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Yellow Citrine Stone

Yellow Citrine is a variety of quartz closely related to amethyst. It is a joyful stone that emits brilliant energy that motivates many facets of life. It is thought that it carries good fortune and luck energies that can manifest in a variety of ways. As quartz, it possesses powerful amplification properties. In crystal work, yellow citrine is known for its success and prosperity properties. Furthermore known as the "Success Stone".

Yellow Citrine gemstone brings hope by eliminating negative energies. It is beneficial in meditation, psychic awareness, and spiritual development. The yellow gemstone is helpful in increasing mental clarity, confidence and will power. Yellow citrine cleanses the environment (home, office, car, or other areas indoors or outdoors) of unwanted energies. Negative energies can result in disharmony in the family and it can be taken care of with yellow citrine. The elimination of negativity leads to spiritual and psychic clarity and growth. It never requires energetic clearing because it does not absorb negative energies from its surroundings but rather melts them, just as the sun's rays melt snow.

Yellow Citrine Gemstone works on the Solar Plexus or Manipura chakra and increases personal power and energy. The improved personal power leads to focused intent of the individual and will power. It removes confusion, low self-confidence and lack of drive and motivation. Yellow citrine is an invigorating gemstone at physical, mental and spiritual levels.

The term Citrine is derived from the word for lemon, the sweet and sharp citron energy that we adore for its refreshing and stimulating effect. Yellow citrine is like a summer vacation for your soul, with the power of positivism, a surge of brilliant vitality, and bringing warm sunshine to a drained nervous system.

Yellow Citrine is ruled by the Sun, and it works wonders when it comes to warming the physical body and bringing uplifting moods, just like standing in the gentle glow of sunlight. By incorporating yellow citrine into your life, you can say goodbye to sluggish vibes. Citrine provides an instant boost of energy and can be an excellent gift for those suffering from chronic fatigue or other health issues that deplete your personal resources.

It's not surprising that the bright, sunny mood radiated by yellow citrine is all about good vibes, excitement, and not giving up your personal power. If you ever feel like you've lost control, yellow citrine will remind you that all you have to do is smile and take it back.

It helps you clear your mind, let go of negative and angry feelings, and take deep, cleansing breaths, all of which help you get over feelings of disorientation, sadness, and destructive tendencies.

Yellow citrine can help you get over your fears by giving you a gentle flow of healing energy and letting you know that no matter what, you can be responsible for your own safety and that you will not fail.

When you have yellow citrine on your side, you feel like you can do anything, and you can. You'll suddenly feel like you're the most important person in the world. You'll stay on your feet and even be ready to accept criticism with gentleness and grace.

Other Names:Sunela
Yellow Citrine Gemstone Planet:Sun
Vedic Rashi (Moon Sign):Sagittarius
Lagna (Ascendants):Aries, Leo, Libra
Yellow Citrine Zodiac Sun Sign:Scorpio
Yellow Citrine Gemstone Chakra:Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra
Birthstone of which Month:November


Although Yellow Citrine gemstone can be worn by anyone for its healing, mystic and other benefits, it is highly recommended that an astro and chakra expert consultation is sought before wearing Yellow Citrine. In Chakra science, it helps open and balance the Solar Plexus Chakra. Thus, it is highly recommended for those looking for relief from stress, peace of mind and calmness.

One may also consult a Chakra analyst or a Vedic astrologer to check the compatibility of the stone. This gemstone blesses with a soothing feeling and relaxing effect. You can take advantage of our expert advice on the suitability and compatibility of wearing this stone.

Yellow Citrine can help those suffering from stomach and gallbladder problems, as well as sadness, by bringing them more joy, optimism, and confidence; thus, it is a very beneficial gemstone for anyone who lacks motivation or strength in their lives.

It is a strong stimulant that is used to improve mental activities, intellectual power, and waking up inner clarity and impulse to act in life. These energizing properties make it an ideal gemstone to wear by professionals under constant stress in any field.

Important Details: 

Note that one should only wear natural, unheated, untreated Yellow Citrine gemstones so they can experience healing and empowerment. Rudra Centre only deals in 100% natural, unheated, untreated Yellow Citrine gemstones.

