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About White Zircon Stone

What is White Zircon Stone/ White Zircon Gemstone

The glittering White Zircon gemstone is a popular semi-precious gemstone, which is the colorless variant of the many colors of Zircon stone. Natural White Zircon stone is available abundantly in nature. It is a much sought after stone for its astrological use, an aspect which has been widely used the world over because Natural White Zircon gemstone has been used as a substitute for Diamond. Besides looking similar to Diamond, White Zircon stones price is much lesser than Diamond. As Zircon stones price is cost-effective for customers, so, if recommended for astrological reasons, many choose White Zircon stones over Diamonds, because White Zircon price/cost is affordable compared to Diamond cost. Added to this the White Zircon gemstone has similar healing properties as that of Diamond.

Zircon stones, be it White Zircon stone or other colors are generally found in rocks like granite which are Igneous rocks. It is composed of Zirconium Silicate belonging to the mineral group of Nesosilicates. The Tetragonal structure of its crystals leads to the White brilliance that is associated with the White Zircon stone, which indicates the reason for the popularity of White Zircon jewelry. The refractive index of the White Zircon stone gives it dazzling shine. It is hard and durable, measuring 7.5 on the Moh scale. White Zircon is associated with the planet Uranus and it works on the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra. White Zircon stone is a birthstone for December borns.

The most common use of the gemstone is White Zircon jewelry, like Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants/Lockets, and Earrings. Natural White Zircon gemstone is favored by jewelers everywhere as Zircon price per carat/ White Zircon price per carat is low and the White Zircon jewelry looks attractive and shimmering and therefore is fast selling. The glamorous yet easily affordable Zircon stones price makes Zircon gemstone a choice for customers who want rich looking jewelry. However, there are heat-treated White Zircon too available in the market, as other colors of Zircon gemstone can be heat treated to change to the colorless White Zircon gemstone, which is sold at the natural White Zircon price. It is advisable to buy Natural White Zircon, especially if you are advised to wear it for astrological reasons, from a reliable and reputed jeweler or company. However, undeniably White Zircon gemstone looks extraordinary whether worn in isolation or as a combination with other gemstones and its cost seems nothing compared to the dazzling piece of White Zircon price.

History of White Zircon shows that it was popular in the medieval age the gemstone was worn to get a peaceful, undisturbed sleep and to keep at bay evil spirits. It was also used to attract money and prosperity. Some colors of Zircon stones were called Hyacinth (Greek) and is mentioned in the Bible.

White Zircon’s price depends on the cut, clarity, quality gradation of the White Zircon gemstone. If it appears clear to the naked eye then White Zircon stone price will be more. White Jarkan stone price of luxury quality cost high in White Zircon price per carat. The White Zircon price also sees an increase if the cut is fancier.

Its popular use as an astrological gemstone is well known and many who cannot afford to wear a Diamond as per the astrologer's advice resort to wearing a White Zircon gemstone, which is another good reason for White Zircon stone price/White Jarkan stone price costing more than usual.

Buy natural White Zircon gemstone of superior quality from Rudra Centre at an affordable White Zircon price. We have an array of White Zircon gemstone of different weights and sizes at the most economical White Zircon stone price/Zircon stone price in the market. We sell natural White Zircon gemstone which is not heat-treated/chemical treated which gives you the satisfaction of paying for a genuine piece of the gemstone at the best White Zircon stones price.

Benefits of White Zircon Stone

  • Natural White Zircon stone benefits by unblocking the Sahasrara Chakra known as the central crown chakra. This node of our body decides the awareness of our existence. When blocked, it leads to a lack of enthusiasm in life and fears of all kinds including that of death and bad luck.
  • This stone helps enhances the wearer's memory and prevents headaches, migraines, and old age memory loss or Alzheimer's disease or Dementia.
  • White Zircon benefits by giving clarity and brings blessings and harmony in relationships including in marital life.
  • White Zircon Gemstone benefits by protecting from nightmares, bringing deep and peaceful sleep.
  • Wearing White Zircon benefits by removing negative and lower energies and brings positivity to life.
  • White Zircon gemstone benefits, providing relief to migraine and headaches.