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Yantra Combinations

What is a Yantra Combination?

Yantra Combination is an arrangement of various Yantras that are put together to make an incredibly potent Mala or Bracelet. The customers have the option of picking Yantras of their choice and our artisans at Rudra Centre build-in the specific yantras in the lockets artistically. The resultant Mala or Bracelet not only turns out to be an artistic accessory but also tends to be tremendously healing and transformational to the wearer. There is a wide collection of Yantras available with us so one can choose from numerous options. Every Yantra is energized and made by following Vedic scriptures. The customized Yantra Combination accessory is useful for individuals having various physical ailments, mental health issues, emotional problems, planetary Dosha (defects), Chakra imbalance, etc.

Why buy Energized Yantra Combinations?

Buying energized Yantra Combinations is more helpful as compared to a non-energized combination. The Yantras are energized through divine mantra chanting which increases the effectiveness of the Yantra. This procedure is performed by our well-qualified Pundits as per ancient Vedic rituals. Each Yantra has a presiding deity and energizing the Yantra invokes the presence of that God or Goddess in it. It proves to be beneficial for the sadhaks/worshippers as it shows quick and transformational results. Properly engraved Yantra diagrams give the desired outcome and thus, it is mandatory to check the genuineness of the supplier. It is recommended to buy such accessories only from trusted sources like Rudra Centre to get original products.

Placement / How to wear a Yantra combination?

The Yantra Combination necklace/bracelet has to be worn around the neck or wrist respectively. It suits ethnic wear as well as casual wear because of its design and style. This combination necklace can also be paired with western clothes to create a chic and classy look with the benefits of all the Yantras.

Is Yantra Combination wearable?

It is a smartly created accessory option for individuals having more than one problem to curb. The Yantras are beautifully strung in a thread with other beads as per your preference. Its perfect arrangement and simple design make it wearable and suitable for almost all types of attires or outfits.

Benefits of Yantra Combination

Yantra Combinations benefit the wearer in a number of different ways and the transformational energies within them draw positivity towards the wearer. Various benefits of wearing a Yantra Combination Mala/Necklace or Bracelet are listed below:

  • It is made for the convenience of sadhaks/worshippers
  • It helps control many issues at a single time
  • It brings the blessings of different deities
  • It becomes more powerful and the combined energies act faster on the problems
  • It resolves different problems and brings solutions
  • It ensures physical, mental, financial and holistic well-being
  • It attracts positive energies
  • It creates a protective shield/Kavach around the wearer
  • It is an all-inclusive accessory and tool to pacify the intensity of problems in life
  • It instills a sense of calmness in the wearer
  • It helps combat various planetary defects at once
  • It is useful for keeping negative forces at bay
  • A combination of planetary Yantras is helpful for negating the bad effects of malefic planets
  • Likewise, a combination of Protection Yantras, Knowledge Yantras, Prosperity Yantras, etc. serves the respective purpose
  • Set of Yantras similar to Baglamukhi Yantra are effective for winning over enemies and getting success in legal matters
  • Other powerful Yantra Combinations may show results depending on the wearer’s devoutness to daily worship and mantra chanting

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre has a wide collection of Yantras, Yantra pendants, natural gemstones, Rudraksha beads, and more. This range is specifically dedicated to customizing Yantra Combinations for combined blessings of various deities. You can buy Yantra Combinations online from us today. We have the most precisely etched Yantras after years of deep research. The Yantra lockets in Combination necklaces are thoroughly scrutinized by our experts and energized by Rudra Centre Pundits. 22,000+ positive testimonials and great credibility represent our commitment to providing authentic spiritual products over the years. Our experts are available over call and live chat if you need assistance while buying any Yantra Combination or other products. Adorn your own Yantra Combination Mala/ Necklace or Bracelet by placing an order with us. We deliver across the globe to every customer. We also have a wonderful collection of God and Goddesses idols in different gemstones, 3D Yantras, fresh items for puja, puja accessories, Maha Yantras, Rudrakshas, Gemstones, etc. We have all your spiritual needs covered under one roof to save your valuable time.

Yantra Combination Price

Yantra Combination Malas/Bracelets have different Yantras of the wearer’s choice which make its price variable from piece to piece. The size, number of Yantras, metal and finish broadly affect the price and it varies accordingly. Every Yantra is of superior quality, effective and long-lasting which makes the Yantra Combination totally worth it.