How many carats?10 Carats and above
Which metal for the ring?Gold
Color of Yellow Citrine:Yellow
Which finger to wear in:Consult Our Experts to know the correct finger.
When to wear (Day and Time):Sunday morning
Mantra For Yellow Citrine Stone:Om Sum Suryaya Namah (108 Times)

Yellow Citrine Buying Guide

Check its Origin:

Deposits of Yellow Citrine are primarily located in India, Australia, Spain, and South America, including Brazil and Uruguay. Brazil is the main producer of citrine and is renowned for having the finest yellow citrines in the world.

Observe their Color:

Yellow citrine is the most popular yellow-to-orange gemstone due to its attractive color, which reminds one of the reflections of honey. A saturated yellow that has a reddish orange hue devoid of brownish shades is prized in yellow citrine, although its most popular hue on the modern market is an earthy brownish or reddish orange hue.

Notice their Clarity:

Dealers seek citrines devoid of color zoning and discernible inclusions. Much of the faceted citrine on the market is eye-clean, meaning it lacks inclusions that are visible to the naked eye.

Examine their Inclusions:

In general, the most valuable and desirable citrine is transparent, free of inclusions, and of a rich, dark hue. The best yellow citrine gemstones have no eye-visible inclusions.

See their Shape:

Although yellow citrine is available in standard shapes and sizes such as oval, round, cushion, pear, and square, many high-end jewelry designers and gemstone carvers have fashioned the warm yellow gemstone into unconventional cuts for jewelry and carvings in recent years.

Check the Carats:

For Yellow Citrine of gem quality, the raw Yellow Citrine is divided and polished into smaller stones of variable carat weight. In general, Yellow Citrine weighing between 10 and 30 carats and above are appropriate for jewelry. Because Yellow Citrine is sold by weight, Yellow Citrine prices are calculated per carat. Stones of comparable dimensions but distinct varieties vary greatly in price. The more carats and clarity Yellow Citrine has, the higher its price.

Avoid Heated & Treated Yellow Citrine:

Due to treatments the Yellow Citrine stone loses its natural composition and thus loses its natural frequency. These heated and treated Yellow Citrine do not offer any healing benefits and should be avoided.

Check for Lab Certificate:

It is recommended that you should purchase Yellow Citrine gemstones along a lab tested certificate which can determine its authenticity, treatment status and origin. Rudra Centre has been dealing in natural unheated untreated lab certified gemstones for the past 25 years. Our Yellow Citrine are certified from trusted labs like GIA, IGI, GLI and IGITL.

Why buy Yellow Citrine from Rudra Centre?

We only deal with untreated and unheated gemstones from their natural sources, which we energize in accordance with Vedic Vidhi, after more than 20 years of research and 100.000+ satisfied, healed, and empowered customers.

Can I give my used Yellow Citrine gemstone to someone else?

You should avoid it if you are wearing it. However, if you have not used it for an extended period, you can pass it on to someone else. It is recommended to not wear it for at least 2 weeks before giving it to someone else. You can also follow the cleansing and reenergizing process mentioned in the benefits section.

General Benefits of Yellow Citrine

  • It enhances personal power.
  • It stimulates natural optimism.
  • It makes you feel brave and fearless.
  • It brings shine, luster, sparkle, and vigor.
  • It instills discipline and self-assurance in the wearer.
  • It elevates personal independence over others.
  • It calms down stress, suspicion, worries and anger.
  • It reinforces self-discipline, hence enhancing self-respect.
  • It motivates one to take action to achieve his objectives.
  • It magnifies our motivation and sense of duty.
  • It releases dependency on others.
  • It significantly reduces stress.

Health Benefits of Yellow Citrine

  • It regulates the digestive system.
  • It heals the stomach and indigestion issues.
  • It heals liver ailments and the pancreas.
  • It heals problems of the small intestine.
  • It boosts the overall body’s energy.

Mental & Spiritual Benefits of Yellow Citrine

  • It eliminates anxiety and fear.
  • It promotes streamlined direction.
  • It reawakens the warrior spirit within.
  • It balances the Solar Plexus (Manipura) chakra.
  • It connects you to your goals and life purpose.
  • It brings courage and emotional bravery.
  • It frees up any stagnant situation.

Astrological Benefits of Yellow Citrine

  • It removes the afflictions of a debilitated Sun in the birth chart.
  • It removes hardships from yearly Solar Returns and their resolutions.

How to Energize & Recharge Yellow Citrine Gemstone?

Yellow Citrine purification alone is insufficient to obtain its desired benefits. Its energization is likewise essential. One must energize his or her Yellow Citrine stone jewelry prior to wearing it.

