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Buy Ganesh idol/ Ganesh Murti online:

Lord Ganesh is one of the highly revered Gods in Hinduism. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and an embodiment of wisdom, happiness, success and good fortune. Known for offering success in every undertaking. Lord Ganesh is addressed with many names like Sukhakarta (bestower of happiness) and Vighnaharta (Remover of obstacles) each having its own meaning. He is one of the prime deities in Hinduism and is worshipped in almost every Hindu household. People generally install Lord Ganesh idols/ Ganpati murti or photographs in their puja altar and offer prayers to it daily. Before any puja for any deities Devotees begin with invocation of Ganesh puja and seek his blessings. Buy a wide range of authentic Ganesh idols for home online from Rudra Centre. Lord Ganesh rules the Muladhara Chakra which is the Root Chakra associated with support, solidity and structure. If you are looking for Ganesh murti online/ stone murti online or searching for Ganesh statue India look no further. As we at Rudra Centre offer a huge collection of high quality Ganesh murti online booking

Different Ganesh Idols:

We at Rudra Centre offer an array of beautiful and meticulously carved Lord Ganesh ji moorti online at the best price. The Ganesh statues that we offer are made of high quality materials. We have an artistic and splendid collection of lord ganesha murti like the bronze ganesh statues, big ganesh idol for home, brass ganesha/ brass ganesha idols, Ganesh with stone work, and Ganesh murti in other different materials. Apart from this, all the Ganesh idols are different and represent different forms. Some of these are as follows:

Titwala Siddhivinayaka Ganesh Murti in brass:

This auspicious idol of Ganesh is made in brass and is a replica of the renowned Titwala Siddhivinayaka. Titwala Siddhivinayaka Ganesh is known for offering peace, prosperity, happiness and fortune. Married couples worship Him to maintain peace in their relationship while bachelors and spinsters worship Him to get married to a desirable partner.

Ganesha with Shivlingam:

This intricately carved brass ganesha idol with Shivlingam symbolizes the divine union of the Creator with His creation. Lord Shiva, the Supreme protects the innocent and destroys the evil, while Lord Ganesh wards off negativity and obstacles and offers success. This marvellous piece of Statue is a worth adorning masterpiece.

Ekadant Ganesha Idol:

As the name suggest Ekadanta means ‘single tusked’ Ganpati. He represents the Supreme Truth and this avatar killed Madasur.

Ganesha Murti - Bhumi Tatva:

Lord Ganesh Bhumi Tatva idol represents the Earth element. Seated on a lotus with gold embellishing, this statue of Lord Ganesha is accompanied with mantra and yantra. It also has a small container where you can grow durva grass which is loved by Lord Ganesh. You can install this divine idol in the South-West corner of your dwelling as it resonates with the Earth Element to improve the Vastu.

Panchmukhi Ganesh:

Enthroned on a pedestal, this moorti of Ganpati features five heads which symbolizes the five kosha namely
Annamaya Kosha: The flesh body made of matter
Pranamaya Kosha: The breath body, or energy body
Manomaya Kosha: The mental body
Vighnanamaya Kosha: The body of the Upper Consciousness
Anandamaya Kosha: The body of Cosmic Bless.

Divya Ganesha Idol with Stone Work:

This beautiful stone Ganpati murti is embellished with colourful stone work and is elegantly crafted using heavy brass. This idol is sure to enhance the aesthetic value of your home, office or shop décor while spreading positivity and protecting it against negative vibrations.

Ganesha in Leaf:

This elegant wall hanging of Ganesh is intricately carved in a leaf. Lord Ganesh is a God of wisdom, knowledge and quick with. Hang this beautiful wall hanging at the entrance of your dwelling and invite positivity and happiness.

Ganesha in Punchdhatu:

This beautiful idol of Ganpati is beautifully made in Panch dhatu which is a auspicious mix of 5 metals mentioned in the scriptures. This powerful idol can be installed in your home, office or shops
Apart from the above mentioned metal Ganesh idols/ Ganpati murtis we also offer Dagdu Ganesh, Mukut Ganesha, Ganesha on Lotus Diya, Lalbaugh Raja in Brass, Hanging Ganesh Bell, Ganesha with Aarti, Shree Ganesha on Swing, Vastu Ganesh and many more. If you want to do a Ganesh statue online purchase or God idols online purchase or get the best Ganesh idol price in Mumbai, browse through our range of niche metal ganesh murtis.

Benefits of installing the Ganesh statue:

  • ● Attracts positivity, prosperity, happiness
  • ● Wards of negativity
  • ● Enhance wisdom, and intellect
  • ● Removes obstacles from life and brings success
  • ● Safeguards from evil eye and protects from mishaps