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About Chakra Vastu Pyramids

Gemstone Pyramids: Pyramid Stone, Chakra Pyramid, Healing Pyramid Crystals

The Pyramid is one of the most incredible and mysterious structures in the world. Pyramid has been recognized as a sacred shape since ancient times. According to the ancient Egyptian belief the pyramids plays a significant role for initiating spirituality and are believed to represent the sun rays that descend on earth. The shape of the pyramid is said to bring peace and harmony in one’s life. All the sides of the pyramid meet at the apex whereas; its base is a polygon. Thus, the apex acts as a cosmic antenna which attracts positive high vibrational energy that helps to amplify and manifest our intentions. The shape of Pyramid resembles to the atom of carbon which is a tetrahedron. Just the way the carbon atom reacts when aligned to the north, similarly the pyramid attracts the divine vibrations and magnifies the energy.

We at Rudra Centre offer a wide range of holistic gemstone pyramids, chakra pyramid, quartz pyramids, crystal pyramids, fluorite stone, amethyst pyramids, orgone pyramid and other pyramid healing stones. All these pyramids are made of natural gemstones and hold diverse healing properties. Our range of gemstone pyramids include:

Blue Jade Pyramids:

Buy blue jade pyramid at Rudra Centre. These pyramids are made of natural blue jade gemstone. Installing this pyramid in your house, office or shop is sure to bless you with abundant joy. It also helps to promote insightfulness and makes you energetic. You can easily avail the Blue jade pyramid online.

Amethyst Pyramids:

Buy Amethyst Pyramid made of natural Amethyst gemstone at best price from Rudra Centre. This gemstone promotes spirituality and offers contentment. Install this divine Amethyst pyramid in your home, shop or office to ward off negative energy while inviting positive energy.

Lapis Lazuli Pyramids:

The Lapis Lazuli Pyramid is a gemstone that was highly revered in the ancient times. Known as the stone of Royalty, the Lapis Lazuli gemstone pyramids are known to elevate spirituality. It makes one overcome shyness. Buy the Lapis Lazuli Pyramid online from Rudra Centre at the best price. These pyramids are available in various sizes and are carved in natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone.

Sphatik Pyramids:

Buy the crystal pyramids online from Rudra Centre. These pyramids are made in flawless, superior quality quartz crystal. Quartz (crystal) is a natural gemstone and has power to retain the energy of mantra chanting. These pyramids are available in various sizes.

Rose Quartz Pyramids:

Buy the Rose Quartz Pyramids online. These pyramids are available in various sizes and promote feelings of compassion, love and harmony.

Apart from the above mentioned gemstone pyramids we also offer a huge range of gemstone pyramids that are carved in natural gemstones. These pyramids include Selenite Pyramid, Ruby Zoisite Pyramids, Yellow Jade Pyramids, Green Jade Pyramids, Tiger Eye Pyramids, Jasper Pyramids, Orange Jade Pyramids, Black Tourmaline Pyramids, Red Jade Pyramids, Snowflakes Pyramids, Black Jade Pyramids, Mariyam Pyramids, Blood Stone Pyramids, Sodalite Pyramids, Multi Agate Pyramids, Labradorite Pyramids, Hematite Pyramids, Mahagony Pyramids, Cats Eye Pyramids, Sunstone Pyramids and many more

Advantages/ Benefits of installing Gemstone pyramids: Pyramids are not just objects these are energy reservoirs that hold immense energies. Pyramids made of natural gemstones aid in the following:
  • ● Wards off Stress
  • ● Offers better sleep
  • ● Attracts positivity
  • ● Helps increase focus
  • ● Enhances creativity
  • ● Promotes creative thinking
  • ● Enhances focus
  • ● Elevates Spirituality
  • ● Promotes happiness

So what are you waiting for? Buy the best gemstone pyramids online from Rudra Centre. The pyramids that we offer are crafted with perfection are energized and blessed. We also have a range of specially designed Pyramids that feature Reiki symbols which are enriched with gold artwork.