Perform the activation or energization rituals following the completion of the purification process.

To Cleanse your Yellow Citrine Dip it in Salt Water Solution (If possible, use unprocessed sea salt) OR you can perform the smudging technique using Sage or Palo Santo.

Keep it under Sunlight or Under Full Moon Rays for 10 – 15 mins.

Hold the Yellow Citrine in your hand and Chant the Yellow Citrine gemstone Mantra:

Om Sum Suryaya Namaha || ॐसुं सूर्याय नम || 108 times.

While chanting the mantra you can visualize white color positive energy surrounding your Yellow Citrine and restoring its powers.

Other Mantras of Lord Surya (Sun) you can chant are mentioned below

Vedic Stotra Mantra for Surya Planet

|| Namah Suryaya Shantaya Sarvaroga Nivaarine
Ayu rarogya maisvairyam dehi devah jagatpate ||

One who looks like the Hibiscus flower, Son of Kashyapa, full of radiance, Foe of darkness and the one who dispels all sins, I prostrate that Surya.

Tantrik Beeja Mantra for Surya/Sun

Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryay Namah ||

You can choose to reenergize the Yellow Citrine on a Sunday.

Now, wear your Yellow Citrine to appease Lord Surya and receive its blessings.

How to check if Yellow Citrine suits you?

Preferably, a powerful gemstone such as Yellow Citrine should only be worn after consultation with an RRST specialist. Nevertheless, it will be appropriate if worn according to RRST, and we will add bhasm and energize it for only positive effects.

You can also give yourself at least 72 hours after embracing a Yellow Citrine to determine whether or not you are experiencing any negative effects. If after 72 hours of embracing the Yellow Citrine stone you do not feel even the slightest effect, you are safe to use Yellow Citrine, as this shows it is safe and sure for you and it will not negatively affect you in any way.

If after a few days of wearing you feel completely energized, inspired, and normal instead of confused, drowsy and numb, Yellow Citrine is a good choice for you. You will soon receive a subtle indication that wealth and good fortune are abundant in your life. Yellow Citrine has been considered a gemstone of luck and prosperity for centuries.

How to know if Yellow Citrine is working?

Within 10 days of wearing, you should start feeling more vigorous than usual, as this is an invigorating gemstone. Now, purposeful intentions should be perceived with a broader perspective and scope of accomplishment. You should feel energized and closer to your objectives. You might observe that you emanate a certain brilliance that attracts others. You will realize how powerful your inner knowledge is and begin to enjoy being the center of attention if you used to shy away from others or rely heavily on the opinions of others.

The yellow citrine's brilliance is more evident in how others react and interact with you. You are no longer in the background but in the spotlight. If you suffer from a debilitating mental or physical condition, you should also observe a significant improvement. Yellow citrine is straightforward to determine if it is working or not, as the light of your Self cannot be suppressed and should be at its brightest while wearing it.

How long do the effects of Yellow Citrine last?

If cared for properly, a Yellow Citrine can be worn as jewelry for generations. You must wear it until your chakras are balanced. Typically, experts advise wearing gemstones for four years, after which they are no longer necessary.

For the best results it is highly recommended that one wears only 100% natural, unheated, and untreated Yellow Citrine gemstones. As per the Vedic scriptures, a heat treatment harms its sattvic nature, rendering the stone less effective and beneficial. Like other gemstones, the quality of Yellow Citrine is also determined by the four Cs (Color, Cut, Carat, Clarity). 


The best quality Yellow Citrine stones are bright golden yellow in color with hue that is evenly distributed with no visible color-zone.


Best quality Yellow Citrine stones have cuts that maximize the effect of hue, tone, saturation and surface area.


Yellow Citrine of 10 carat and above is most popular in Vedic Astrology. Significant smaller and larger Yellow Citrine are used in contemporary jewelry. Generally, the price of Yellow Citrine rises as the size/weight/carat increases.


Yellow Citrine gemstones have good transparency, the best are clear with no eye-visible scratches or inclusions.

Traders deal in Turquoise stones which are synthetic to natural but which are treated/heated and color enhanced, so it is immensely important to purchase only from a reputed dealer with certification from a reputed lab.

Yellow Citrine gemstone Price

The price of Yellow Citrine gemstone depends on its size, its cut, as well as its origin in terms of color and clarity. Weight and color richness with dark tones are the priciest, but this is an affordable gemstone to attain in a variety of designs.

