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About Yantras on Gemstones

What are Gemstone Yantras and how are they made

Gemstone Yantras or large Maha Ratna Shakti Yantras are big size Gemstones with images of Yantra on them. Particular Gemstones have a specific Yantra image which is associated with the stone or which works best with the Gemstone attributes. Therefore, each Yantra image may be found on two or three types of Gemstone as it gives the best outcome with these Gemstones. Yantras are mystical tools or instruments which helps to fulfil desires of the devotee. The Yantra a simple Geometric form comprising of Triangles, Circles, Digits, Symbols, etc. Each Yantra is connected to a Hindu Deity.

Yantras draw Cosmic energies that emanate it in the space it is installed in. Yantra diagrams are also known as Mandala. Literally Yantra means "to control, curb, bind or influence". They can also be considered as diagrammatic representations of different Mantras and thus helps resonate positive energies, disperse negative energies and help individual elevate spiritually.

The Gemstone Yantras bestow the benefits of the Gemstone and the particular Yantra image. The Yantras on Gemstones are big size Gemstones with colourful UV prints of the various Yantras on them. They are generally kept on a stand as they are heavy and need to be kept upright. These Maha Ratna Shakti Yantras are washable and easy to maintain. These Gemstone Yantras can be kept at home and office.

Uses and Benefits of Gemstone Yantras

Yantras have been used since ancient times and are found as 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional. Yantras on Gemstone looks appealing, easily fits into the decor of home or office. The Yantras work in magical ways and Gemstone Yantras bring the double impact of the Yantra and the Gemstone. Rudra Centre offers an extensive collection of Gemstone Yantras, each of which are meant for different purposes and tuned to Deities. The Yantras can be installed in homes or offices and are best kept in East facing the West. The Maha Ratna Shakti Yantras are washable and long lasting, made of 100% natural Gemstone and clear neat UV prints of the Yantra geometry.

  • The Maha Ratna Shakti Yantras emanates positive energies and eliminates negative energies. Therefore, Gemstone Yantras are great as tools to usher positive energies.
  • Yantras are very powerful by itself. The Gemstones are endowed with natural healing powers. When Yantras on Gemstone are installed and worshipped, they give the benefits of both the Yantra and the Gemstone. For example - Shree Laxmi Yantra on Rose Quartz benefits by bringing prosperity, wealth, good fortune, material comforts, love, compassion, care and abundance. These merits are a mix of the Laxmi Yantra and Rose Quartz Gemstone.
  • The Maha Ratna Shakti Yantra is worshipped to manifest desires swiftly. The intention or Sankalp of the devotee is very important while worshipping the Gemstone Yantras as they are excellent at fulfilling desires.
  • The Gemstone Yantras are used for meditation. They are tuned to the energies of the Gods and Goddesses and when meditated upon by focusing on the Bindu or the centre point of the Gemstone Yantra, along with chanting of Mantras of the presiding Deity of the Yantra, aligns your energies to that of the Deity and bestows rich benefits. It is one of the most powerful ways of connecting to the Divine energies of the Yantra.
  • The Yantras on Gemstone aid in spiritual growth.
  • Gemstone Yantras draws prosperity, wealth, material contentment.
  • Installing the Maha Ratna Shakti Yantra covers the space with a shield of protection.
  • The Yantras on Gemstone brings immense blessings of the Deity of the Yantra which bestows unimaginable benefits.

Various Gemstone Yantras and their Significance

Rudra Centre has a wide range of Gemstone Yantras or Maha Ratna Shakti Yantras which are meant for different purposes that attracts valuable merits.

Some of the Gemstone Yantras are:

