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White Corals: Buy White Coral Stone Online, Coral Jewelry Stone, White Coral Price

White Coral stone also known as safed moonga in Hindi and are one of the most beneficial gemstones which are found in the water bodies instead of the Earth’s crust. White Corals are an outer shell or an exoskeleton of the marine animal Polyps. The Coral stone are highly revered in Vedic astrology as they are associated with planet Mars and offer a range of therapeutic and Spiritual benefits. Buy the White Moonga Stone online from Rudra Centre. We offer a wide range of natural and genuine coral white gemstones which are lab tested and Vedic astrologically approved.

Why to Wear White Moonga Stone, Properties of Safed Munga Gemstone:

The White Moonga comprises of 83% of calcium carbonate and little amount of other minerals like the magnesium and iron which makes it an ideal stone to help treat bone related issues and diseases. When white coral’s powder is mixed with honey and consumed, it helps relieve blood related diseases. Wearing a Safed Moonga promotes financial stability by attracting new opportunities. Wearing the white Coral stone helps treat diarrhoea, piles and short temper. The white Coral gemstone helps to remove negative energies. It offers calmness of the mind and fills the life with positivity. This powerful stone also helps to get rid of anger. Consuming the safed moonga powder with beetle leaf is said to reduce persistent coughing problem. All the White Coral gemstones that we offer are energised and blessed. Get loose Safed Moonga stones online at the best price from us.

White Coral Benefits:

  • • White Coral gemstone offers aid from anxiety, debility and fear of the unknown.
  • • Offers strength and boosts immune system
  • • A few Ayurveda texts prescribe using the white munga in treating jaundice, cough and blood related problems.
  • • The paste of moonga stone is mixed with medicinal herbs to make certain medicines in Ayurveda.
  • • According to the ancient scriptures, wearing a white coral around the navel during pregnancy, especially after two months of conceiving ensures safe delivery.
  • • The White Moonga Stone helps to overcome anxiety, fear and lack of confidence. It helps to enhance the communication skills.
  • • Boosts metabolism of kids and helps to increase the appetite.
  • • Offers relief from common cold, bronchitis and asthma
  • • Helps to dispel negative and suicidal thoughts

Apart from the above mentioned benefits the White Coral stone helps to cure leucoderma and blesses with a strong physique. The safed moonga boosts high energy levels, increases the stamina and makes one courageous. The white coral stone also offers protection from mishaps, injuries and serious surgical wounds and evil spirits. This beneficial stone also is known to reduce the mental stress and depression in a person.

Buy White Munga (Moonga) Online At Best Price In India

Buy real White Coral online from Rudra Centre, the Coral gemstone price depends upon the clarity, cuts and carat of the precious coral. We offer loose White moonga which is natural and of superior quality. You can buy loose white Coral gems or make Coral jewellery of your choice. The White Coral jewellery can also form a great gifting option. If you want to know the white moonga stone price browse through our range of exclusive collection available in various shapes and cuts and purchase the safed moonga online.