When a gemstone is heat-treated or undergoes the dying process, its healing properties are lost when it is worn. Yellow Citrine has numerous curative properties; to maximize its curative effects, only untreated Yellow Citrine stone should be worn.

The price of genuine, natural and unheated, untreated Yellow Citrine gemstones at Rudra Centre ranges from INR 769 to INR 76,275 (USD 9 to USD 953).

How to Identify or Test Original & Authentic Yellow Citrine?

The best way to check the authenticity of Yellow Citrine is by getting a Lab tested report from a reputed laboratory. Rudra Centre only deals with Vedic Astrology approved gemstones that are natural, untreated, and unheated. All our Yellow Citrine are certified by reputable labs like GIA, GLI, IGI and IGITL.

Look for flaws along with inclusions. Use a magnifying glass with at least 10x magnification to examine the Yellow Citrine carefully. Look for specks and blemishes, as they form with minute particles of other material. These flaws are strong evidence that a Yellow Citrine is genuine. Lab-created (fake) Yellow Citrine have no inclusions of this nature, and neither do natural Yellow Citrine, but if you find flaws, then your Yellow Citrine is genuine.

Examine the gemstone for air bubbles. Essentially, lab-created Yellow Citrine are glass that has undergone a process similar to that which forms natural Yellow Citrine. Since they are made of glass, they retain miniscule air bubbles after formation. If there are bubbles within the Yellow Citrine, it is not genuine. Be sure to inspect your Yellow Citrine from every angle by turning it over. There is a possibility that bubbles of air will only be evident from a single angle.

Look at how light is reflected by the Yellow Citrine. Turn off all the lights and shine your flashlight on the Yellow Citrine. If it is genuine, it will only reflect light of the same hue as itself. If it is a fake, made of glass, it will reflect colors other than the natural color of the gem.

Yellow Citrine Cleaning & Maintenance

With a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and good abrasion resistance, ultrasonic cleaners are generally safe, with the rare exception of stones that have been dyed or fracture-filled.

However, avoid steam cleaning, as yellow citrine should not be heated. Abrupt shifts in temperature can cause citrine to fracture. Some citrine hues are susceptible to fading after prolonged exposure to intense light.

Yellow citrine is best cleaned with warm, soapy water, as it does not require rigorous cleaning procedures like other stones that are more susceptible to absorbing negative energies, whereas this bright yellow crystal retains its energetic purity.

No, Yellow Citrine will activate and work only if it is in contact with your body at the correct position. To experience 100% results from Yellow Citrine you have to wear it as per RRST. Please consult our RRST counselors for guidance.

No, heated Yellow Citrine does not work.

If you have worn the Yellow Citrine continuously you may not need to re-energize it. It is advisable to energize it if you have not worn it for an extended period of time. You can follow the steps mentioned in the Benefits Section.

The best way is to get a lab test certificate from reputed labs like GIA, IGI, GLI and IGITL.

With proper care, the effects of Yellow Citrine will last for generations. The majority of the time, they balance the chakras, we learn the lessons and align with the planets, and we may no longer need them after a period of time.

Yellow Citrine weighing 10 carats and above are appropriate for harnessing its properties.

You can wash it with soapy water and use a soft toothbrush or cloth to remove stains, dirt, etc. You can read in detail in the Quality & Price Section.

For the best results, use the stone as a Ring or Pendant and it has to be worn as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy, RRST, which is a scientific healing method devised by Sakhashree Neetaji. To know the right placement of Yellow Citrine gemstone, you may contact us as our team of experts will guide you.

You do not need to follow any precautions if you are wearing the Yellow Citrine as per RRST.

You can wear Yellow Citrine gemstone everyday as per RRST and ideally start to wear it on a Sunday morning.

Those who experience the psychological and physical issues described in the Benefits section, as well as those whose Solar Plexus chakra is out of balance.

Yes, Yellow Citrine will suit you if you wear it as per RRST. Please consult our RRST counselors for proper guidance and how to wear the gemstone.

