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About Vehicle yantra Locket

Why buy a Raksha Yantra Locket?

The Raksha Yantra locket also known as the Vehicle Yantra Locket is a powerful locket that safeguards you and your vehicle from any mishaps, accidents, and any kind of disturbances and troubles that you might face during travelling. The Vahan Yantra Locket has a picture of Lord Hanuman inscribed on one side of it while the other side of the vehicle Yantra locket has the Yantra and the sacred mantra of this locket. The Vahan Yantra Locket or Raksha Yantra locket possesses the divine power and energies of Lord Hanuman who is the epitome of selfless help, protection, makes impossible possible, fearlessness, bravery, strength, truth and devotion.

You can buy this vehicle yantra locket online from Rudra Centre at the best price. The Vahan Yantra lockets that we offer are available in various designs and make. This in turn is easy for you to choose from the variety of Raksha Yantra lockets we offer. A Raksha Yantra locket works like a talisman that protects the wearer and the vehicle from any kind of danger. Today in a fast-paced life, we are constantly travelling for a major part of the day. That is why it becomes extremely important to have a locket that offers protection. All the lockets that we at Rudra Centre offer are energized and blessed.

Why buy an energized Raksha Yantra Locket?

Before understanding why it is important to buy energized Yantras, let us understand why the process of energizing is so important. Energizing is a sacred ritual of evoking the divine energies through the process of mantra Japa (chanting), Yagya, and reciting prayers and worship to the deity or deities requesting them to bring life in the yantra or idol on which the ritual of energizing is done. The process of energizing makes the yantra active and the energies of the yantra deity are activated, which means that these yantras are jagrut (alive) and anyone who wears and installs these yantras, and takes proper care of them, and prayer over them are blessed by the divine deity or deities of the yantra.

Therefore, buying an energized yantra is fruitful as it achieves the aim it is designed for, and, when meditated upon the yantra further helps to fulfill the desires of the one who possesses it. A Yantra which is not energized does not work or function as there are no energies in them. These Yantras are merely artefacts that do not offer any benefits which is why we at Rudra Centre offer yantras that are energized and blessed by the in-house learned and well-experienced Karmkandi pundits.

Placement of Raksha Yantra Locket

You can either place this yantra inside the car or any vehicle as it is the most effective way of safeguarding yourself from getting into any sort of mishap or accident. The Raksha Yantra Locket curbs the big possibilities of accidents and offers protection to the people seated in the vehicle or the one wearing the Vehicle Yantra Locket. It is also advisable that along with wearing this locket around his/her neck or carrying it along, one should chant the mantra of this yantra, "Om Namo Bhagavate Anjaneyaya Mahabalaya Swaha” for 11 times proves to be beneficial. Whether you are travelling by two, three, or four-wheeler it is always advised to chant the mantra 11 times or more.

Best day to wear Raksha Yantra Locket

The best day to wear the Vehicle Yantra Locket is on Tuesdays as it is the day of the week that is associated with Lord Hanuman. Chanting the below given mantra of this Yantra 108 times and performing a small puja ritual too turns out to be beneficial. All Yantras of Rudra Centre are energized so you can wear your Raksha Yantra Locket or Vahan Yantra Locket immediately. There is no need to perform any energizing ritual by going to a nearby temple. We have taken care of energizing ritual at Rudra Centre. Chatting or meditating over the Raksha Yantra Locket every day is said to manifest the wishes/desires you want to come true. The energies through the process of mantra chanting become more powerful and help you tune and come in alignment with the wishes/desires you want to manifest.

Raksha Yantra Locket Pricing

The price of the Raksha Yantra Locket or Vahan Yantra Locket or Vehicle Yantra locket depends upon the size, texture, material in which the Yantra is made. The price range of these Yantras starts from INR 275/- and goes up to INR 2,325/-

Benefits of buying a Vahan Yantra Locket

  • Offers protection from sudden accidents
  • Safeguards the wearer and the vehicle from any type of mishaps
  • Offers longevity
  • Nullifies bad energies and attract divine positive energies
  • Makes you alert and more responsible while travelling
  • Makes the travel safe as it builds a protective shield around the person who wears the yantra locket and the car or bike on
  • which this locket is hung or installed

Mantra for Raksha Yantra Locket

Om Namo Bhagavate Anjaneyaya Mahabalaya Swaha