  • Shree Yantra on Rose Quartz - Believed to be the most powerful Yantra the Shree Yantra helps to manifest wealth, prosperity, material abundance, eliminates miseries, is very protective and much more. The Shree Yantra is said to be the residing place of all Gods and Goddesses. The Rose Quartz Gemstone has the attributes of love, compassion, understanding, care, helps to forgive self and others. The Shree Yantra on Rose Quartz brings material abundance, name, fame, affluence, love, understanding, growth in all aspects of life and fulfils desires of the devotee.
  • Shree Maha Mrithyunjay Yantra on Red Jasper - The Maha Mrityunjay Yantra is presided by Mrityunjaya Lord Shiva and gives benevolent outcome when worshipped or meditated upon by chanting the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra. The Yantra protects from diseases, ailments including fatal ones, heals physically, mentally and emotionally, removes fear of untimely death and diseases, etc. The Maha Mrityunjay Yantra on Red Jasper gives the benefits of Red Jasper Gemstone, like realising one's true potential, growth, etc. and benefits the devotee in professional and spiritual aspects, aids students to enhance their potentials and skills and brings other benefits.
  • Mahamrityunjay Ratna Shakti Yantra - This Yantra is on Red Aventurine Gemstone which is empowering, provides energy, stamina and brings all the benefits of the holistic healing of Mahamrityunjay Yantra, enhancing growth in various aspects of life, provides strength and confidence and more.
  • Shree Ganesh Yantra on Cats Eye - This auspicious Yantra is presided over by Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. Installing and worshipping the Shree Ganesh Yantra on Cats Eye at home or office eliminates all obstacles from the path to success, brings new opportunities, bestows intelligence, wisdom, profits in new business ventures, growth, prosperity, spiritual advancement and blessings of Lord Ganesha.
  • The Ganesh Ratna Shakti Yantra - The Ganesh Yantra is on Red Aventurine Gemstone and bring balance, enhances creativity, wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, removes obstacles, brings success, stability, prosperity, etc.
  • Shree Vishnu Yantra on Green Jade - This Yantra has the UV print of Lord Shree Vishnu on Green Jade Gemstone. The Shree Vishnu Yantra on Green Jade provides good health, wealth, protection, success in all aspects, fame, progress, compassion for self and others, etc. Meditating on this Yantra brings all round happiness in family and well being, helps to forgive self and others, etc.
  • Shree Hanuman Yantra on Red Jasper - Lord Hanuman is revered and worshipped for providing protection, power, confidence, will to face all challenges successfully. Along with the attributes of Red Jasper Gemstone, this meritorious Yantra also bestows material and spiritual success.
  • Shree Durga Yantra on Gomed - The Yantra is excellent in eliminating all hurdles in life and moving ahead with courage, hope, brings positivity, prosperity, love, success and blessings of Goddess Durga.
  • Santan Gopal Ratna Shakti Yantra - The Yantra is presided by the Lord Krishna's childhood energies, Gopal and is potent in fulfilling the desires of couples who are finding it difficult to have a child and is excellent in blessing with progeny. It enhances creativity, fertility, protects pregnant mothers and ensures safe child birth. The Yantra image is on Green Aventurine Gemstone and also bestows the devotee with a loving and harmonious relationships between married couples and in family, blesses with healthy baby, etc.
  • Saraswati Ratna Shakti Yantra - Endowed with the energies of Goddess Saraswati on Lapis Lazuli Gemstone. It is excellent for students, teachers, singers, artists, those who want to improve their oratory skills or those who are timid in expressing themselves. The Yantra brings knowledge, successful and higher education, clears communication and helps to progress in life.
  • Shree Mahakali Yantra on Lolite / Mahakali Ratna Shakti Yantra - The Mahakali Yantra is on Iolite Gemstone and is extremely powerful in removing fears, limiting thoughts and beliefs, protects from lower or evil energies, brings courage, confidence to move beyond comfort zone to gain success, prosperity, abundance, etc. Meditating on this Yantra aids in spiritual attainments and fulfilment of desires.

Our collection has many more options of Yantras on Gemstones for you to choose from, like Shree Shiva Yantra on Amethyst, Shree Krishna Yantra on Orange Jade, Shree Baglamukhi Yantra on Yellow Jade, etc., which you can find when you browse our website.

When you buy Gemstone Yantras ensure that the Gemstone is natural and genuine and the Yantra UV print is clear and neat to bring maximum benefits. Buy Gemstone Yantras from a reliable, reputed and trusted shop or dealer of Yantras on Gemstones.

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Rudra Centre offers an extensive collection of Yantras on Various Gemstones which are colourful UV prints of various Deity Yantra diagrams on different Gemstones of large size. The Yantra Mandalas are neat and clear and gives optimum benefits, and the Gemstones are 100% natural and genuine. These meritorious Maha Ratna Shakti Yantras have proved magical for customers who bought them. Each Yantra on Gemstone has a particular purpose and fulfils wishes. We provide the best quality Gemstone Yantras keeping in mind the requirements of our esteemed customers and clients. We offer a lovely stand for the Gemstone Yantra to hold the Yantra in its place and the packaging is done in a pretty Satin Gift Box with a label enlisting the benefits of the Yantra. Choose from the virtuous Maha Ratna Shakti Yantras and order online with us. Our efficient team will deliver your order within a few days of you placing the order, with the Yantra on Gemstone safely packed. We provide the best large Maha Ratna Shakti Yantra price in the market.