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About Yantras on Bhojpatra

What is Bhojpatra?

In ancient India, the Bhojpatra was used as paper. Scriptures, texts, Mantras, Yantras were originally written and drawn on Bhojpatra by Rishis/Sages, Munis during that time. Bhojpatra is the bark of Himalayan Birch Trees or Silver Birch trees, the Botanical name is Betula Utilise. The Bhojpatra is also called Burja Patra and because it was used as paper, also called Lekhya Patra. The Himalayan Silver Birch Tree's bark is White and has similarity in appearance with paper. Commonly it was used to write letters, Astrologers used it to draw Kundli/ Birth charts and Yantras on Bhojpatra are till date considered special and sacred.

Bhojpatra Yantra

Yantras are sacred geometric diagrams and also consist of Beej Mantras, Digits or Numbers, symbols associated with a particular Deity or Planet etc. Yantras are instruments or tools which help to manifest desires and fulfil wishes. 2D Yantras are generally inscribed or etched on metal plates, like Copper, Silver, Gold and also Crystals but in ancient times Yantras were drawn on Bhojpatra. The Yantras on Bhojpatra are considered the pure and best form for manifesting desires and are most powerful. It is believed that the power of Yantras gets enhanced when drawn or written on Bhojpatra, therefore giving quick, accurate results. Because the Bhojpatra is the bark of the Birch Tree which grows in the Himalayas, which is considered a sacred region by Hindus(Lord Shiva association). Bhojpatra provides sattvikta (purity and energy) and helps the Yantra accomplish its purpose. Bhojpatra Yantras can be kept in alter at home/office space and are also worn as Talisman. The Bhojpatra, though delicate, can stay intact for a long time, if kept with a bit of care. Unlike paper, Bojpatra does not get spoiled if water falls on it, however, it can get torn easily due to its fine nature. Bhojpatra Yantra price is much lesser than metal or Yantras or other material.

How to Write Yantra on Bhojpatra or How to make Yantra on Bhojpatra

The ancient paper, medium to write or draw on, Bhojpatra, is available in White and Reddish colour. Originally, Yantras used to be drawn on Bhojpatra with specially made ink from Sandalwood Powder, Ashwagandha Powder, Rosewood Powder and special Herb granules, which are mixed with water to get a proper consistency to serve as ink. Therefore, the special ink is also an important aspect for augmentation of the power of the Yantra on Bhojpatra. What colour ink is to be used for a particular Yantra is to be decided before making the ink, with the natural Herb powders. The Pen is an indigenous one made from the branch of Anar or Pomegranate Tree.

The Bhojpatra Yantras are drawn or written on auspicious days, Diwali is one of the most popular days recommended to draw the Yantra on Bhojpatra, Holi is another such day. Besides these, there are other days of the week when the Yantra on Bhojpatra can be drawn. Different Yantras are to be drawn on a particular day of the week or month. Select a proper Muhurat (special auspicious time). Ideally, it should be drawn sitting on the floor, but in today's time sitting on a chair and table is also accepted. It is best to Take a Square or Rectangular Bhojpatra of the size you require to draw the Yantra. Make the ink by mixing the Herb powders with a bit of water. You may choose to sit in front of your Puja altar while making the Bhojpatra Yantra.

It is advised to keep a reference of what Yantra you want to write and draw in front of you. Every Yantra has a particular Mantra. While drawing the Yantra you can chant the Mantra. With pure intention and with focus draw the Yantra. Once the drawing or writing of the Yantra is over, leave it to dry in a clean place for a short time. Before using the Yantra, it has to be energized for the Yantra to work to fulfil your desire. Bhojpatra can be bought easily from shops. However, be careful of fake Bhojpatras, which are sold, that look like the original Bhojpatra.

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