieve. All you need to remember before choosing one is the purpose you are buying it for.

One of the positive things when it comes to crystal gemstone trees after you buy them is that you don’t need to worry about how-to-use them. You simply need to select one and place it in the direction which corresponds with the color energy of the chakra gemstone tree. You will be able to witness the changes in the energy of your home eventually, without having to do anything else by your end.

Various types of Gemstone Trees

Gemstone trees have a variety of applications from money, healing to love and relationships. Wide varieties of gem trees are sold in the market, like white crystal quartz tree, Lapis Lazuli tree, Jasper tree, rose quartz tree, amethyst tree, carnelian and many more. However, among these crystal gemstone trees Amethyst and Crystals are the most popular ones. Below are some examples of some types of gem trees for sale in our website:

Natural Orange Jade Chakra Vastu Tree

It promotes energies of good health, power and encouraging connectedness among all and promotes calming energies of planet Sun. It is ideal to place it in the South-East corner of your home or office space to enhance the energies of the Fire element. Buy it to attract joy and happiness. It also brings success, name and fame. And enhances good health and energy.

Natural Smoky Quartz Chakra Vastu Tree

It transmutes negative energies and resonates grounding and protective qualities of planet Saturn. It is best placed in the West corner of the dwelling or office to enhance the energies of the water element. Dispels stress, anxiety, pessimism and confusions. Purchasing it brings stability, good health and boosts positivity. Promotes enthusiasm and cooperation.

Natural Amethyst Chakra Vastu Tree

Its cleansing energies protects the surrounding from negative influences and promotes spiritual energies of planet Saturn. It is ideal to place in the North-East corner of the dwelling or office to enhance the spirit element. This is an excellent purchase when it comes to seeking protection from negative influences. Naturally brings balance, serenity and peace. Attracts luck, power, optimism. And, it helps to overcome addictions while supporting sound sleep.

A crystal gemstone tree with a mixed variety of gemstones provides multiple benefits. 7 chakra crystal trees and large crystal trees are thus very beneficial and they are clever and excellent purchases, too.

Why and where to buy Gemstone Trees

The more crystals you have on the tree the more energy they attract. Gemstone trees having original and non-treated stones are those that are effective. Only natural gemstones can help create strong energies; thus, it is important to ensure that the gemstone tree that you purchase comes from a trusted store or seller.

Buy Gemstone Trees Online at Best Prices

We present a wide choice of Vastu Trees Gemstones, made of natural uncut Gemstone Beads and Base. These lustrous big size Trees are handcrafted sturdily, adding sparkle to decor. Chakra Stone Tree is used to balance Vastu energies by placing the tree in a particular direction of the dwelling or workspace, it also helps to enhance a certain element and the gemstone's individual attributes aids too, like, the Citrine tree is for South-East, enhances Fire element. Our wide-ranging collection of Vastu Trees allows you to choose and buy from various colors of all kinds, sizes and types of stunning crystal gem trees.

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