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Yellow Citrine - 2.25 caratsYellow Citrine - 2.25 carats
Yellow Citrine - 2.25 Carats
INR 844Product Code: YTG116  
Yellow Citrine - 2.55 caratYellow Citrine - 2.55 carat
Yellow Citrine - 2.55 Carat
INR 1,000Product Code: YTG117  
Yellow Citrine - 2.80 caratsYellow Citrine - 2.80 carats
Yellow Citrine - 2.80 Carats
INR 1,050Product Code: YTG32  
Yellow Citrine - 3 to 4 carats - CushionYellow Citrine - 3 to 4 carats - Cushion
Yellow Citrine - 3 to 4 Carats - Cushion
INR 1,313Product Code: YTG49  
Yellow Citrine - 3 to 4 carats - OvalYellow Citrine - 3 to 4 carats - Oval
Yellow Citrine - 3 to 4 Carats - Oval
INR 1,313Product Code: YTG18  
Yellow Citrine - 3 to 4 caratsYellow Citrine - 3 to 4 carats
Yellow Citrine - 3 to 4 Carats
INR 1,313Product Code: YTG33  
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 3 to 4 caratsYellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 3 to 4 carats
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 3 to 4 Carats
INR 1,575Product Code: YTG62  
Yellow Citrine - 4.50 caratsYellow Citrine - 4.50 carats
Yellow Citrine - 4.50 Carats
INR 1,690Product Code: YTG113  
Yellow Citrine - 4.70 carats - CushionYellow Citrine - 4.70 carats - Cushion
Yellow Citrine - 4.70 Carats - Cushion
INR 1,763Product Code: YTG50  
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 3.95 caratsYellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 3.95 carats
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 3.95 Carats
INR 1,778Product Code: YTG72 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 4.75 caratsYellow Citrine - 4.75 carats
Yellow Citrine - 4.75 Carats
INR 1,781Product Code: YTG34  
Yellow Citrine - 5 to 6 carats - IIYellow Citrine - 5 to 6 carats - II
Yellow Citrine - 5 to 6 Carats - II
INR 2,063Product Code: YTG85 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 5 to 6 carats - IYellow Citrine - 5 to 6 carats - I
Yellow Citrine - 5 to 6 Carats - I
INR 2,063Product Code: YTG01  
Yellow Citrine - 5 to 6 carats - Square CushionYellow Citrine - 5 to 6 carats - Square Cushion
Yellow Citrine - 5 to 6 Carats - Square Cushion
INR 2,063Product Code: YTG12  
Yellow Citrine - 5 to 6 caratsYellow Citrine - 5 to 6 carats
Yellow Citrine - 5 to 6 Carats
INR 2,063Product Code: YTG51  
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 4.9 caratsYellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 4.9 carats
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 4.9 Carats
INR 2,205Product Code: YTG111  
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 5 to 6 carats - RoundYellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 5 to 6 carats - Round
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 5 to 6 Carats - Round
INR 2,475Product Code: YTG82 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 5 to 6 carats - CushionYellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 5 to 6 carats - Cushion
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 5 to 6 Carats - Cushion
INR 2,475Product Code: YTG90 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 5 to 6 carats - OvalYellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 5 to 6 carats - Oval
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 5 to 6 Carats - Oval
INR 2,475Product Code: YTG63 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 6.65 carats - CushionYellow Citrine - 6.65 carats - Cushion
Yellow Citrine - 6.65 carats Cushion
INR 2,495Product Code: YTG53 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 6.80 carats - OvalYellow Citrine - 6.80 carats - Oval
Yellow Citrine - 6.80 Carats - Oval
INR 2,550Product Code: YTG20  
Yellow Citrine - 7.30 caratsYellow Citrine - 7.30 carats
Yellow Citrine - 7.30 Carats
INR 2,719Product Code: YTG03  
Yellow Citrine - 8.50 carats - OvalYellow Citrine - 8.50 carats - Oval
Yellow Citrine - 8.50 Carats - Oval
INR 3,188Product Code: YTG23  
Yellow Citrine - 9 to 11 caratsYellow Citrine - 9 to 11 carats
Yellow Citrine - 9 to 11 Carats
INR 3,750Product Code: YTG46  
Yellow Citrine - 9 to 11 carats - OvalYellow Citrine - 9 to 11 carats - Oval
Yellow Citrine - 9 to 11 Carats - Oval
INR 3,750Product Code: YTG24  
Yellow Citrine - 11.40 carats - PearYellow Citrine - 11.40 carats - Pear
Yellow Citrine - 11.40 Carats - Pear
INR 4,560Product Code: YTG09  
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 10.96 caratsYellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 10.96 carats
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 10.96 Carats
INR 4,935Product Code: YTG91 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 12.67 caratsYellow Citrine - 12.67 carats
Yellow Citrine - 12.67 Carats
INR 5,070Product Code: YTG56  
Yellow Citrine - 15.55 carats - PearYellow Citrine - 15.55 carats - Pear
Yellow Citrine - 15.55 Carats - Pear
INR 6,220Product Code: YTG06  
Yellow Citrine - 16.14 caratsYellow Citrine - 16.14 carats
Yellow Citrine - 16.14 Carats
INR 6,455Product Code: YTG42  
Yellow Citrine - 16.60 caratsYellow Citrine - 16.60 carats
Yellow Citrine - 16.60 Carats
INR 6,640Product Code: YTG08  
Yellow Citrine - 21.55 carats - OvalYellow Citrine - 21.55 carats - Oval
Yellow Citrine - 21.55 Carats - Oval
INR 8,620Product Code: YTG104  
Yellow Citrine - 23.15 carats - OvalYellow Citrine - 23.15 carats - Oval
Yellow Citrine - 23.15 Carats - Oval
INR 9,260Product Code: YTG29  
Yellow Citrine - 23.35 carats - OvalYellow Citrine - 23.35 carats - Oval
Yellow Citrine - 23.35 Carats - Oval
INR 9,340Product Code: YTG103  
Yellow Citrine - 25.25 carats - RoundYellow Citrine - 25.25 carats - Round
Yellow Citrine - 25.25 Carats - Round
INR 10,100Product Code: YTG48  
Yellow Citrine - 25.73 caratsYellow Citrine - 25.73 carats
Yellow Citrine - 25.73 Carats
INR 10,295Product Code: YTG99  
Yellow Citrine - 26.63 caratsYellow Citrine - 26.63 carats
Yellow Citrine - 26.63 Carats
INR 10,650Product Code: YTG60  
Yellow Citrine - 28.05 carats - OvalYellow Citrine - 28.05 carats - Oval
Yellow Citrine - 28.05 Carats - Oval
INR 11,220Product Code: YTG98  
Product Imageproduct.thumbnail_image
Yellow Citrine - 28.15 Carats - Oval
INR 11,260Product Code: YTG97 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 30 carats - OvalYellow Citrine - 30 carats - Oval
Yellow Citrine - 30 Carats - Oval
INR 12,000Product Code: YTG96 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 32.60 carats - CushionYellow Citrine - 32.60 carats - Cushion
Yellow Citrine - 32.60 Carats - Cushion
INR 13,040Product Code: YTG102  
Yellow Citrine - 37.55 caratsYellow Citrine - 37.55 carats
Yellow Citrine - 37.55 Carats
INR 15,020Product Code: YTG92 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 53.80 caratsYellow Citrine - 53.80 carats
Yellow Citrine - 53.80 Carats
INR 21,520Product Code: YTG93 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 105.25 caratsYellow Citrine - 105.25 carats
Yellow Citrine - 105.25 Carats
INR 52,625Product Code: YTG43  
Yellow Citrine - 152.55 carats - OvalYellow Citrine - 152.55 carats - Oval
Yellow Citrine - 152.55 Carats - Oval
INR 76,275Product Code: YTG31  
Yellow Citrine - 19.70 Carats - Oval
INR 7,880Product Code: YTG27  
Yellow Citrine - 15.50 Carats
INR 6,200Product Code: YTG101  
Yellow Citrine - 14.35 Carats
INR 5,740Product Code: YTG25 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 13.70 Carats - Oval
INR 5,480Product Code: YTG108  
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 9.35 Carats - Oval
INR 4,208Product Code: YTG68 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 10.33 Carats
INR 3,875Product Code: YTG05  
Yellow Citrine - 10.07 Carats
INR 3,775Product Code: YTG15  
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 7 Carats - Oval
INR 3,150Product Code: YTG65 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 8 Carats - Oval
INR 3,000Product Code: YTG22  
Yellow Citrine - 7.7 Carats - Cushion
INR 2,900Product Code: YTG52 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 6.40 Carats - I
INR 2,400Product Code: YTG02  
Yellow Citrine Superfine Cutting - 4.40 Carats - Oval
INR 1,980Product Code: YTG64 Origin: Brazil
Yellow Citrine - 2.10 Carats
INR 788Product Code: YTG115  
Yellow Citrine - 2.05 Carats
INR 769Product Code: YTG114  


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